Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of February 13 … Plus New York Recap

Oh, my dears, New York was truly amazing. It felt a little ridiculous to go for Fashion Week, have the opportunity to squeeze myself into a runway show or two, and instead opt to just hang with friends … but not TOO ridiculous. Fashion Week happens every whipstitch, and I just wanted to soak up the awesome that came off my friends in big, loving waves.

I went to school in upstate New York, so some of my dearest friends in the world are in NYC. It felt so renewing to spend time with them again. I’ve got a high school bud who defected to Brooklyn ages ago, and was lucky enough to spend my Valentine’s dinner in her amazing presence. Also had a chance to visit the astonishing Eileen Fisher showroom, an experience that merits its own post. But, of course, I assume you’re mainly interested in hearing about the blogger meet-ups. And they were BOUNTIFUL.

On Thursday at the panel discussion portion of the IFB Evolving Influence conference, I briefly met WendyB, who is a total knockout and has the reddest lips in the universe. Also quickly hugged the extremely busy organizer of said conference, Jennine, and the being-whisked-about-by-Tumblr Terra, who are both utterly lovely and great huggers. Sat with Fashion Herald for the panels. Miss that girl like GANGBUSTERS, as she is a total kindred spirit and so fun to chat with. After the second panel, ran into The Budget Babe, one of my all-time favorite humans, and we grabbed lunch together, then popped into Theory and Tory Burch for some aspirational browsing. It was a virtual festival of bloggy activity!

On Friday, I had lunch with Rachel, one of the founders of Reality in Style. You all know I adore their line, and we chatted about some super exciting new ventures for Rachel and her fabulous partner-in-clothing-design, Denise. I’ll keep you posted about those!

Already Pretty outfit featuring Cynthia Steffe skirtMagenta v-neck, thrifted – similar
Tie-waist paperbag skirt, Cynthia Steffe via Opitzsimilar shape
Magenta tights, Target – here are the same ones on eBay
Gray pumps, Tsubo Acrea (no longer available in this color)
Brushed silver necklace, Patinasimilar

I wore this to teach a workshop on preparing for press appearances at the IFB Evolving Influence conference. The shirt is cotton, which is a good thing because I pitted it out in about five seconds flat. That’s right, even a gal qualified to give a presentation on how to perform in front of the camera gets nervous! The conference was amazing, and it was a blast to meet so many lovely bloggers. All so smart, driven, and unbearably stylish. Here’s a glimpse of the workshop area at the swanky Standard Hotel:

I went right from my workshop to Republic, where I met up with Audi (my roomie for the trip), K.Line, and Gertie.

This photo was taken hours after dinner at a wine bar several blocks away. Punch, I think. We made our truly adorable waiter take about 95 photos before we were all satisfied that we looked sufficiently gorgeous.

You already know how much I adore Audi, but this was my first time meeting up with K.Line and Gertie. K spent time with us throughout the trip, and is just as bubbly, enthusiastic, and charming as she can be. We teased her mercilessly about her Canadian accent, and I’m not sure we’re entirely forgiven. Gertie is even more gorgeous and hilarious than you can imagine, and I’m crushed that I didn’t get to spend more time trading quips with her.

Gray long cardigan, Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Skirt worn as tunic, thrifted – similar items
Black ponte riding pants, via eBaysimilar (same brand)
Brushed silver necklace, Patinasimilar
Black boots, Tsubo Kison – no longer available, tho a couple of pairs are on eBay

This was my ensemble for a morning of business meetings, and an afternoon of SERIOUS shopping. K.Line, Audi and I met up with the unbearably lovely Sara of Orchids in Buttonholes for lunch at Fred’s and a tour of Barneys. Neither Sara nor I bought anything during that leg of the journey, but K and Audi both scored. Check their blogs for details, as I refuse to be a thunder-stealer.

We strolled along and eventually landed at Saks where I splurged on a McQueen skull scarf – an item that I’ll have to tell you more about once it makes an outfit appearance – and scored an absolutely amazing asymmetric silk skirt. Audi nabbed yet more goodies. By this time, it was about 7 p.m. and we were all on the verge of exhaustion.

Sara is charming and clever and absolutely radiant. She brims with joy, and you can’t help but feel a little joyous yourself just from being around her. It was incredibly hard to say goodbye, and I’m hoping to convince her to visit sometime soon so I can take her on a slightly-less-glam-but-equally-fun shopping tour of Minneapolis.

Already Pretty outfit featuring Marimekko dress

Dress, Marimekko – more Marimekko
Black ponte riding pants, via eBaysimilar (same brand)
Boots, borrowed from Audi
Bag, Manhattan Portage DJ Bag (Don’t think this exact bag is made any more, but this one is quite similar)

On-location outfit shots were tough, but I begged Audi to snap this one for me. We wear the same size in everything except pants, so we swapped boots several times. I was thrilled by how hers looked with this newly-purchased tunic dress, and wore them again on Monday with this outfit instead of my Sorels.

This was Sunday, and K.Line, Audi and I joined Peter for a stroll through the Chelsea Flea Market. The market was a bit small, and we picked up a few fun items, but no one scored big. K took off for another appointment, and the rest of us headed out in search of lunch. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but I had to snap a photo of their amazing fireplace:

We chatted about blogging and goals and shopping and sewing and all manner of fun and fascinating topics. Peter was game to hit a few shops in the Meatpacking District with us, but quite understandably ran out of steam as Audi and I browsed around Allsaints.

Snapped a quick photo first, and now I’m pretty convinced that Peter is my long-lost brother. Mom and Dad, are you hiding something from me?

Sunday night I had the distinct pleasure of buying Alice Bradley a cheeseburger. She actually ordered some sort of burger-salad hybrid that confused the heck out of me, but she promised that it was darned tasty. I hereby nominate Alice for Funniest Human Alive, having spent three hours in her company laughing so hard that I was sure my face would fall off.

