Casual Outfit: Week of January 30

Already Pretty outfit featuring Frye bootsGray long cardigan, Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Tunic, Len DruskinMore striped tunics
Magenta tank, Old Navy (no longer available) – similar (African violet color)
Magenta leggings, via Opitzsimilar
Magenta boots, FRYE Carson Pull-On in berry
Earrings, Infrared Studios

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to wear these magenta leggings with any other boots besides these Fryes. They’re a match made in heaven, I tell you!

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31 Responses to “Casual Outfit: Week of January 30”

  1. K-Line

    Ms. Sally – you gotta take that sequin top to your alterations person and have it smallened for real! I’m loving your denim phase.

  2. Ruby

    I wish I had the sense to get the fur trimmed Sorel boots- I got the regular, big clunky ones…they’re so ugly they’re cute I suppose? They are just SO heavy, but they totally came in handy during this blizzard we had! I think I might pair them with thick leggings (or two pairs) and a dress like that…maybe like the boots, I’ll be able to pull off the “so ugly it’s cute” look with a skirt, leggings and the huge boots…because mine are ridiculous!

  3. Clare

    You’ve been rocking the fabulous bright colors lately, especially when it comes to bright boots.

  4. Megan Mae

    Those pink boots! @_@ Omgoodness. I love the brown tunic. It looks sort of Medieval in a good way. Can I say how much I am loving your hair short?

  5. Trystan (the CorpGoth)

    I love each of these outfits, but that first one is pretty much exactly what I want to look like on the weekends! I have so much trouble finding & putting together casual looks that aren’t sloppy or teenager-y. That outfit is classy yet comfortable, perfect for running errands, hanging out with friends, or maybe doing stuff around the house (perhaps swapping out the sequins w/a textured black top).

    The other two tunic & leggings/tights outfits are also great for weekends. And I adore the POP of pink. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Stephanie J

    Those magenta boots are fabulous! What fun, bright outfit for the winter.

    How I miss Stillwater. I’m from Mahtomedi but down in Texas now.

  7. Cynthia Brown

    Sequins, comfy cardi, and denim … that is a great texture combo. Will definitely be adding this idea to my closet. And since I haven’t said it yet, your new haircut is 100% awesome and flattering. Absolutely love it.

  8. Sarah

    Oh those pink boots break my heart!!! All of your outfits are fab as always, though I do wonder how you wear three quarter sleeves in such cold weather. I pack my three quarters away in the winter months as I hate have so much skin exposed!

    Sarah xxx

  9. Cynthia

    Where have those pink boots BEEN? I think those have to be my favorite pair. Even prettier than the purple ones! And can’t you have that sequin tank altered? Since you love it and it looks so good on you – ditch those safety pins and git ‘er done.

  10. Liane

    Just wanted to let you know how much I adore that first outfit! It’s so simple, but extremely flattering and beautiful.

  11. Meredith

    Dear Sal. I absolutely love how you tied that scarf in the second photo. It’s way more visually interesting than the knot I normally tie. Please share your secrets with me? Please? Also, I love the magenta boots, but I admire your wearing them more. I could never see myself in boots and tights that bright but it makes me so happy when I see other people in them. Thanks for making me smile.

  12. lyrebirdgully

    Good golly Sal, you are on a roll where flattering proportions are concerned. Love the shapes in all 3 outfits and especially the flared sleeves on the sweater tunic in #2.The colour and texture combinations in#1 and #3 are masterly.
    The hoop earrings in #3 are a beuatiful touch; now you have short hair, you can really wear earrings to maximum effect!

  13. D

    You look great! I especially adore your last outfit. Love the bright color, and those earrings are so, so awesome!

  14. Gracey

    I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love your new, shorter hair. It just looks fabulous on you. As do the bright colors in outfit number 3. I like them all, but I love me some brights. Gorgeous and fun!

  15. Lisa

    I love the way you tied the scarf…I do not do well tying scarves….

  16. T.

    I hope it’s okay for me to say this, given the premise of your blog, but it really does not look like you’ve put on your winter weight this winter! I wish I could say the same for myself… And, I love your pink boots. Holy moley.

  17. joie

    2 things:
    1. that shorter haircut looks AMAZING on you. truly. you look like a pixie.
    2. those magenta boots are awesome. want.

  18. anonymous

    I’ve got to say, for someone who doesn’t like jeans too much, you look FABULOUS in them. Really really fabulous. I like outfit no. 1 the best ( :

  19. Sandra at Debutante Clothing

    I agree with Wendy – love your new hair! So sassy. Just like those a-maze-ing boots. i totally think you can rock them again. I’m seeing zebra stripes for some over the top quirk.

    Haven’t commented in awhile – Hi Sal!

  20. poet

    I love those snow boots, they look so cozy! And I also find myself really liking the gray & magenta outfit – somehow calling it magenta instead of “barbie pink” (as I would have done) makes it an okay color! đŸ™‚


  21. Glam on the inside

    Looking amazing!!! The haircut is really making the most of your lovely, long neck. And I’m joining the choir singing the praises of those magenta boots. Awesome,

  22. futurelint

    Awesome daytime sequins look! Those pink boots with matching tights are so cool! They really jazz up that pretty dress!

  23. Amy

    I think we have the same Sorels! Mine are super stiff still. Did it take you a while to break ’em in?

  24. Amanda

    Love love love those pink cowboy boots! That whole ensemble is sassy! I’m now inspired to dust off my metallic gold cowboy boots and work them into an outfit somehow.