Random Outfit Roundup: August, Part I

Asymmetric tee, Luphia
Hot pink skirt, thrifted
Gray platforms, Kenneth Cole Rocky Canyon
Hammered silver cuff, some store in Madison, WI

Could this tee be my favorite thing ever? Yes, it surely could. Super comfy, super flattering, super sexy, and just slightly weird. Check out my big sleeve.

Yes, you can totally see my bra and half my ribcage through that bad boy. I kept my arm clamped to my side for most of the day. WORTH IT.

Graphic tee, Sarah Utter via buyolympia.com years ago but you can still buy it!
Khaki skirt, Gap years ago
Dansko Marcelle, eBay
Bangles, a gift from Cal
Straw bag, thrifted

I hunted these Danskos for MONTHS until I found a reasonably priced red pair on eBay, which I snapped right up. Then I wore them once, and stashed them. How is it possible to be obsessed with something, get it, and then lose interest? Durr.

Anyhoo, they’re mad comfy and look so fun and funky with some of my girlier weekend ensembles. I particularly love them with this darling graphic tee. (The tee itself has the added bonus of allowing me to wear green and red without looking all Christmasy.)

Spotty jersey top, thrifted
Long gray skirt, thrifted
Black scrunch boots, Diesel Go-Go
Studio 67 leather cuff, a gift from Tiff

So, uh, you may notice there were a lot of pants and long skirts in this roundup. It wasn’t that it got particularly cold, I just needed a break from leg-shaving for a bit. Hey, it happens.

This outfit felt great because that heavy twill skirt has a very pleasing swish to it. Makes for some sassy walking. Added bonus? The top will show you a shark jumping out of the ocean if you stare at it long enough, and cross your eyes just slightly.

Black sweater, Ann Taylor
White skirt, Banana Republic
Shoes, Pour La Victoire Felicia

This outfit is boring. Because these shoes are EXCITING and needed to take center stage! I mean, just look at ’em:

Cylinder heel, hefty platform, wild colors … I hemmed and hawed about these for MONTHS before finally snapping them up. On mad sale, though they can be gotten even cheaper now. And my love for them is vast, and I feel that I chose wisely. I think they’ll look marvy with some heather gray tights come fall, too.

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53 Responses to “Random Outfit Roundup: August, Part I”

  1. terrarustica

    Thanks, Sal! Really enjoyed looking at your roundup and your funky style!

  2. Sarah Von

    I lovelovelove the asymetrical tee and pink shirt. I'm pretty sure that we need to go to a rock show together – you can wear those, I'll wear my harem pants and we can talk about how I met our girlfriend Winona and she was exactly as awesome as one would hope. Yes? Yes. It's a date!

  3. Fell4fashion

    I LOVE that asymetric tee and those "crazy" shoes!!! Love Love Love ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Gillian

    I'm staring at the Luphia website as well as the Tsubo website right now. So gorgeous. Unfortunately, I still have to pay tuition.

  5. Rosie Unknown

    I love your outfits! I think I've said this before but both like and dislike the way you post lots of outfits at once. I like it because it lets me, the reader, to see get a feel for what you are going for in your look. I dislike it because it is a lot of neat stuff to process at once.

  6. Sheila

    I love the crazy-ass shoes! Those are amazing! So fun to see a mix of your outfits – you have a distinct "Sal" style.

  7. K.Line

    The shoes are awesome, no doubt. But I LOVE you in the pink and navy outfit. So chic – so "I'm all French and casual". Excellent look on you!

  8. Stefka

    Wow, you really know how to put together some KILLER outfits!! This is one of my favorite sets yet. The asymmetrical tee ensemble is smokin' hot…you inspire me to start channelling my inner rocker chick!

  9. Audi

    Ohhh, those shoes! I've been looking at other pairs of Pour la Victoires but I can't find many reviews on them — perhaps you could review yours for us?

    Your outfits are wonderful, as usual. The long gray skirt looks so elegant, the asymmetrical tee is totally hot, and you've even tried out a little dress layering! Bravo!

  10. budget chic

    Love the top look, especially the shoes and I'm feeling that tattoo, is that a faux tat?

  11. eednic

    i LOVE the second outfit, especially the asymmetric tee and kenneth cole platforms. and your pour la victoire felicia shoes are to die for!

  12. Christina Lee

    ooohhhh the shoes…..my next favorite is the green tee with red mary janes

  13. Kyla

    The funky tee, pink skirt and killer gray plats COMPLETELY steal my heart. Bad. Ass.

  14. Sal

    budget chic: Heck no, lady, all five of my tattoos are the real deal!

  15. enc

    Sal, how do you manage to make every single thing you put on sing!?

  16. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-great outfit choices my dear, my fave is the hot pink skirt and asymmetric tee-just gorgeous!!

  17. Samantha

    What does HM think about these outfits? Number 2 has me swooning, but I won't tell you what my husband thinks of it … does HM like it? He seems like a pretty fashion-savvy guy …

  18. WendyB

    Love the asymmetrical tee with the pink skirt. And I think anytime you have a cute cat in a photo, there's no need to worry about anything else!

  19. Lorena

    I have a thing for shoes…. the grey Kenneth Coles!
    the Crazy ass shoes! I need to go shopping with you :0)

  20. Sal

    Samantha: Hahaha! I'm pretty sure HM liked the big, weird asymmetric tee … but I'll ask him to chime in for himself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Michael McGraw Photography

    I really like outfit number 2. It has a good texture. Plus I can see inside–gatta watch for that if you dont want people looking inside the big arm hole.

