Quick Shoe Storage Tip

OK, maybe you’ve all heard this one a billion times, but just in case:

If you store your shoes on shelves of any kind, you can increase your capacity by turning one half of each pair backwards. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’ll double your space, but it goes a surprisingly long way. Clearly this little trick won’t work if you’re using over-the-door shoe racks. But for all sandals, shoes, and boots that are stored soles-down on a flat surface, I’ve long utilized this technique to make the most of my limited space.

Image courtesy Cupcakes and Cashmere

Originally posted 2011-12-23 06:38:40.

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16 Responses to “Quick Shoe Storage Tip”

  1. Iris

    My shoe shelf is quite deep, so I put each pair “in a line”, one shoe to the front and one behind it – that way I can see one shoe from each pair and fit twice as many pairs in.

  2. Ruthe

    I have no tips for maximizing space for shoes. I store them in their original box and carefully stuff the toes with tissue after each wear. I take a picture of the shoes when I purchase them and tape that picture on the end of the box so I can see in an instant. Shoes are an investment for me and I want them to look their best. I stack the boxes on the floor of my closet, under my hanging clothes, but I can always find the pair I want by looking at the pictures.

    • Anonymous

      Except for tall boots, I have my shoes in boxes. But, I love the idea of taking a photo and putting it on the front. I’m a photographer, and I didn’t even think of that one…thanks for the great idea!

  3. Em

    I definitely do this on my shelves! It frees up enough space to fit at least one more pair in. ^_^

  4. Anneesha

    I love this front/back trick! But sadly I throw all my shoes in a big pile in a wicker bin and hunt for them individually each time, cursing my lack of organization skills and generally ending up with shoes all over the floor. But the shoes themselves never seem worse for wear …

    • Laura

      I too partake in the only-sort-of-organized pile method!

      I keep all of my work and dress clothes in my bedroom closet (everything else goes in the dresser, except sweaters and suchlike, which go in a trunk). Therefore, dressy shoes and boots get flung into the bottom of the closet.

      Sneakers and hiking boots live in a medium sized black wicker chest, since I don’t wear them all that often (except a really beat up pair of leather Converse sneakers, which usually just live by my apartment door). Miscellaneous shoes go in a drawer of my window seat.

      I figure, my most expensive shoes are a pair of good hiking shoes, and if those have survived me scampering up cliff faces and schlepping through snowfall, across ice, or through desert sands, they’ll darn well survive being thrown in a drawer between wears.

      Since I nearly always figure out what I’m going to wear to work the night before, I never have a frantic morning search for the missing shoe. The concealed pile method works well for me.

      • Anneesha

        Thanks! Great tip – I bet I can do that (sort by shoe type).
        Boots are the biggest issue right now and they’re so floppy! But all boots in one “pile” – I can do that.

  5. Lorena

    I store them in Rubbermaid shelves.
    To maximize I place shoes on top of each other – mostly with low heels and flats. Wedges are a little tricky.
    Shoes that I do not wear that often I just keep in the box.
    I am currently downsizing – the shoe department as it became overwhelming – I had a little over 100 pairs and now I am down to about 90. I aim to go down to about 80 which should be more than enough.

  6. Sheila

    That’s how I store my shoes! Actually if you push the rear-facing shoe further in (if on a deeper shelf), you can fit in even more. I can store 3 pairs of shoes in a 12″ width this way.

    Also, for storing shoes on the floor of a closet in an organized way, stack your flats on top of each other, and store only one of each boot in a row (with the mate directly behind it).

  7. Anjela

    I keep my expensive shoes in small Rubbermaid boxes, or in their original shoeboxes, all stacked on a bookshelf. My less-prized shoes are all jumbled up in a large Rubbermaid bin.

  8. Raven1025

    I used to have my shoes in a wardrobe that took up one wall of my bedroom. Each pair in a box with a clear window on the front. They stood with the toes facing front.

    Then, we moved. Unfortunately, the way our bedroom is laid out, I dont have room for a wardrobe that size on any of our walls. So, I purchased an over-the-door rack (it hangs on my closet door), and employ the above trick of flipping every other to get the most pairs on the rack. I have to admit it keeps them just as visible as my old method, but in a teeny fraction of the space. I have to admit it is less extravagant, but it makes for more room for other wardrobe goodies.

  9. Anne

    Wow, thanks! I can’t believe this idea has never occurred to me before. I will start implementing it ASAP… I also like that it will allow me to see both the front and back of each shoe just by glancing.