Outfit Roundup: Week of September 27

Belted houndstooth dress, Sierra Trading Post
Red opaque thigh-highs, Hue
Black plastic bangle, a record store in Duluth
Black patent heels, Vince Camuto Heaven via Solestruck

Like Andrea, I was inspired by the new Kate Spade clothing line and paired my red tights with a preppy frock. And what a frock! POCKETS, people. Frock pockets. Word.

Navy ruffle dress, Liza Reitz
Lavender tights, Banana Republic

Earrings, Karin Jacobson
Bangles, Fringe in Edina
Gray Tsubo Acreas

I wore this to a lovely brunch with my friend Sarah, where we chatted about Valentino, nudism, and the merits of cremation. No, seriously.

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36 Responses to “Outfit Roundup: Week of September 27”

  1. K.Line

    The dress is not too short! And any bag worth having has shmutz on it.

  2. Londyn

    OMG – your dresses and color tights are AMAZING! Love them! and you look absolutely adorable in them!

    My favorite is the houndstooth dress with the red tights πŸ™‚

  3. Meli22

    My favorite continues to be the houndstooth w/ red tights too. All nice outfits tho, and I admire your determination to make things work with the Obi and leather skirt- genious πŸ™‚

  4. AsianCajuns (Lauren)

    Ooo I love them all, Sally! And thanks for the sweet, sweet shout-out to Cath! I can't wait to show her this post! She loves those booties and would be extremely proud to know she inspired a fellow fashionista! I love that dress you paired the booties with too.
    Question about that awesome leather skirt: is it too hot to wear indoors? (this from the girl who will wear leather thigh-highs in atlanta heat) πŸ˜‰

  5. A Shopaholic in Chicago

    I love all the tights and the dresses. you look amazing.

    Also, I must have those Alive & Oliva for payless boots. They are seariously awesome.

  6. Clare

    Oooh, love them all! But I am of course partial to the first one, as it is what you wore when I met you. Gorgeous!

  7. Clare

    Oh, and if I had known your MOM had made that amazing dress, I would have invited myself into your home to demand that she make one for me. So it's probably best that I didn't know.

  8. Anonymous

    Bonanzle is positively fantastic! Head and shoulders above Evilbay. I look for "tpf" in the listing when purchasing a bag. It's not a guarantee, but I feel more comfortable buying from a member of the Purse Forum (probably because I am one). If I were ever to sell anything, it would be there! Also, I LOVE your red tights! –Sara

  9. Audi

    Holy smokes, those boots are amazing! And that leather skirt! Are you SURE you don't want to rock a blacksmith look? πŸ˜‰

  10. daddylikeyblog

    This is a particularly awesome outfit week, Sally! You look gorgeous! I'm especially loving the Kate Spade-inspired outfit. You honestly look like a page out of the Nordstrom catalog–and oh wow is that a good thing. πŸ™‚

  11. pretty face

    You got another pair of boots! How many is that now, Sal? You know I am not being judgemental, just absolutely green with envy because they are so gorgeous.

    Once I got over my boot envy, these were my thoughts:

    1) wow, you are a talented family. Your mum for making that dress and you for drawing inspiration so beautifully.

    2) I have already said what I feel about that photo of you with the red tights <3

    3) the pleats on that dress in the Liza post are so pretty! And who know that light coloured tights could be so flattering?

    4) I LOVE your tweed coat! Where is it from?

    5) All that beautiful leathery grey is making me happy.

  12. enna.

    I bought those boots in August, but haven't worn them because they're a little bit intimidating (even though I love them). You've just inspired me to wear them!

  13. Lemondrop Marie

    I agree, the dress and tights are amazing, I am so inspired. Must get red tights NOW. And if those boots are from Payless I am going to give that store another shot! Happy weekend.

  14. Marley

    I love every single one of these outfits, but I'm seriously in love with the sweaterdress/lavender tights combo. I have to hunt down lavender tights now! You look great in that houndstooth dress too- such a great score! And love the bag, of course!

  15. Make Do Style

    Great short dress looks fab on you!
    And my those boots are fierce.

  16. Nadine

    I LOVE that first look! So 90s – which is meant as a huge compliment . . . ahh, the 90s . . .

    Those lavender tights look fantastic with the grey shoes and grey coat.

    And your hair is looking extra-delicious in those last few shots.

  17. Darling Petunia

    I've been debating about writing this comment for a while, but I figure you can always decide not to publish it so here goes…

    I really like reading your blog. Nothing controversial about that, right? But it's funny, because I rarely like your outfits! I'm just not on the same wavelength with you in terms of style.

    Anyway, just thought you might find that interesting. (Hopefully interesting and not offensive!)

  18. Sal

    Lauren: Ya know, I am cold pretty much all the time, so I was quite comfortable in the long leather skirt … it's lined, which always helps. Well, helps me anyways, when it comes to feeling ventilated. I don't think I'll wear it in the summer, but it definitely works for cool weather indoor wear.

    Audi: HM said the SAME THING. πŸ˜‰

    enna: Yay! You will love them, my dear. Those boots are magnifico.

    Darling Petunia: Hahaha. You are the second person to say as much in the past two days! I'm not insulted at all. Style is very, very personal and I'm glad to know that my advice and other writings interest you even if my outfits don't!

  19. Misty

    Wow Sal, that sweaterdress/tights combo is HOT! You look like you've got legs for miles-rock those sexy gams! πŸ™‚ It was enough to de-lurk myself. Great outfits this week, I wish it was cool enough in AZ to start rockin the leggings, but I still have another month or so..sigh.


    Sal dear, I'm still waiting for your 2010 calendar! You are too cute!!
    Enjoy your weekend okie*

  21. CB

    I love the red tights outfit! ok, i'm biased towards dresses/skirts with pockets…

  22. Frances Joy

    Ack! I covet that houndstooth dress and the navy one, too. Love, love, love! And I will admit that you have inspired me to give tights a second chance after not wearing them for twelve years.

  23. Kelly

    I've already proclaimed my love of the houndstooth outfit, but I also LOVE the navy + lavender one so much. I would never think to pair those two colors but it is perfect.

  24. Julia Whicker

    I've been wanting those Alice + Olivia boots for some time now. I may just have to go get them today….

  25. seriouslyright?

    Those shoes!! Are you kidding me?!?! I'm obsessed with wedge ankle boots and those are gorgeous!! Congrats lol


  26. enc

    You're right, this was a banner outfit week. I love those A+O boots on you, they're really edgy, and provide a great counterpoint for that ditsy* floral dress.

    *you know this is terminology for the print size, and not you, right?

  27. Rebecca. Harlan, IN

    I'm all over that long leather skirt! Wow! I've I'd seen it first, I'd be sporting it on MY blog!

  28. Elissa

    These are some killer outfits this week, Sal! Love those lavender tights.

  29. The Seeker

    OMG I love the houndstooth dress with the red tights, but you look fabulous in all.
    Inspirational… now that it's a time of such lack of it, at least for me :o(

    By the way I passed your way an award, I think you're not much into them, but I love the way you write, so…..