Random Outfit Roundup: July

Hot pink tee, American Apparel via Yque
White skirt, Banana Republic
Orange pumps, Perlina Celebrity via Endless
Necklace, Patina years and years ago

I’ve been wanting to do hot pink and orange together since spring, but got hung up on the fact that I didn’t have a pink top that went with my orange bottoms, or vice versa. Then, PING! I realized I could just throw some white into the mix.

These orange pumps are new and they are astoundingly comfy. First day out, walked all over the damn place, didn’t feel a thing.

White Blazer, Ann Taylor Loft
White tank, Esprit
Denim pencil skirt, thrifted
Gray platforms, Kenneth Cole Rocky Canyon
Chalk turquoise necklace, a street vendor in SF

I wore this to HM’s gallery opening this month. I once described these shoes as “surprisingly comfortable” to Trinknitty. She scoffed. And after standing around a gallery for two hours in them I hear what she’s saying.

I stole the white shirt, white blazer, colorful statement necklace combo from a recent InStyle spread featuring Michelle Pfieffer. It felt very fresh and fun and I’d totally do it again for work.

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53 Responses to “Random Outfit Roundup: July”

  1. Francesca

    Fabulous outfits, Sal! I like every one of them, especially the white blazer/pencil skirt Michelle Pfeiffer inspired one — sharp & professional yet edgy, given your choice of shoe. Isn't it amazing how a shoe choice can really amp up the look of an outfit? I was just thinking that as I looked at your shoe choices. I really like the platform sandals in outfits 2, 4 & 5. Also like the new gladiators. Somehow these outfits wouldn't look as cool if you'd chosen a basic pump.

    May that's an idea for future topic — if you could only buy one or two shoes in the fall, what style would update your wardrobe best? I'm thinking I need to invest in a caged shoe/bootie look.

  2. Christina Lee

    I can't spread my toes either-you may be a freak of nature πŸ™‚ LOVE the Boden skirt outfit best- right up my alley!

  3. BAM

    Love the outfits and may I add that your hair looks fabulous! That cut is really great.

    I can spread my toes too and some friends say I have feet monkey feet! too funny!

  4. Erin

    LOVE the outfit with the white blazer. So crisp, so fresh, so chic. And not in any way "flumpt," which is my word verification word.

  5. Vanessa

    I actually think the last look is my favorite. πŸ™‚

  6. Trinity

    Ha! For the record, I don't think I could stand in those shoes for 2 minutes. You totally have me beat even if they aren't as "surprisingly comfortable" as you originally thought.

  7. Anonymous

    You cute thing, you!
    My favs: the red skirt number and the white blazer ensemble. Again, I find myself coveting your shoes. Love the orange pumps.


  8. hillary

    totally digging the purple with the green one. AH the things we do for fashion. I have 3 scars in a row from 3 pairs of sandals this year. bad hillary

  9. Clare

    My goodness, Sal, you are SMOKING this summer! Usually when you post the outfit roundups I like them all but a few really pop out that I can comment on. Seriously, though, I am too overwhelmed by awesomeness to form a coherent comment. You. Look. Fab.

    Oh, and I can TOTALLY spread my toes, too!

  10. Kyla

    Wow, Sal! Thanks soooooo much for the shout out! Very cool and I'm always happy knowing I've inspired someone.
    I think you great! And that cropped jacket is AMAZING and you are working it hard core! Very flattering.
    Thanks again!

  11. Oranges And Apples

    he, I wish i could spread my toes. I do a lot of yoga, and they always tell you to spread your toes as far as you can, but even if I spread them out with my fingers, I just can't keep them that way.

  12. Laura.

    these are great, i love the white on white with the denim–and it's great to see those kenneth cole shoes getting so much action–see?! you knew what you were doing when you broke the ban to get them.
    i can spread my toes. it never occurred to me that it's not possible. . . .
    also, spot art looks like a great little local gallery! i'm going to go investigate it more.

  13. Meli22

    my favorite is that black tank and red mini- you look long, lean, and beautiful! Wish I could pull off a mini (I at 22 and thin have cellulite πŸ™ )

  14. Melissa de la Fuente

    Okay….how pretty are your feet Sal? and your hands…lovely! I love that fresh white outfit on you, terrific!
    ps pack your bags, let's go πŸ˜‰

  15. Magatha-May

    I know it's not your fav but i really like the maxi skirt and turquoise tank look on you. The obi belt is great looking with the skirt.

  16. Kelly

    HAHAHA I always thought that spreading toes apart was a normal thing too, until one day I did it and my boyfriend totally freaked out. Sometimes when we're watching TV and my feet are up on the ottoman, he asks me to do it.

    Also – love the orange and hot pink, I'll have to try that!

  17. Jaka Merriman

    Digging the hair-up look! And having some serious accessory-jealousy here, too. That crown ring is too cute. Heart!

  18. Deja Pseu

    That raspberry color really looks amazing on you! All of these ensembles are magnifique!

  19. jennine

    very nice! i would say pink is so lovely on you… you wear it well.

  20. Hanako66

    you look so great in all of these looks! I am in love with every pair of shoes….they are all fabulous!

  21. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-a lovely selection of outfits my dear, its great how well you co-ordinate different pieces to create great new looks!!

