Outfit Roundup: Week of January 17

Marled sweater dress, Anthropologie
Gray tank dress, American Apparel
Blue leggings, Sierra Trading Post
Gray moto boots, Born Tessa
Necklace, self-made
CZ studs, courtesy LuShae

Wore this for the big shopping/outlet mall trip. The sweater dress was purchased just the day before, and I nabbed it in a peach/rose marl, too! Ordinarily, I wear my hair up when shopping for clothes, as it gets really messy after 15 shirts have been scraped over it … but we were going out to dinner later, so I left it down.

Patterned dress, Banana Republic outlet
Micro fishnets, Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack
Black Tsubo Acreas
Mesh bib necklace, Firstfan

For the big, fancy-ass birthday dinner at Masa, I wore this dress that I’d purchased mere hours before at the BR outlet. Talk about a flattering, enboobening little frock! Plus, it’s got pockets:

I wore this coat and hat on top, and felt very glam. Just look how happy we both are!

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35 Responses to “Outfit Roundup: Week of January 17”

  1. La Historiadora de Moda

    I love a dress with pockets! You look fantastic, and you both look very happy.

  2. Christina Lee

    You look fantastic, daaaarling! Especially love the cut of the BR dress and the moto boots!

  3. Make Do Style

    Great first outfit very trendy casual look! You look lovely for your birthday meal – glad it was a wonderful happy occasion xxx

  4. Alison

    I absolutely love the sweater dress very comfy and elegant at the same time. You can never go wrong with a well fitting wrap dress. You look gorgeous!

  5. K.Line

    Emboobening dress indeed! 🙂 And I love the menu for that restaurant. Makes me want to eat some Mexican food.

  6. lopi

    Great dress, really flattering and fun! An pockets are always a big plus in my book. Looks like you had lots of fun wearing it too!

  7. heiligeglut

    You look awesome – I love that hat! Gotta ask – is that a dobro in the first picture?

  8. Clare

    These are both such stunning outfits. I ADORE the marled sweater dress from Anthro. And the print on that dress is so fun!!

  9. Erin

    Sal: Happy berfday! That BR dress is doing you ALL the favors (and I thought that even before I read "emboobening," haha). What a great find! Cute pic of you and HM, too.

  10. What Would a Nerd Wear

    gorgeous, sal! i especially love the top sweater–it is just the thing i'm always looking for in my closet but can never find.

  11. pretty face

    Wow, Sal. Both very flattering dresses, either that or you are looking amazingly svelte.

    *adopts whiney toddler voice* I want it alllllll

  12. Sheila

    You look stunning in that dress, Sal – wow, just amazing! I hope you had a fun weekend!

  13. Rosie Unknown

    I adore the necklace you are wearing with the second outfit! So pretty!

    And the last picture is amazing, I love the way you and Husband Mike are in focus, but the background is all blurry and moving.

  14. Diana

    Wow, I am in love with that marled sweater dress! I wonder if my local Anthro has one…

  15. Laura.

    oh my gosh, sal, you LOOK so glam! and i love the sweater dress. it looks way comfy AND flattering.

  16. Lorena

    That Banana Republic dress is sooo pretty on YOU .. fits like a glove !

  17. futurelint

    That grey sweater dress looks so comfy yet chic! Love the huge buttons and your bad-ass boots! The birthday dress is AMAZINGLY flattering on you – so so lovely! Good to see you had a fun day!

  18. angie

    That is a VERY beautiful dress on you and everything about this outfit is extra flattering. KILLER.

  19. Audi

    Whoa, that BR dress is smokin'! I love that you pattern-mixed it with the leopard hat!

  20. Anonymous

    LOVE the sweater dress.. if you don't mind my asking, can you tell us what exactly it is called? and/or the brand on the tag?

    i can't find it anywhere online..


  21. Sal

    Anonymous: Sure! The brand is "Sleeping on Snow" and it was in the super clearance rack, $25 … so it's possible that the dress is no longer available online. Maybe check your local brick-and-mortar Anthro, if you have access to one.

  22. Chelsea

    I nearly gasped out loud when I saw that first sweater dress… I just love it and you've styled it so well with the layering and the colorful tights and the boots 🙂