Pixie Cut to Asymmetric: A Visual Journal

I feel the tiniest bit weird doing a post about the evolution of my hair … but since I LOVE it when other people share visual recaps of style changes, I’m gonna assume some of you do, too! I cut my hair short in  July of 2011, and it has been evolving ever since. Most recently, I took it from a traditional(ish) pixie cut to an asymmetric curly cut. Let’s look at this in stages, shall we?

Getting some length going

How to grow out a pixie cut: How I changed my style from pixie to asymmetric!

Before I could get a truly asymmetrical look, I needed to grow my hair out a bit. I was worried this would be incredibly awkward, and there were definitely a few weeks in there when I felt like something bizarre was happening on top of my head. But having a patient and skilled stylist is essential, and luckily, I have Jaimie! She made the grow-out phase less painful. These images span September 2014 to July 2015. (I’ve been a Deva Curl girl for years now, but swapped out products over time – in case you’re curious I was using the Set Up and Above pomade at this length.)

The shave and the curl

How to grow out a pixie cut: How I changed my style from pixie to asymmetric!

This group shows the first few looks after I took the plunge and shaved the right side. The shave happened in July of 2015, and the last image here is from October of 2015. Once it got to this phase, the length seemed to come in faster, and my curls began to return.

Experimenting with shape

How to grow out a pixie cut: How I changed my style from pixie to asymmetric!
Once the length was established, we had to figure out how the curls would come in and how to layer properly. This is still an ongoing process since my hair has a life of its own! These images span September 2015 through March 2016. (Around this time I added a mousse to the mix – Oribe Curl Shaping Mousse – plus Deva products for finishing.)

How to grow out a short pixie cut

Now we’re mostly just refining and tweaking. I want the longest curl to reach my chin, possibly longer, so Jaimie is finessing the overall shape and seeing what works with the layers. We’ve spent most of the summer and fall just playing with various configurations, and since I got some nasty split ends a few times, I haven’t gotten a ton more length in recent months. But we’re getting pretty darned close to the finished shape, I think. These images span April 2016 through November 2016. (I’m using Deva’s MirrorCurls almost exclusively now. With a hit of hairspray when I need it!)

I can’t quite believe this has been a 2+ year process! Hope you enjoyed this little recap.

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5 Responses to “Pixie Cut to Asymmetric: A Visual Journal”

  1. CupcakeWaist

    Hi, Sally! Thanks for posting this. I’m growing out a pixie and it’s at the awkward stage where I’m close to cutting it again, out of sheer frustration. Your hair looks great and I love the evolution. Could you post pics of the curly side and also a pic from the back? I’m curious to see how the asymmetry looks from behind. Thanks!

  2. poodletail

    You have the BEST hair, Sal. This style suits you to a T and it was fun to see a time-lapse.

  3. Rebekah Jaunty

    That WAS fun, thank you. Now you can make a flipbook and watch your hair grow in…

    I’ve successfully grown out my buzz cut, and am now stuck in a boring phase. At least the hedgehog phase is over.