Lovely Links: 1/28/11


I’ll be teaching a workshop at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Evolving Influence conference in New York on February 11! I’m partnering with powerhouse media agent Kendra Bracken-Ferguson to talk about how to secure and make the most of media coverage for your blog. Please let me know if you’ll be attending!

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If you’re having a particularly rough time keeping body positive, try asking yourself these six essential questions. They’re not easy, but they’ll have you digging deep.

Ten tips for finding your perfect tailor. Yes!

Yum & Yuk offers us a lesson in patience, courtesy Kafka.

Looking for a new way to wear your scarves? Check out this post for some headscarf styling inspiration.

Since winter is showing no signs of letting up, here are eight darling hats for under $20 a pop.

Got a loose-in-the-waist skirt that you adore, and just can’t part with? Hike it up, belt it, and voila! Dress.

Franca interviewed five beautiful bloggers about how to look gorgeous in glasses. Loved their answers! (My thoughts on this topic here.)

Kate discovers that all women’s magazines – especially ones with a fashion-y bent – pretty much recycle the same seven, insulting, sexuality-centric topics over and over again.

If you’re a personal style blogger who does on-location photos with a self timer, take a peek at these tips for safety in self photography.

Have you checked our Every Body Every Wear? A collective of style bloggers all posting outfits featuring a common item. Super cool.

A great way to avoid buyer’s remorse? Quiz yourself about fit, feeling, and function before you fork over the cash.

This week on The BlogFrog, we chatted about online coupon sites – any resources to share?

These shoes with carved and lacquered wooden heels have been haunting me for days.

Frontier womanhood has emerged as one of the only historically American models of aspirational femininity available to girls — passive princesses and graceful ballerinas not being native to this land — and one of the only blueprints for commanding female comportment in which they are regularly encouraged to invest or to mimic.” (Via No Signposts in the Sea.)

High Plains Thrifter has some fun tips for beating the midwinter blues.

Alice explains how exercise is helping her make sense of her body.

I SWOONED upon seeing these images of the Dior Haute Couture show. That white pleated full skirt? Heavenly.

Erin shares her thoughts on the newly-for-sale dress pattern being sold by the gal behind The Uniform Project. Any sewists out there care to share opinions?

Have you heard of Panda Shots? They’re self-portraits taken while biking, and S’s collection is making me long for warmth AND my bike.

Gumball necklaces. ‘Nuff said. (Via Creature Comforts)

And from the Department of Random: When Parents Text (via Smart, Pretty and Awkward)

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12 Responses to “Lovely Links: 1/28/11”

  1. Cyndi

    Hey, I think the “Alice explains how exercise is helping her make sense of her body” link is broken.

  2. Alterations Needed

    Excellent link rundown! And thank you for including me. =)

    The Orchids in Buttonholes post is great! Dior Couture makes me insanely happy. and that Everybody, Everywear site is awesome!

  3. laura

    Oh Sal, I’m swooning over the Dior Haute Couture show too – The long red coat and all the shoes… oh my – love them. I’m quite sure they would only last a short while on my feet but they are delish. I also wonder what has happened to dressing for dinner?

  4. Lisa

    Congratulations, to you and IFB:). I plan to be there via livestream. I just hope they send me enough reminders to compensate for my fading short term memory.

  5. angie

    That’s fabulous big news, Sally! Sorry that I won’t be able to attend your workshop in NYC since I shan’t be able to attend NYFW this time round. But I’m sure you’ll be smashing – and what a brilliant topic.

  6. Sara

    Sal, that is so exciting that you’ll be teaching a workshop at IFB conference! What an awesome experience for you and for those who attend. Thank you so much for the mention among these fantastic posts, too!