  22. rb

    LOVE those Pour La Victoire shoes and I was sorely tempted to buy them myself… but I'm not shopping until September 12.

    At least you've given me a new brand to stalk.

  23. AsianCajuns

    Like everyone else, I'm enraptured by that asymmetrical tee! I remember when you highlighted these on your blog a few weeks back and I think you sell them even better than the model. I wasn't convinced until I saw it on you! And those cylinder heels?! Droool!

  24. Eyeliah SS

    I can see why it is a favorite, that tee is just gorgeous, hangs so well and yes very flattering on you.

  25. Kirsten

    Sorry but I just have to add another "Oh hell yeah!" for the asymmetric tee, hot pink skirt and drool-worthy Kenneth Coles. Can't say I would have tried that top on if I'd seen it on a hanger, but now I'd definitely give it a bash.

  26. Make Do Style

    The second outfit is fabulous! Love the colours and so nice to see the asymmetrical tee on!

  27. Tracy

    I think my new favorite word could quite possibly be "enboobening"…that's the clothing attribute I'm always searching for! Love your style!


    That 2nd outfit is so good on you Sal…will even be perfect for layering pieces for Fall&Winter I think… Luphia is a darling isn't she?!


  29. Nadine

    Sal, your hair is SO AWESOME when you let the curls out. So many cool looks here! Why don't you just wear a singlet under the top-with-giant-armhole? (You know, a camisole thing, excuse my non-American vocab.) That grey tweed skirt ensemble is a winner, and even without the crazy shoes, the black top/white skirt combo is very chic.

  30. Erin

    Sal debuts the crazy aggressive kicks, and she rocks them. Well played, Sal! I thought you might pair them with something tame and let them take a face-melting solo. I especially like the long gray skirt. You're inspiring me to consider some longer skirts and dresses in spite of my 5-foot-5-ness.

  31. Clare

    Things I love:

    Tsubo Nabus
    Pour la Victoire awesomeness
    Giant-sleeve shirt
    Tube tops

    Lookin' good, Sally!

  32. Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

    I love your crazy-ass shoes! Purple and yellow…how great is that?

  33. MP

    I'm going to totally show my mom colors here, but I have to admit the first ensemble and your awesome Dansko's have me drooling. Something I could wear to the playground AND on a date with the husband? In fact, I think I'd pair them together, just because I'm like that. Although…that maxi dress is pretty hot!

  34. Robin

    Oh wow! Those shoes are so so fabulous, I have never seen anything quite like them! Beautiful!

  35. Spandexpony

    I love the asymmetrical tee! What a knockout look! When I read in the outfit description "gladiators", I thought, "now didn't Sal once say she would never buy those?" Ha! Never say never! Also, those Pour La Victoire shoes are freakin hawwwt!!! Definitely one of my favorite brands right now.

  36. chic

    I love everything about that first outfit and you look stunning in the black maxi dress! -A

  37. Sister Wolf

    Crazy shoes look great on you! The pink skirt, too. I like it when you give yourself over to craziness. Your tattoo is a thrill as well!

  38. ambika

    You look so sexay in that Luphia top! All of these outfits are fab but that one is defnitely jumping out at me.

    And good lord, those shoes! Love!

  39. Veronica, aka "Suzy Tofu"

    I love Random Outfit Roundup!

    The last pair of shoes are AMAZING!

  40. futurelint

    Love the asymmetrical tee and glad it was worth the arm clamping! Love the "never" outfit too, I was talking about "nevers" with a friend and the only thing I could say with confidence I would never wear again was stirrup pants (but I know some designer will come out with a fabulous version and then I will want them!) Those last shoes are AMAZING, I almost bought them in the other color, darn you for reminding me of them and now I can't think of anything except how much I neeeed them!

  41. jennine

    wow!what a great roundup! i love the asymmetrical tee with the hot pink skirt… it's so perfect! and the shoes… i've been looking at those for a while, they're just amazing.

  42. miss cavendish

    I especially love the pink skirt, tee, and great heels . . . Lovely!

  43. ebinbaby

    I wasn't certain about the asymmetrical T when you first blogged about ordering it, but you were so right it's super hot!! The shoes with all of the outfits are fantastic – total foot candy!!!

  44. lopi

    Oh my, this might just be my favorite Already Pretty outfit roundup so far! Seriously Sal, there are so many interesting things here and I love, love, love the variety of poses.
    Now, for the clothes:
    1. My mouth fell open for that pink-skirt-asymmetrical top outfit. So perfectly balanced, yet comfy and paired with the perfect shoes to go with it.
    2. That long grey skirt is really flattering. Wear it more often!
    3. My heart skipped a beat when I saw those Pour La Victoire heels. AMAZING! And the outfit you chose to debut them is just perfect.

    Way to go!

  45. The Seeker

    Love all outfits, dear, but that #2 has something special, that gives you a wild, sexy vibe ๐Ÿ˜‰



  46. pretty face

    Sal OMG I LOVE THOSE SHOES WITH ALL MY HEART. With the tattoo, aswell, mmm perfection!

  47. smaro

    I have to say you look fabulous in that asymetrical tee, pink skirt and shoes. Electric!