A Plus Size Pleated Dress

Alice & You Contrast Collar Skater Dress Zatchels baby blue barrel bag,  New Look Wide Fit Tiny Heeled Sandals

Dress- Asos Curve (out of stock- similar)

Bag- Zatchels

Shoes- New Look

This dress turned out to be cuter than I expected, I only bought it because I loved the collar but the pleating details turned out to be a nice surprise. I usually stay away from pleats because they remind me too much of the school uniform I had to wear for most of my teenage life ( it was in a flattering shade of death grey). Also, I’ve heard pleats are a big NO for plus size girls, but I think they’re quite flattering on this dress. What do you think?

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7 Responses to “A Plus Size Pleated Dress”

  1. Laura Poehlman

    Actually all the curvy sewing blogs endorse pleats over gathers for the curvy girls. I love this on you, especially because even with the shorter hem and peter pan color, it doesn’t read juvenile, it’s simply fresh.

    • Susan Ashworth

      I agree, especially pleats in a fabric that drapes. The pleated fabric lays flat.

  2. MaggieSnarkface

    This is cute but please don’t give any credit or credence to fashion “rules”.

    • Weesha

      Thank you! I don’t take them seriously most of the time but pleats was definitely I had tried wearing with disastrous results.

  3. Sarah Destrehan

    I agree that they are super flattering. I think how far down the pleat is sewn and what type of pleat makes a difference. I had a knife pleat skirt I loved and wore for years with no problems but I had another pleated skirt that billowed out in this awful way from my thighs and it was no bueno. Anyway, you look great in that dress.

    • Weesha

      Thanks Sarah! and I agree, I’ve tried on pleated skirts before that just ballooned up my shape. I wish more brands made skirts with this flattering pleat.