Outfit Roundup: Week of January 10

WELCOME, my friends, to the Weekend of Loose Formlessness! It’s cozy and warm, so come on in.

Black turtleneck sweaterdress, thrifted at ARC’s Value Village
Blue tank dress, Express
Black leather pants, Spiegel
Black, blue, and purple wrap, thrifted in SF
Black booties, Alice + Olivia for Payless
Silver hoops, a boutique in SF

A while back, I mentioned to a coworker that I was looking forward to wearing my new leather pants to work, and she snarkily replied, “Good luck with that.” How could I refuse such a challenge? This got worn for Casual Friday last week, and no one even noticed the pants. They’re a bit squeaky when I walk, sure, but otherwise they just look like slim jeans. And they’re FANTASTIC for subzero days. Nothing keeps the wind out like leather.

Purple tunic sweater, Gap
Gray tank dress, American Apparel
Navy leggings, American Apparel
Gray moto boots, Born Tessa
Chrysanthemum-print scarf, The Bibelot Shop

Yes, I am totally sick of wearing my hair up. But stuffing it into my hat when I wear it down never works. I end up looking sad, smooshed, and flat.

This sweater was one of the spoils of the previous day’s mall jaunt. I don’t score at the Gap too often, but I got this guy in three colors since it was $8 and super cozy. As you’ve probably guessed, comfort and warmth are pretty much my top priority on winter weekends!

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17 Responses to “Outfit Roundup: Week of January 10”

  1. La Historiadora de Moda

    I didn't even notice the pants were leather at first either because I was so distracted by that gorgeous scarf!

  2. Cal

    gah…i missed leather-pant-friday?!?
    i bet i could figure out which coworker made the snarky remark 😉

  3. Sabrina

    Love navy leggings. The color is so vibrant. I am going to have to get a pair.

  4. kateohkatie

    LOVE the wrap and the boots! I also really like your color palette on both photos. They may be my inspiration for today… 🙂

    (I love reading the style blogs before I get dressed!)

  5. Deja Pseu

    Love your scarves and the cozy looks! These are all great colors on you.

  6. Toby Wollin

    My only problem with wearing leather pants to work is that they keep the heat too high. So I have to dress for the weather outside and then start to peel down when I get to work.

  7. Alison

    Love the leather pants and they work great with your outfit. They sure are warm.

  8. Rebecca

    Hmmmmm. I imagined that leather pants might actually be cold! It's a great look, in my opinion.

    Hair DOES look sad, smooshed and flat when a hat is donned, doesn't it? I wish I looked as chic as you with hair pulled back (and up).

  9. Laura

    How funny, I just bought that sweater from Gap the other day myself. Mine was in gray; sadly they didn't have the other colors anymore. Of course, at my height it's more like a regular sweater than a tunic sweater….

  10. Peldyn

    I find barrettes work wonders for hat hair 🙂

    I use a little styling mist scrunch and pop in a barrette and my hair looks pretty good.

    I have never worn my hair pulled back, it looks good on you.

  11. Hammie

    I happen to enjoy hat head as I have too much body in my hair and can do with a little smooched and flatness.

    Nice tip about the leather. There is a pair in my local op shop.

    I tend to wear dresses and skirts in this KRAZY weather because I find tights warmer than jeans. But will defo be going in to St Vinnies on Monday to try my luck. xx

    ps. I bought a few silky springy dresses to wear over tights and long sleeved tees and when I did I thought of you!

  12. Audi

    Ha — I love that you snuck leather pants into a work outfit! I actually thought they were your thigh high boots at first.

  13. Rosie Unknown

    Wow, those pants are amazing! They look really great with the blue.

  14. Rachel

    Ah, snarky work colleagues, who would be without them? Bet you blew them away with your outfit – the leather trousers look totally suitable in that pairing. Good work!

  15. diamondsinchampagne

    Those boots are awesome, been looking for something similar