Pleased To Meet You!

The roster of Already Pretty contributors continues to change, and as we say goodbye to Une Femme, I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Kristine Rose. Kristine’s writing has been published in XOJane and LunaLuna, and she freelances as a makeup artist. She is funny and brave and incisive, and I’m so honored that she’s agreed to join the Already Pretty team. Please read on to learn more about Kristine’s background and expertise.

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Hey there! So lovely to be here.

I’m Kristine Rose, make-up artist, esthetician, and writer. I’ve been an Already Pretty reader for years now, and am so glad to be included in one of my favorite style resources. My main focus will be skin care and make-up, so I figured I would start off with a description of my personal skin care routine:

My skin has had a bit of a hard life. I dealt with some hormonal issues for a number of years that lead to large painful acne cysts. I tried every acne remedy on the market, even the dermatological nuclear bomb of Accutane (Isotretinoin). While Accutane helped a bit, I was essentially “cured” by a mixture of the testosterone reducing drug Spironolactone, and eliminating processed sugar from my diet.

While I almost never break out anymore, my skin is dry and a bit temperamental. I have rid myself of the acne, but I still have skin allergies that flare up mostly in the spring and summer, resulting in redness, inflammation, and even the occasional hive. I try to baby my skin as much as I can, focusing on hydration, soothing, and brightening.

Cleansing: I started double cleansing about a year ago, and it really works well for my skin. I first use an oil based cleanser, Garnier Nourishing Cleansing Oil on dry skin, to remove dirt and make-up without stripping or over drying. I follow this with lotion/liquid cleanser 9 to 5 from Lush. I used to work for Lush Cosmetics and I am still a big fan of their products. You can use this cleansing lotion by itself without water, removing it only with a washcloth, but I prefer to use it as a regular cleanser. My skin used to get very irritated and even peel in the winter, but with this combination it stays well hydrated and supple. While some gentle cleansers can leave your skin feeling less than squeaky clean, I feel confident that all my make-up is removed.

Eye Cream: I’m not greatly affected by under eye circles but my eyes do get a bit puffy and red, especially when it’s allergy season. I use two different eye creams, e.l.f Eye Refresh and Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream. The e.l.f roller is cooling and soothing and I notice a reduction in inflammation right away. The Origins cream has more of a priming effect. My under eye area is significantly brightened after application and it provides a great base for concealer.

Serum: I like to date around when it comes to serums, and hardly a week goes by that I don’t come home with another sample from my local Sephora. The one serum I keep coming back to is Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil. Formulated with rice bran oil and omega 3 acids, this oil plumps the skin and soothes redness.

Moisturizer: Kiel’s Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream is my pick all year round. I used to work at Kiehl’s once upon a time as well, and they introduced me to this beauty. I’m only 25 but find that anti-aging products work best for my parched skin. This cream is also thick enough that it provides a bit of a barrier between my skin and the air, reducing allergy flare ups. I’ve also noticed a plumping and firming effect.

Sunscreen: Unlike most people with my almost-translucent skin tone, I’m not at all prone to sunburn. My Scottish boyfriend is quite jealous! I am however quite passionate about daily sunscreen application. I believe it’s the most essential anti-aging step. My mother was vigilant about applying sunscreen since her late teens and she hardly has any wrinkles. I like Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protector because it is lightweight and absorbs seamlessly into the skin.

Masks: Face masks are a genuine addiction for me. I am always in the market for something new, but have a couple of old favorites as well. I love the Freeman Beauty Honeydew and Chamomile Sleeping Mask for overnight use. I always wake up feeling refreshed. I’m also partial to the Dr. Jart Water Fuse Hydrogel Mask to restore hydration and elasticity.

This is always subject to change, as sampling new and exciting products is a part of my job, but I’m very happy with my routine right now. I would be interested to hear all about your skin and how you are currently caring for it, so post your answers in the comments section!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


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Kristine Rose is a make-up artist, esthetician, and writer. She strongly believes in each individual’s right to express themselves through style, make up, and body modification (or lack thereof). Beauty writing is her one true passion and she intends to revel in it until her untimely death, crushed under the weight of her own jewelry.

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2 Responses to “Pleased To Meet You!”

  1. Britt Mangold

    Thanks for the post and for mentioning Spironolactone. I too had persistent acne that wasn’t significantly helped by much, including Accutane. The Spironolactone took several months to work, but once it did, my breakouts basically stopped. It was a great option for me and I’d encourage other women to ask their dermatologists about it.

  2. Rebekah Jaunty

    Looking forward to more of your insights, Ms. K. Rose.