  22. Sarah R

    Haha on the monkey toes. My hubby and I are opposite. I can't do it, but he can. (He calls them "tree gripping vine swingers") but alas, you get the point.
    And it's apparently a dominant feature, because all three of our kids can do it. One of their favorite games is to pick toys out of the pool at summer with their feet. Buncha weirdos.

  23. Veronica

    Love them all, but the cigarette pants outfit is straight up SEXY.

  24. Kari

    I think I'm digging white, because my favorites are the first outfit with the white skirt and the one with the white blazer. The orange pumps are incredibly cute.

    Aw, I used to have "monkey toes" when I was a kid and could even pick things up with them, but I can't spread them so wide anymore. You are quite talented. πŸ™‚
    I have genuine freakishly long and thin toes, though.

  25. chic

    Another great round-up! I love your gallery opening one, it's killer! The white blazer, those shoes (they may have hurt, but they look awesome!) and the pop of green necklace…ooohh…fabulous! I'm inspired!


  26. Middle Aged Woman

    Okay, call me a rookie loser if you must, but that last outfit? Wouldn't it flatter your proportions better if you had a chunky metallic belt that sat at waist level in back and draped down lower in front? I'm thinking it would elongate your torso, and highlight that gorgeous flat tum of yours. And you have the sexay bootay to hold it up!

  27. Winnie

    Ah your feet are funny after wearing those sandals! I can't do that with my toes…but I can separate my little toe from the others, but that's normal right? Ha.

    Love the hot pink and orange! So gorgeous!!

  28. Rosy

    Hahaha! I can splay my toes too, and I thought everyone could! I tried to get my husband to do it but all he can do is the big toe!
    I'm loving the bright pink on you, Sal! You just keep looking younger and more fresh!

  29. pretty face

    Looking very hot this summer Sal πŸ˜‰

    I am dying of jealousy at your discreetly shown off manis and pedis…

  30. fleur_delicious

    what's stranger? I can spread my toes, but only on one foot! The other, only the big toe and the pinky toe spread, the middle three are like siamese twins or something. But like another commenter, I actually have long thin finger-toes. When one of my similarly-hoofed friends is in town, we'll pass the time throwing quarters on the ground and picking them up with our toes. We just call them prehensile =)

    I am totally digging the maxi skirt! But maybe that's because I wish I had about four in my closet and I only have one, alas!

  31. Allie

    Loving your white blazer + pencil skirt. And especiallllllly the the maxi skirt ensemble πŸ™‚

  32. rb

    I like them all, but am surprised that your frayed hem is OK for work. I have worked in a corporation for too long!

    I can spread my toes, kind of, but my trick is that I can cross my fourth and pinkie toes on my left foot. I stare at my right foot and can't even imagine how to command it to do the same. My kids are amazed by this. (This is one of the good things about having kids.) Does this mean we are less evolved and closer to being actual monkeys? Will this help us when we all have to live in trees again?

  33. Rosie Unknown

    Love the outfits! I love that you are older than college aged, and still wear american apparel, and make it look not totally hipster.

  34. Michael McGraw Photography

    So, who is going to start the Monkey Toes Flikr Group. I'll totally subscribe to that.

  35. Miss Peregrin

    Wow, you look great in all these outfits! Kudos to you for having impeccable taste. I'm particularly fond of the last outfit – and glad to see you caved to buying a pair of gladiators, because they work so well!

  36. Mana G

    Totally commenting just to say…My son has monkey toes!
    Also…Great outfits, Sal!

  37. myedit

    Some shoe comments…
    1. The grey Kenneth Coles are still rocking my world. Even if they are semi-comfy, they are awesome.
    2. the Dr, Scholls… way too sweet to be Dr, Schools…
    3. I finally bought gladiators too… I just posted about them.
    And I checked, my toes do spread apart. Such talent!

  38. Gillian

    Love all the outfits. And you may not be completely happy with the last one, but MAN does it look comfy.

  39. E

    Wow! What incredible versatility! I especially loved the look with the white blazer with the navy skirt. Very nice and polished!

  40. Spandexpony

    Ok… seriously the red miniskirt??? You're legs are freakin hawt! And that white blazer look is a winnnnn! Score!

  41. J.

    I love the Dr. Scholl sandals & dont think your toes look long at all in them!

  42. Casey

    Oh wow–I love all your outfits! You always have such inspiring color combinations! πŸ™‚

  43. olya baileys

    aw, I like that combination: grey shoes and hot pink nailpolish! That's great!

  44. Eyeliah SS

    Love your red skirt and your criss cross sndals. I have been working on spreading my toes in yoga – great skill Sal.

  45. gilda

    i can spread my toes too. it's one of my superhero powers. (or something. we must be special.)

  46. Mary

    Best outfits yet! Your style has truly evolved–you look great!

  47. The Raisin Girl

    Oh, those toes are nothing. I knew a girl once who had such amazing toes that I swear, she could have played guitar with them, and in a close-up shot you wouldn't have known the difference. I was always jealous, too. My toes are painfully ordinary little things. I just thought it was unfair, she got red hair, the most amazing set of freckles ever, long legs, AND cool toes.

    Aren't the things we envy strange?