Outfit Roundup: Week of September 13

Now with fewer outfits! Click to enlarge.

Black bolero, Ann Taylor
Purple jersey dress, Banana Republic
Leopard print belt, thrifted at ARC’s Value Village
Chunky chain bracelet, thrifted at Abigail Page Antique Mall
Black patent heels, Vince Camuto Heaven via Solestruck
This dress is so cute and sassy, but it always felt a little childish to me … until I realized the wide waistband was just BEGGING to be belted! All grown up now.
Mondo leopard-print scarf via chickdowntown
White American Apparel tee via Yque
Jeans, thrifted
Red Tsubo Amsets

Holy moly I’m wearing jeans. What has the world COME TO?

These are a pair of Lees that I thrifted a while back and they are tight but delightfully stretchy. And they have the perfect rise – not too high, not too low. Lees are very underrated jeans, if you ask me. I’ve bought them both used and new and they’ve always served me well. Any other Lee fans out there?

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36 Responses to “Outfit Roundup: Week of September 13”

  1. Anonymous

    All great outfits, but I ADORE your black/pink/yellow one. And I'm coveting your red tsubos…

  2. Clare

    I love the jeans outfit, Sal! Simple but colorful and chic. Oh, and the PLV outfit is. AMAZING. You look stunning, and the layering of dresses is an ingenious way to tone down the bright print of the under-dress. Love it!

  3. Meli22

    I am LOVING these outfits- and that shirtdress is divine with that pretty print dress under it! I also love the animal print belt with the purple dress. <3 I am so happy we get to see more SAL!

  4. Middle Aged Woman

    LOVE the Lees. Bought a pair in a pinch at a K-Mart(!) in Tennessee after dumping hot coffee on the only pair I had packed. Loved 'em so much, I stopped in the next morning and got a second pair before we hit the road! That's the rule with jeans. Instant Love = Second Pair.

  5. Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

    Love that leopard belt and the third outfit is, in a word, smashing!

  6. Laura.

    i totally agree with you about lees! i remember LOVING a pair of lees when i was in high school. i am loving these outfits! and the length of the roundup is perfect–just enough eye candy without getting overwhelmed. i LOVE that you took a photo of yourself in the conference room. were you sneaking around? that's a funny mental picture.

  7. Sheila

    I love the purple outfit (leopard belt!) and the yellow/pink one. You look awesome!

  8. Anne

    I love Lees. I recently bought three stretchy pairs from the ladies' line, but my staple jean is the European men's cut Denver (relaxed fit, button fly, flared leg). Fits my ample hips just wonderfully.

  9. Audi

    I adore the rasberry/yellow outfit! Also, I love that you're standing in the middle of the street. If I tried that here I'd surely get run down by a bus during the shoot.

  10. Leia

    Where do I begin? I love:
    – the leopard print belt
    – the purple dress
    – the patterned dress outfit from head to toe, wow the shoes!!
    – the red leopard print scarf
    – the red shoes

    /end gush

  11. Anonymous

    The third outfit is quite possibly my personal favorite out of all the outfits posted on your blog. Love the colors, the print on the dress, the shoes (drool)…

    The color scheme reminds me of a custard-pastry type thing I saw in a bakery in France. It was a whitish custard with an almost-black crust (think Oreo cookies, but paper-thin and sophsiticated looking), and it was topped with slices of lemon and sugared raspberries.

  12. Lemondrop Marie

    The shirtdress and dress combo is so lovely! I am going to mark it as inspiration for myself to attempt! And you look so smashing in purple.

  13. Anonymous

    Holy cow, I LOVE that black shirtdress outfit! And the jeans one too, now that you mention it. I think we're almost the same size, and I had this instinctive reaction — MUST. STEAL. CLOTHES.

    I had some Lees in college and liked them, but shied away from them in recent years because their waistband always hit me too high (instant tummy pooch). However, my body has shifted in the last couple years and my waist is higher (re: your transitional post earlier this week!) so maybe I can wear them now. Although 3 pairs of jeans are probably enough for someone who barely wears them as it is.

  14. Make Do Style

    I love purple! It looks fab on you. Ihave to be honest all your outifts except the second one were brilliant. I though the grey one was not quite right and you looked very busty in it. The others were a dream.

  15. K.Line

    Ah, the kick pleat. I love it but I know what you mean about it feeling child-like. Of course, I love the animal print belt – which so resolves the dilemma! And I love your hair back. It gives you a Spanish tango vibe.

  16. Queen Michelle

    I am so impressed by how varied your closet is. You are really fearless when it comes to style.

  17. laniza

    The leopard belt with the purple rocks!! This is the perfect amount of outfits to drool over :).

  18. WendyB

    I love everything about that purple outfit, including the little jacket and especially the dash of leopard.

  19. simplesophistication87

    very cute outfits, I love the leopard print belt with that purple dress!

  20. Sal

    Make Do Style: It really didn't photograph well (my fault), but believe me, it looked awesome in person!

  21. Sarah R

    I need that purple dress and those red shoes.
    But not together, or else I'll look like a Red Hat Society lady.

  22. Rosie Unknown

    You mean that inanimate objects don't converse with everyone?

    Love the outfits!

  23. pretty face

    It's funny how whenever you're looking for something, everyone else's perfect something screams out at you.

    Right now I want a magic portal which can transport me into your photo and steal that red leopard print scarf right off your neck!

  24. lopi

    Oh my, the purple dress IS the perfect dress! Perfect shape, perfect length, perfect fit, and the color looks so great on you! Can't believe you waited so long to enjoy it properly.

  25. Erin

    I like jeans on you!

    Would it be wrong for my signature look to be jeans, a tee and a scarf? And by "signature look" I mean "thing I wear every single day."

  26. Jenava

    I love when you post your outfits, Sal! These are all so cute! Very inspiring.

  27. chic

    The shirt dress layered over the patterned one with those great shoes – wow! One of my favorite examples of dress layering yet! I hope this makes it into your dress layering tutorial, which I'm really looking forward to now.

    And you look great in those jeans, esp. with those gorgeous red shoes! Such a simple yet effectively stunning outfit! S.

  28. fashion herald

    I love the taupe look on you!!! It's your go-to chic look. But that black and patterned dress is a favorite too.