Outfit Roundup: Week of November 1

Black cropped blazer and black belt, thrifted at ARC’s Value Village
Peacock long-sleeved tee, Target
Black quilted circle skirt, eBay
Heather gray tights, Banana Republic
Gray boots, Born Tessa
Nameplate necklace, My Name Necklace

Over the summer, I tried on a black quilted circle skirt at a thrift store and fell in love with it. Since it was both too small and overpriced, I passed … but kept my eyes peeled, and even enlisted the help of vintage goddess Couture Allure Vintage Fashion. Eventually, this gem popped up on eBay and I snagged it.

And since circle skirts are MADE for spinning:
(Click to enlarge)

We would’ve made a video, but the tiny camera’s battery was dead. Plus it’s kinda fun to have a photo flip book of this bout of spinning.

Long black hoody, thrifted at ARC’s Value Village
Blue tank dress, Express
Black rayon tank, had it since high school
Black leggings, Target
Black boots, Tsubo Kison
Studded cuff, from an art fair
Chain drop earrings, self-made
Crown motif sunnies, Miu Miu

I might as well have been wearing pajamas, I was so comfy in this outfit. I wore it to Art Attack to visit Husband Mike in his studio, which he shares with our dear friend and neighbor, Megan Bell Honigman, whose paintings are behind me in this shot. She does commissions, people!

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33 Responses to “Outfit Roundup: Week of November 1”

  1. Clare

    Sally, that necklace is bananas. I love it. You are lookin' killer, lady!

  2. La Historiadora de Moda

    I love that color on you! I also am a big fan of a skirt that twirls with you!

  3. Deja Pseu

    That necklace is fantastic! So clever!

    And I LOVE a skirt that twirls. Wearing one makes me feel like Ginger Rogers.

  4. Kelly

    I LOVE a good twirl. I just got a new dress last night and it is perhaps the most twirl-rific dress I've owned so far! Trying it on my my bedroom led to a good 5 minutes of twirling before putting it away 🙂

    Also, I think your zipper necklace looks even better than the original!

  5. Solidaritybitch

    Love the outfits! Especially the great way you style those flat books.
    Also, your photos make me miss Minnesota, especially seeing the U's alumni center, which is such a distinct building. Aw… land of the 10,000 lakes.

  6. Kyla

    I LOOOOOOOVE that necklace and then the leather skirt?! Love at first sight for sure!

  7. K.Line

    The necklace is GREAT! What a talent. And those paintings are also great…

  8. enc

    You were in your "blue" period that week! It suits you. Love all these looks. I can't choose a favorite.

  9. Vix

    Love the silhouette of that circle skirt outfit on you (and the skirt's texture in general).

    Actually, this was a very texture-riffic post overall–fun!

  10. Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

    Your vintage skirt looks great! Glad you found one that fits. And I love that necklace. You are one talented gal!

  11. FashionAddict

    I am sooooo impressed with that necklace!!! I love all the outfits, too. The blue/teal color looks fab with black or charcoal. It looks so good against your skin, too.

  12. Elissa

    Dude. Your zipper necklace is genius. And very sellable! I think you definitely have a talent for jewelry making! I'm recalling that equally awesome broach necklace you made…

  13. Rebecca

    The circle skirt is amazing – as is your "flip book" presentation of it!

  14. Sonja

    So strange to see you in such dark clothes. It's an interesting contrast to your usual pops of color. Love what you did with the necklace! Aren't you super duper miss creative lady!

  15. fleur_delicious

    SAL. oh my goodness. must. buy. quilted circle skirt. STAT! Absolutely love the look (and I've already got the well-worn and much-loved motorcycle boots).

    I am DYING to make myself a zipper necklace. soon, soon … Thanksgiving break IS a'comin – though I may be embroidering my friend's wedding veil the whole time…