Party of 1


Today’s post features a “Sunday Best” look that I wore on a rather dreary Sunday. It features a pattern toss, with stripes playing the leading role. Stripes are my absolute favorite pattern, with floral print falling closely behind as runner-up.

IMJ (1)This combination made me reflect on my sense of style, and what influences the styling choices that I make. You see, despite the fact that I love bold, saturated colors because they reflect the inner me (examples here, here, and here) and clashing prints because they feel like an extension of my personality (examples here, here, and here) I am outwardly very much reserved and an admitted introvert.

IMJ (3)When I get dressed, it is solely based on the inner me, what makes ME feel happy. Although my choices are often bold and stand out, it has taken quite some time for me to become open to the stares that I often receive on the street (whether it be in admiration or in judgement) and spontaneous dialogue that often springs up regarding what I am wearing.

IMJ (4)Since I started blogging my person style, I’ve noticed that I am slowly becoming more and more open to impromptu discussions! I consider that to be evidence of growth, because prior to, I was most definitely always a party of 1!

I’m curious; does your choice of clothing reflect your authentic inner self?

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I’m Joi and I blog my personal style via In My Joi. I’ve always enjoyed dressing up, yet notably, my personal style took on new dimensions when I hit my 30’s. You’ll find me saturated in bright colors, draped in vintage, and topped in hats. Occasionally I venture off to black and white combinations or take a playful dabble in mixed prints. It has been said that style is a way to express who you are, without having to speak. I wholeheartedly concur. Each day of life offers up a blank canvas, a fresh opportunity to use style to express different dimensions of my authentic self. Join my style adventures via Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook!

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14 Responses to “Party of 1”

  1. julia @ When the Girls Rule

    Your pattern mixing is spot on. And yes, sometimes my clothing does reflect my inner self but sometimes my clothing is armor too. I also recognize that sometimes my outfit can change my mood for the better and give me a boost when I just wasn’t feeling it on my own. Such complex creatures we are!

    • InMyJoi

      Agreed, we are so complex!!! A well put together look can elevate moods unlike nothing else, but then there are times when you may want to hideaway in your clothes too 🙂
      Thank you!

    • InMyJoi

      Thank you!!! I’ve always been very colorful in my clothing choices, but not so much outgoing and open to discussion(s) with strangers, especially unsolicited, on the street. Since I began blogging, I have noticed a definite shift. As far as creativity with clothing options since I started blogging, now I have purchased black clothing in an abundance, which I never had before, and I find myself even more open to experimentation 🙂

  2. crtfly


    I am surprised that you think of yourself as introverted, given that your clothes are anything but. Then I read your post on being an introvert. I think I understand now. You are an introvert by choice, an introvert with a boatload of self – confidence.

    I just know that you look fabulous, all the time.


    • InMyJoi

      LOL! This fact surprises most people, I think there is a tendency to associate bold clothing choices with an extrovert. I am just the opposite. I read an article that explained both types in depth, basically as an introvert I am drained by interacting with others socially in an abundance versus fueled by it. Extroverts needs human interaction, it almost serves as fuel. But introverts don’t require this interaction for fuel, and can come away feeling drained and worn down after socializing, especially in groups. Social functions have always been mega-challenging for me, and continue to be even as the years go on. Thankfully I can express my creativity in clothing 😉
      Thank you Chris!

  3. Cassandra Westfall

    What a beautiful outfit, Joi!!! Love the pattern and color mix. I think that I dress more for the inner me most of the time and am getting better at doing so. Like you, I think my true inner self is bolder than I generally am on the outside as I tend to be quite reserved, introverted, and even a little shy at times.


  4. Linda B

    I love your bold style–and get that one can do that and still be an introvert. Good for you for dressing based on your “inner me”.

    For me lately, I am finding myself confused about what that inner me is. . . new phase of styling is trying to come to birth, but it is not coming quickly! Guess it can’t be rushed.

    • InMyJoi

      Thanks Linda!! Your comments ring very true, it is a process, and things seem to come together in their own time 😉 As this years go on, I find that style journeys continue to grow, and evolve.