Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of January 16

Already Pretty outfit featuring Frye Harness bootsGray-brown duster cardigan, courtesy Jones New York (have you entered the giveaway?)
Black t-shirt dress, thrifted – similar
Black ponte riding pants, via eBaysimilar (same brand)
Boots, FRYE Harness 12R in dark brown distressed
Necklace, thrifted – similar items

This roundup is all outfits from my extended birthday weekend, and since there was a lot of shopping, there are a LOT OF LEGGINGS! Wore this to eat a burger, swish through Banana Republic, and see “The Green Hornet.”

My growing collection of Frye boots has long lacked a pair of their classic Harness bootsbecause I didn’t think I could style ’em without looking super-cowgirlish. But having seen them in several chic, urban-influenced outfits lately, I sprung for a pair on deep sale on Amazon. And people? They are the COMFIEST. When they arrived at my door, I slipped them on and wore them with my PJs all night long. Seriously.

Already Pretty outfit featuring John Fluevog bootsSweater dress, Anthropologie (no longer available) – similar shape
Gray tee-dress, courtesy Casualmere
Blue leggings, no idea – can’t find ANYTHING like these, sorry
Purple boots, John Fluevog PRI
Necklace, Fossil (no longer available) – similar items

It was far, FAR too cold for this ensemble on the day it was worn. But there was much thrifting to be done – 50% off at ARC Value Village – and an easy-on, easy-off outfit was a must! Plus those purple boots were just begging to be worn again.

Already Pretty outfit featuring plaid tunicYellow plaid tunic, thrifted – similar items
Black tank dress, via Amazon – similar
Black leggings, Old Navy
Black boots, Tsubo Kison
Onyx Necklace, Puffluna

This tunic was a thrift find from the previous day’s outing, but I fear that my unpredictable dryer may have shrunk the living daylights out of it already. Bah!

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30 Responses to “Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of January 16”

  1. Jen

    I am going to obsess over that grey/blue outfit until it kills me. That is exactly like the colors I adore year round, only the shilouttes I don’t own and am seeking to add to my wardrobe. Jealous! So lovely on you too. And those boots are rockin. I will use these photos to continue to wear my husband down on the Frye boots. Even my three year old has asked for cowboy boots for his fourth birthday next month. I see it as a sign.

  2. Pam@over50feeling40

    The first look is my favorite! I love all the boots and the way you bring all of this together…still jealous of the snow…but I realize that many are tired of it up north.

  3. Clare

    I love the Frye harness boots on you, Sal! They fit your casual outfit aesthetic perfectly. And though I love each of these outfits, I’m cold just lookin’ at you! 🙂

  4. Lynn

    Seeing all these cute leggings ensembles you put together is really making me want to give leggings a shot. I’ve shied away from them, I am 5’2 and curvy, and I worried that the tunic/dress over leggings combo wouldn’t look right on someone with my particular proportions…..but you’re giving me courage to try it out, thank you! The casual outfits in this post really embody a lot of what I’m trying to go for. Comfy, relaxed, not fussy, but beautiful, expressive and put together with conscious thought and effort, thank you for your inspiration 🙂

    • Sal

      Yay Lynn! If you experiment with tunic lengths, I’m sure you’ll find a combo that you LOVE!

    • Tab

      My roommate is only 4’10” and she’s very curvaceous for her size (in an awesome, I’m a little jealous sort of way haha). She has these boots that have a little heel and goes to her knee that she wears with leggings and dresses and she looks lovely. So you could try a little heel if you don’t like the look with flats?

      Or my favorite (I’m much taller though haha) is to wear my black boots with my black tights for a long line. That could help too? (I totally stole that tip from you Sal, and I adore it).

      I’m sure whatever you decide though, you’ll look great!

  5. La Rêveuse

    I recently heard that soaking a shrunk item (wool) in cold water with hair conditioner can relax the fibers and allow it to go back to its original size. I’m guessing this is cotton, but couldn’t hurt to try! Often, cold water and drip dry can save mistakes. 🙂 Good luck!

  6. Amanda

    LOVE, love, love! the fyres. I just had my bday too, and got some new boots with gift money. I debated and debated between (discounted) frye harnesses in either olive or khaki, and the Keen Baby Berns (winter waterproof, shearling lined). I ended up getting the Keens, in orla, which are cognac colored. Love them, they will be perfect as I’m moving to the mid-west and needed WARMTH. But seeing you rocking these harness boots is giving me a little regret! Lol. 🙂

  7. Tab


    I am envious off your ability to wear yellow. The color makes me look completely washed out and like I’m on my death bed. It’s the one color that it doesn’t even matter the shade, it looks awful on me.

    And that grey dress, you look so cute and comfortable. The color combination of the blue, brown and grey is just lush. I love those brown boots against those blue tights!

  8. Cynthia

    I almost stalked a pair of plum Fryes off EBay (and it would have been a splendid, Sal-like deal) but I was too unconfident of the sizing to actually pull the trigger, and I ended up getting the purple PRIs instead. I had tried on a couple of pairs of Fryes at a store in my hometown over Thanksgiving, and in one style I was a 7 1/2 and in another style I was a 9! What’s a girl to do? Have you had good luck ordering your true size?

    • Sal

      NO! Fryes are frustratingly unreliable when it comes to sizing. The boots are better than the shoes, but I still end up guessing half the time. I think you made the right choice, Cynthia!

  9. Megan Mae

    I love the yellow tunic! Sorry to hear that it shrunk. I seem to be fighting my own dryer that shrinks my jeans terribly – only my jeans, regardless of brand!

  10. AsianCajuns (Lar)

    Love all your outfits, Sally (especially your boots), but I am blown away by your ability to stand outside in the snow without a coat – even if it’s for a quick shot. When it snowed down here the other week (3 whole inches!), I hibernated in doors the whole time 😉

  11. Christa

    You look great, as always! Is your hair shorter in the middle pic, or is it just a trick of camera angles? It’s extra-cute in that picture, whatever it is.

    • Sal

      Hahaha, I noticed that, too! It’s just the angle. This haircut can morph and shift depending on the angle. Weird!

  12. Jackie

    Hey, I had that plaid tunic in red when I was in high school!! I loved it then, and should have kept it.

    Funny, I like retro styles, and will even go ’70s, wearing things my mom bought in her heyday and saved. But I feel kinda weird about the 80s styles that are coming back now. When I see something in the store and think, “Hey, I used to have one of those!” I also start to think, maybe it was enough to have worn it the first time around. It seems odd to dress the same as I did in high school. Opinions, folks?

  13. Lisa

    Hi Sally, I just wanted to tell you I love your blog and have really begun to look forward to checking it everyday! I enjoy the versatility of it, the outfits, groove your body…everything. Love the shoe illustrations from your blog friend! I had to post the “pretty” poem on my fb page….it’s amazing! Thanks for this site…it’s my relaxation/unwind/gilr time and it puts a smile on my face daily.

  14. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    Lady, you are the boot queen. While this is great news and gives me some lovely eye candy, I now feel the need for a purple pair. And a distressed brown pair. Oh dear. Can I send you the bill? 😉

  15. Kelly

    One of my favorite roundups in a while! Your yellow paid dress is so cute – what a shame it shrunk!