Dressed for: Jacket Over Sweater

Already Pretty outfit featuring brown scuba jacket, tan Woolovers turtleneck sweater, distressed leather messenger bag, ankle boots

Jacket – Nordstrom Racksimilar look
Sweater – courtesy Woolovers (wooded color)
Pants – Zuma courtesy Karen Kane (sold out in this color) – similar
Ankle boots – Clarks (no longer available) – similar
Earrings – Piperlime (no longer available) – similar look
Bag – Leather in Motion

We’ve entered the brutally cold, seemingly endless days of late winter, and I’m having to get creative with my layering. Honestly, on the -30 degree windchill days – of which we’ve had many so far – I’m wearing a variation of this or this. Exclusively. Nothing beats Icelandic wool. But on days when it’s a balmy -10 or above, I’ve been layering sweaters under my jackets. This Woolovers turtleneck is a favorite due to that nice high, snug collar. I love the look of cowls, but man, they are useless in a high wind. All the coldness just slinks its way down your body starting at your collarbone.

I know many of you are coping with awful cold and ridiculous winter storms. Care to share any layering tips?


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6 Responses to “Dressed for: Jacket Over Sweater”

  1. Roberta Johnson

    I can’t add anything new on layering, but I SWEAR by my Athleta Polartec fleece tights, which make it possible for me to wait for the bus and wander around town without a chill. They are magical – and currently on sale. Way too warm to wear indoors, though, unless your house is particularly chilly. They are snow pants for grownups.

  2. poodletail

    We’re having a crazy-mild winter here in the PNW but I swear by my WinterSilks washable silk under-tees. In Mpls. I wore them under many layers. Here a silk tee under a long-sleeved cotton tee and I’m cozy.
    P.S. J’adore this brown/black ensemble, Sal! I would clone this look and wear it every day of my life.

  3. Ginger

    I’m all about my LL Bean Merino wool long johns. Best $40 I ever spent.

  4. crtfly


    I am a sweater addict and you’ve gotten me hooked on Woolovers. I’m not as big a fan of their lighter weight silk/cotton and merino/cashmere sweaters but the 100% wool sweaters? Wonderfully warm, heavy, and sooo many colors and sizes to pick from. I have to admit that I now have 5 sweaters from them. So much for purging my wardrobe! I’d be willing to get rid of several pieces that don’t serve me and replace them with Woolovers sweaters. I’m liking various shades of grey this winter (no connection to the film!). My latest acquisition from Woolovers is the Lambswool Short Sleeve Sweater in dark grey marl. It was $28.00!


    True, a short sleeve sweater in your weather wouldn’t cut it, but with a think wool or silk turtleneck underneath, it works very well in our weather, 30s. I love the way this sweater looks on me and the way it feels. I might have to get one in another color. I’m trying to figure out how I can keep wearing it in the spring, I love it so much.


  5. fashionforgiants

    Now that I’m in PA and actually have to layer to survive the weather as opposed to just for fun, I’m layering everything all the time. That’s not great advice, but it’s my first time living someplace with a true winters so “layering everything all the time” is all I’ve got. I do depend a lot on my beloved turtlenecks and when I do wear dresses and tights, I also usually wear OTK socks for added warmth.

  6. Elle berman

    Love your bag in Motion, and that red icelandic sweater! Your weather has been too dreadful!

    I am dealing with balmier temps, ha! it was 35 today in NY, but i have been layering a lot,being careful with my ears, head and neck… and toes!

    A fur or faux fur trapper hat works wonders!

    Stay warm.

    my other tip—- it to just stay IN 🙂

    xx, Elle