Dressed for: The Best Autumn Ever

Already Pretty outfit featuring military jacket, camouflage dress, cognac belt, Frye Harness boots, fringe handbag

Jacket – thrifted – similar look
Dress – Alternative Apparel
Belt -thrifted – similar style
Boots – Frye Harness 12R
Bracelet – thrifted – similar look
Sunglasses – The Mexican Shopsimilarbudget
Earrings – Corset – similar look
Bag – Amazon/DIY (post here)

Minnesota provides its residents with ample and justifiable reasons to complain about the weather. This is the land of the six-month winter and the 15-second spring, people. Usually, autumn is around 15 seconds long, too, and full of rain and gray skies and general ominousness. But this autumn? It has been warm. It has been sunshiney. It has been nearly TWO FULL MONTHS LONG. And even though I’ve been sick for most of it, I have been grateful for every bright, 60-degree day. I did bare legs and boots, got some use out of my vast collection of mid-weight jackets, and soaked up the loveliest MN fall I can remember. It’s in the 40s now, but I’m still riding high on the gorgeous weeks we’ve had all season.

How’s your season going? Are you getting the weather you hope for, or just pushing through?


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7 Responses to “Dressed for: The Best Autumn Ever”

  1. Susan Daniel

    It is still way too warm in Texas. We’re waiting for autumn weather. A day where the temperature did not reach the 80s would be nice.

  2. livi

    It’s been a similar fall in Colorado, too. We haven’t even turned on the furnace and it was 80 degrees last week.

  3. No fear of fashion

    Very well done, this outfit. It is a dress and it rocks. You stayed true to your new self. Autumn here in The Netherlands has not been bad either. I recognize your 15 seconds. I always think: why do I bother with clothes for in-between-seasons? It is either hot or cold. But this year…perfect.

  4. bubu2

    Ditto in Boston – I just took a spin around the block in sunny, 75 degree weather. Of course, it is supposed to snow this weekend…

  5. Natalia Lialina

    Lovely outfit! I especially like your thrifted jacket here, great shape and color, and perfect combined with feminine dress and earrings.

    I hear you (being from Siberia)! Autumn and Spring here in the PNW are long and beautiful, gorgeous. This Summer was something unique for our region though – started on May 1 (first 80 degrees day) and finished probably on October 1 or so. It was unheard of – hot and sunny for about 5 months instead of usual 2 or 3. I feel energized by it, hopefully it’ll help with the long mild but grey season which has already started. Still, better than Siberia. :))

  6. Jessie Oleson Moore

    I’m in NM and it’s been almost alarmingly lovely and quintessentially “fall” here. I FREAKING LOVE the boots and your haircut. Pretty girl. <3