Outfit Roundup: Week of November 29

Just one this week!

Black mockneck sweater, thrifted at ARC Value Village
Black leather tie belt, thrifted at ARC Value Village
Plaid schoolgirl skirt, thrifted in St. Louis
Heather gray tights, Banana Republic
Buckle booties, Alice + Olivia for Payless
Chain drop earrings, self-made

I had packed this outfit to take to Chicago for Thanksgiving, but it got passed over for others … so I wore it to work on Monday. I’m almost certain this skirt was part of a schoolgirl uniform since the brand is unrecognizable to me and it’s completely unlined. Love it to death.

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39 Responses to “Outfit Roundup: Week of November 29”

  1. Samantha

    Not trying to lay on the negativity, here, but I just don't know. I think saying something is "remixed" is sort of redundant. I mean, we none of are celebrities, right, so it goes without saying that we wear the things in our closet again and again, and hopefully we come up with new things to wear them with (not always the same skirt/shirt combo), so that's just … how it goes. Does that which is de rigeur need a specific catchphrase? I'm a librarian, so maybe I'm just being picky in the name of efficiency. πŸ™‚

  2. La Historiadora de Moda

    Sal, I can't believe you gave up those Volatile Lydia brown wedges!?!? I love the picture of you eating them!

  3. K.Line

    Sal: The patns are great! Perfect proportion on you. You know, even though they aren't supposed to work on my curvy, stomach-having, short waisted, not tall frame (ooh, that's making me sound very attractive), I love the look also, and have a pair I wear rather regularly.

  4. becky f.

    I love the uniform skirt — makes me sort of nostalgic for mine. πŸ™‚ (My guess is that yours is from Nerinx Hall or St. Joseph Academy, neither one of which was my STL high school. Pictures of both available here: http://www.justmeapparel.com)

    Thanks for the round-up — and for the clarification of remixed!

  5. Melrose

    love the brown wedge green tights combo! that entire outfit looks fab. i'm searching for a pair of wedges similar to those so I will definitely check out the volatile "lydia" shoe! thanks!

  6. Belle de Ville

    That white shirt and black pleated pants is gorgeous classic look. You look like a 1940s movie star a la Katherine Hepburn.

  7. Kyla

    I LOVE the pants. I'm a BIG fan of high waisted, wide leg pants and you just don't see enough of them!

  8. Chelsea

    1. Those payless Alice & Olivia booties are just great lookin' on you! And the schoolgirl skirt is adorable… love the plaid.

    2. Love the mix of colors and fabric in your second look… that is so sad about the shoes πŸ™ I've had to give up ones I LOVE but which hate my feet, and it's always a sad farewell. I hope Cal loves them to pieces!

    3. I love how you've worn the loop! Very unique, and I love how it adds so much interest to the back of your outfit!

    4. Your zoots are just freaking awesome! I gotta keep my eyes out for some extra-wide legs… I love how these look on you.

    All in all, a week of great looks, Sal!

  9. Sal

    Samantha: I hear what you're saying. But style bloggers get a lot of flak for "never wearing the same thing twice" and for our seemingly constant shopping. Also, while something I've owned for 10 years might seem new to readers if it's never appeared on the blog, I know I've been wearing it for ages.

    Pointing out what's been remixed and what hasn't is a way of reminding folks that outfit shots aren't exclusively about showing off NEW stuff, and that wearing older items is just as fun as buying new. Know what I mean? I see it as a dual purpose thing: It shows folks that I make use of my ENTIRE wardrobe, and encourages anyone who might be so inclined to poke around in their own closet and give old clothes new love.

  10. Alli

    Ooh, very cute school-girl outfit, and I love that red belt!

    Did you have any trouble with your new loop falling of your shoulders when worn open in back like that?

    Bummer about the wedges! They are too cute! Hopefully you'll find a good replacement pair soon…

  11. Ecc3ntricCynic

    The last outfit is an absolute dream. I'm such a sucker for red/black/white pairings

  12. Sara

    I love all your outfits this week, but my favorite is Monday's. I ADORE the green tights, the mix textures (wood and silk and wool and leather) and the play of color and pattern. It's such a well balanced, interesting outfit full of great details. Love it!

    I use the word remix the same way you do, and I also started adding the note "new-to-my-closet" to anything that's brand new, just for its first outing, though.

  13. Annie

    I *love* that plaid skirt. I think that's my favorite outfit of yours so far. I like that you wore the school girl skirt but didn't try to look like a school girl (that always weirds me out a little when grown women try to look like twelve-year-olds; I have a daughter that age and wouldn't want to go back for any reason); cool that you kept it all grown up and added your own style.

  14. Gillian

    The second-last outfit is very Arwen. I mean that in the coolest, best, most gorgeous way possible.

  15. Tricia

    LOVE the zoot suit pants. The sailor pants I was telling you about are sort of like that in their proportions – now I've got an idea for how I might wear them!

  16. The Seeker

    Looking great as always, love the first and last outfits.

    Hmmm…. maybe I should start to use also the word "remixed"… I'll think about it.

