Outfit Roundup: Week of September 20

Red vintage dress, Value Thrift
Scarf worn as belt, er, K.Line did you give me this one?
Gray Tsubo Acreas
Earrings by Karin Jacobson

This dress was part of the giant haul that kept me in cowgirl looks all summer long. But with its three-quarter sleeves and sweater-y weave, I wanted to save it for fall. I adore it. Red is my favorite color, and this bright shade is my favorite shade.

White American Apparel tee via Yque
Corduroy flower-embellished skirt, Boden several years ago
Gray obi, Spiegel last year
Gray Tsubo Acreas
Pearl bracelets, self-made

Embellished skirts used to be my stylistic trademark, you guys, but I feel like I’m starting to outgrow them. Which SUCKS because I have quite the collection. So I’ve been trying to think of ways to incorporate them into my current style. I used to just wear them with a solid, matchy-matchy top of some sort. I figure throwing some fave accessories into the mix – like this gray obi – might help create some stylistic alignment. I just refuse to give up on my embellished skirts until I’ve played around with them for another season or two …

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25 Responses to “Outfit Roundup: Week of September 20”

  1. Clare

    I LOVE the embellished Boden skirt outfit! Seriously gorgeous. I need an obi belt!

  2. MP

    Love that red dress! And what a great color for Fall/Winter. I love to wear bright colors as the landscape becomes more and more brown/grey.

    Side note: did you get the Choose or Reuse coupon booklet in the mail? If not, keep an eye out for them! It is chock full of coupons for area thrift stores/consignment shops/recycle centers. Score!

  3. Laura.

    the boden skirt is great, and looks great in the outfit you put together. i really also like that red dress and the bow blazer! eep!

  4. K.Line

    Really, all great – as usual. I think the red is my fave – or maybe the embellished skirt – oh, and I love the sweater! (If you ever give that one away, call me! :-)) I think I did give you the scarf – which makes me love the outfit all the more!

  5. Lemondrop Marie

    That is the cutest bow jacket ever- I love it! It would make me smile all day. And the red vintage dress is lovely! Fun round up!

  6. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-I love the Boden skirt and leather obi outfit, just fab!!

  7. Mary Sailors

    Oh, you make me want to thrift for new fall vintage. I love the red dress, the gray and black shoes (!!) and the black big bow cardi. Great post!! Your so put together Sals!!

  8. lopi

    Love the Boden skirt.
    It's fabulous, but I can really sympathize with being obsessed with a certain kind of clothing, ending up amassing a pretty big collection of it because "it's my thing and I'll wear those to death" and then, after a while, getting bored. Yeah, been there too. My solution is to try and put them away for a while, say for a couple of seasons, and then try to see them under a different perspective and wear them in a totally different way. This is only good if space is no problem, of course.

    And obis… oh, I'm addicted to them! Seeing this, I just realized I need a grey one ASAP!

  9. text machine

    I think getting away from the embellished skirt/plain tshirt combo is something a lot of women struggle with. Maybe you could mix patterns some? That's very in right now. Or pair them with a crew neck sweater with princess sleeves and pearls and make it preppy-on-purpose cute? It is always a shame when you have to give up wardrobe pieces you really love cause they're not keeping up with you stylistically.

    I really like that last outfit. That jacket is really cute and I think the unconventional shoes really work.

  10. Belle de Ville

    That red dress is awsomely "mad men". It is just crying out for a vintage brooch.

  11. Make Do Style

    I love the bow front blazer! You know my views on Boden….

  12. ...love Maegan

    So great! I love the red dress …and the embellished skirt look and the pink and black. I love vintage and thrift finds. I think thrifting is the only shopping I'll actually leave my house for any more …everything else is online. You look beautiful!

  13. Peldyn

    I love obi belts. I hate that when I get them my daughter steals them from me, LOL! Your Boden skirt is gorgeous! I want to make myself something like that. I inherited my mother's collection of yo yo's she made and they would look fab on a skirt.

  14. pretty face

    The obi definitely makes the Boden skirt less Boden, more special.

    As for the red dress, I will be very happy to see a lot more of that! x

  15. Meli22

    I do love the outfits so so much! But the first is my favorite for sure. I want to know- do you have the same problems I have with dresses? IE you try a million and ten on, but only one or none work? You seem to have such luck for dresses- I wish I did!


  16. Rosie Unknown

    Wow, I adore that red dress!!

    I love the photos, I wish I could get mine to look that amazing!

  17. issye margaretha kamal

    i love your blog đŸ™‚ a very nice blog .
    nice to know you .

  18. Megan

    The first and third ones are my favorites. The red dress is stunning!

  19. dapper kid

    That red dress looks amazing, and I totally love your corduroy flower skirt! And that hot pink skirt is wonderful.

  20. Nadine

    Love the white tunic/long skirt look – very classy! Feature skirts can be such a hassle – they are always so pretty but they are ridiculously hard to pair tops with so you don't end up with a 'look at my skirt' thing going on. I love what you've done with the obi belt!

  21. The Seeker

    I want your pink skirt!!!
    And what you did with the obi (I also want it!!!) is great.

    Looking inspirational as always, dear!!!


  22. enc

    You have beautiful clothes, Sal. I remember when Boden offered that skirt. I contemplated getting it for myself!

    I love the long white top over the long navy pieces.