You’ve already seen my Monday attire, but had to mention that we also met up with Rad for post-Valentine’s-dinner drinks and conversation. Girl is SMART, and we had loads of fun talking politics and career with her.

See? Happy gals all around.

Some of my purchases have already begun to creep into outfit posts, and you’ll see them all eventually. I saved my pennies for a LONG TIME for this trip, knowing full well that there’d be great shopping available at every turn. There was, and I spent my entire budget, but no more.

And, of course, there was eating, but iPhone shots of crab cakes and salads and big bowls of noodles always look ookey, so I didn’t even bother to take any. Suffice to say I ate like a growing 16-year-old boy, and eventually began to miss raw vegetables.

This trip was packed full and I came home exhausted, but also invigorated. Blogging allows us to connect with people all over the world who share our interests and passions, follow our daily doings with interest, and understand us from afar. Getting the chance to meet those people in person is always a marvelous and eye-opening experience.

Over many years and many visits, I’ve grown to love New York: The anonymity and efficiency, the abundance and diversity, the unique energy that flows through a city powered by raw ambition. But what I really love about New York is its people. My people. The ones who have been dear to me for decades, and the ones I’ve just met who will be dear to me for decades to come. I miss them all.

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24 Responses to “Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of February 13 … Plus New York Recap”

  1. Sarah

    What a wonderful trip. I want to save my pennies too and come to New York to meet all of you fabulous women who have paved the way for newbies like me. (Especially you Sal! And Audi and Gertie and Peter, your long lost brother…)

    I love Audi’s furry vest (what are they called – gillet?) and your Marimekko dress Sal – GORGEOUS as always!

    Sarah xxx

  2. Moeno

    I am floored by your first outfit. Wow, the colour combo is so fantastic and you look absolutely stunning!

  3. deja pseu

    Oh, that red-on-red ensemble is AMAZING. I’m in awe.

    I’m so envious of your time spent in the company of all of those fabulous bloggers, and SWEAR I’m going to find a way to attend next year.

    Please, please do tell more about the Eileen Fisher showroom!!

  4. Buckle Button Zip

    What a wonderful trip! I watched all the live streams of IFB Con and wished I was there. Sound like there are so many interesting women and men to meet and talk fashion blogging with. With fingers crossed, I’ll be there next year.


  5. Stacey

    Everything looks so fab that I am at a loss for words. LOVE LOVE all your outfits, I am particularly drawn to red and gray combo these days. You are the best!!

  6. Ruby

    OMG I love that red skirt! I like your link on ModCloth, but I’m hoping to find it in another color other than khaki/taupe….after having to wear a khaki skirt for a year for a non-profit job, I’m never going to get over that! hahah

    I also love the red/grey paisley-ish dress with the gorgeous grey long cardigan…I am obsessed with grey at the moment! I got an O.P.I. nail color “My Own Private Jet,” which is a sparkly grey color and now everything I wear needs to incorporate that. Ah, your outfits are magnificent as always! 🙂 I love the photo updates!

  7. Chalkdust and Boots

    That trip looks/sounds amazing and I’m a little jealous that I’m arriving in NYC…today. Oh, well! I’m truly envious of that picture of you, Gertie, Audi, and K.Line. Dreamy!

    Also, your magenta and red ensemble is absolutely gorgeous: you look great!

  8. K-Line

    Oh, Sal, I love this post! And I meant to tell you how great that Friday night outfit was. You know how I love colour blocking and pink and orange are utter faves. Can’t wait to see you again as soon as possible.

  9. LiLi

    Wow! Wow! I just fell in love with the boots you borrowed from Audi. I literally blinked a few time in disbelief as I saw them, lol! I’m on the lookout for flat(ter) light boots for so long already, I’m starting to believe they don’t exist. Nice to know they do, albeit probably out of my reach (geographically) 😉
    By the way, I love your color combinations and combination skills in general. One of these days I’ll abuse the office printer and print out your how-tos – I’m not a combination noob, but there’s still so much to learn 🙂

  10. Secret Squirrel

    Ah, this post recap was worth the wait! I love it when my favourite bloggers get together. Really glad to hear you had a good time.

  11. woolcat

    Very envious of you because
    1) You look great in that paperbag skirt!
    2) you got to hang out with Gertie and Peter – I am a big fan of those 2
    3) I LOVE your marimekko dress!!!

    Glad you had so much fun!

  12. Rad

    How beautiful is your magenta on red ensemble? Just fabulous and sassy.
    It was amazing to meet you and it’s an honor to be mentioned with all these big-time bloggers. I hope we meet again in Minneapolis soon.

  13. Gracey

    Oh, you all look so fabulous in these pics. And I’m so glad you got a pic of that fireplace – it’s insanely awesome.

  14. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    I am sat here green with envy. I so wish I could meet up with you, Audi, Wendy and Terra. Any chance you’re heading to the UK?

    I adore the colours in your first outfit too – the red and magenta look amazing. And the shopping sounds wonderful; I’m looking forward to seeing the items in your outfit shots, particularly your scarf.

  15. futurelint

    Woah! That’s a LOT of stuff to do in one trip! I’m impressed! That first outfit is so beautiful – I love that color palette on you! And I would have had a very hard time giving those boots back to Audi! I am jealous you got to meet Rad, she seems, well, rad.

  16. Sara

    Aw, Sal, it was so fantastic to meet you! I had such an amazing day with you and hope we can have another one soon (either here or there). Thank you for the kind words – they made my day!

  17. Fashion Herald

    I LOVED meeting you, and everyone should go see Sal if she’s presenting at a conference – totally informative and professional. And entertaining!