    Hope you're having a nice weekend


  17. Annie Spandex

    I agree with Samantha, no need for "remixed". You look great!!
    Did you thrift that skirt at Rag-o-Rama on the Delmar loop in St. Louis? I've got a couple things from there! It's a great shop.

  18. bekster

    LOVE the zoot suit pants. I have been thinking of getting something like that (extremely wide legs) to create a better balance with my top half. I also really love the red belt with them. Very classy.

    I still really love your living room too.

  19. Rosie Unknown

    First: I'm pretty sure that everything you put on your body is amazing.

    Second: Hurray for another person who loves ultra wide legged pants. I love me some good skinny jeans, but ultra wide legs are so much fun.

    Third: I wanted to let you know that I linked to your post on Weird Friday yesterday. I hope you don't mind.

  20. WendyB

    You're putting in a lot of effort. I wear the same pieces the same way all the time πŸ™

  21. kristophine

    This isn't really related, but I was just thinking this morning that I wanted to request a post on the care and feeding of delicate fabrics. I have a couple of silk shirts I'm terrified to wear because I don't know how to clean them. Also, how should a blazer fit?

    …just in case you were wanting topics.

  22. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    Oh my goodness, that's such a shame about those wedges, because I actually did a double-take when I spied them! They're GORGEOUS! Lovely outfits, Sal πŸ™‚ Striking, original and stunning as usual.

  23. Clare

    I just adore those zoot suit pants, and they look absolutely STUNNING on you.

  24. Samantha

    Sal, that makes sense. I dig that "remix" might be mainly the purview of style bloggers. Sometimes I think about blogging, and then I realize that I normally am pretty boring, and just need more clothes. LOL Everything would be "remixed" around my favorite pair of jeans. So maybe I'm just in the wrong mindset.

  25. Sheila

    I love those zoot suit pants on you! They look amazing! My husband wears zoot suits – he has a bright blue one and a green plaid one.

  26. FashionAddict

    Wow, you look fantastic, especially in the first and last pics!!! I'm totally coveting those highwaisted pants, and wouldn't they look great with some suspenders, too??!!

  27. Kelly

    That stinks about your shoes!

    It doesn't matter if gals didn't wear zoot suits back in the day because you look SO FAB right now

  28. Sal

    Alli: Actually, YES! That thing took a lot of readjustment to stay put. πŸ˜‰

  29. elena-lu

    ok now i read the post (i read franca first then came here) and now i see what you meant! yes by putting the remix out there then it kind of gives some the idea that hey use what you got rework it somehow and see what "new" outfit you can make out of what you got! ok cool.

  30. hillary

    I know I am going to start using the term more and more because I am sick of the comments that I buy new things all the time (which couldn't be further from the truth) when infact lately I just made a conscious decision to wear some of my lesser worn outfits and things I have had for years but may not of been blogged often.

  31. Audi

    You look amazing as always, Sal! Too bad about those wedges, but I love all the new stuff — the cowl drapey thing is divine, the ruched skirt is gorgeous, and I adore those zoot suit pants!

    I guess I never really thought of using 'remixed' to signify that something isn't new. I guess I figure that if people follow the blog then they'll recognize stuff if I wear it over and over. But then, I've never had anyone accuse me of shopping all the time, nor would it even matter since it would pretty much be true. πŸ˜‰

  32. Missa

    That last look is awesome! Those pants definitely zoot you πŸ˜‰ I love how you belted them too.

  33. Mrs.M in MI

    Hey, Sal! I have challenged myself this long winter, and I'll challenge you too (if you want it): No wearing of black-and-grey outfits. Even if I just throw a pink belt or scarf in there, there has to be some color. It's just too depressing to match the weather!

  34. Sal

    Sorry, MrsM! I do my utmost to inject lots and lots of color into my winter wearings, but I've got many a monochrome ensemble pre-planned, and I can't give 'em up! I'm loving the biker-influenced looks and vaguely post-apocalyptic drapey looks and lots of other styles that call for a bit of drear … but I PROMISE to keep them to a minimum. Because I completely agree with you: Dressing to match the weather is a great way to give yourself and everyone who sees you a case of seasonal affective disorder.

    Kudos to you for giving yourself such a strict challenge! Do you blog, my dear? I'd love to see a chronicle of your colorful winter …

  35. gina

    Love the outfits! That black skirt is gorgeous. I like the green tights with the browns, and the red belt and colorful necklace with the white top and wide black pants. So much fun!

    I've never gotten into using the term remixed, b/c most of my stuff is remixed. I point out when something is new or being worn for the first time, since that's more unusual. If people are reading my blog (and not just looking at the pictures), I'll often mention that I've had a particular item for 2 years, 5 years, 8 years, since high school, since jr high, etc. (yes, there are a rare few items I still have from jr high) or that a certain vintage item was my mom's or that this is my favorite [insert item] to wear for [insert event]. While I don't feel the need to use "remixed," I think it's a fun term and I especially enjoy the way that some bloggers will link the work "remixed" to a previous outfit that includes the same item.