Random Outfit Roundup: June, Part I

Click to zoom, kittens. And let me know if I have anything in my teeth …

Yellow houndstooth blazer, Futurelint‘s Etsy shop
White tee, American Apparel
Khaki high-waist skirt, Old Navy
Patent magenta pumps, Nine West
Slinky belt, thrifted

I had been eyeing this blazer on Futurelint’s Etsy for some time, and when I stopped by her vintage/garage sale a few weeks back and it was still available, I snapped it right up. The blazer buttons asymmetrically, a detail that I just love, but unfortunately loves me not: I look positively linebackerish. Unbuttoned, however, I think it looks totally adorable.

I felt very Mad Men putting this outfit together, but it may err more on the side of 80s glam … I’m good with either.

Navy ruffle dress, Liza Reitz
Patent magenta pumps, Nine West
Hammered silver cuff, some boutique in Madison, WI

So I realize there’s not much to this outfit, but couldn’t resist showing off my new Liza Reitz ruffle dress. I feel like I’ve been in love with this dress for my whole damn life, though it’s really only been a year.Β Liza sells her gorgeous wares as custom pieces out of her Etsy shop, and I sent her a note asking if I could make payments on a ruffle dress. She said yes, and I began the process of measuring my body from all imaginable angles. I did it all wrong, and got a very sweet note from Liza saying something like, “Huh, well these are interesting numbers … maybe you could try measuring THIS way instead because I don’t think it’s possible for someone your height to have shoulders that broad …” She was patient and lovely and, above all, made me an utterly gorgeous custom dress that I will wear for decades.

Check out the ruffle detailing on the hip (left photo) and shoulder (right photo):

Such love for this frock. Many compliments were garnered and I felt prettier than pretty wearing it. Please stop by Liza’s shop and order up a dress for yourself. This woman is going to be hawking her wares to musicians and movie stars any day now, so get ’em while you can still afford ’em.

Oh, and I got some new pink shoes. They’re getting mad love, too, despite making me walk like a drowsy baby giraffe wearing a blindfold.

Sweater Tank, Nine West via Marshalls
Silk skirt, Garnet Hill
Dansko Nylas
Bracelets, years ago from The Bibelot Shop

And THIS is one of those pre-made outfits that I mentioned earlier this month … where I just throw on an embellished skirt and matching top. But look at that skirt, will you? So pretty with the little stripy pleat and the flowers, no? Just had to share.


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56 Responses to “Random Outfit Roundup: June, Part I”

  1. Laura.

    eeep! i think this is my favorite! you look absolutely gorgeous in the custom dress, it makes me WANT ONE! and your waist is so tiny in that last one! yay for being pretty!

  2. Christina Lee

    WOW- MY FAVORITE IS THE FIRST OUTFIT-oops caps lock from my son tinkering on the computer this morn… that ruffle dress is to die for and so I checked out her shop…. wow- in love- fits you like a glove!!

  3. Sher

    What do I love? A LOT! But to be quick…all the colors in your first photo, that houndstooth blazer, and love yellow with grey. It's like sunshine peeking out from grey skies πŸ˜‰

  4. AsianCajuns

    Sal! You look awesome in every single shot! I love how all the inspiring things you talk about on your blog about using clothes as tools and making yourself feel good- is actually something you do- it's so inspiring!
    And those Kenneth Cole shoes, ma'am? I want 'em!!!

    ps- also so wonderful that you buy so much from independent/etsy designers. i just went to walmart yesterday- eesh, have to work on that!

  5. pretty face

    Over-load! Too much to comment on! Just too much ADORABLE stuff!

    Really Sal, I love your outfit round-ups because they are always sooo filled with gorgeous details to comment on. But by the time I get to the bottom of the post… it's all too much and I can't remember any of it. Here's what I can remember:
    -Fabulous blazer collection! I truly believe there is little which is more flattering than a blazer
    -The shooooes the shooooooes. Well, what more to expect from you really? I especially want to steal the first high heeled pair.
    -Speaking of that first outfit. I was LOLing at your little deoderant story. Oh well, I'm glad it happened because that's a lovely outfit. Except… I can't see any bum detailing?
    -WOW to that dress. Really, just wow. That and the skirt… hmm, I think this post shows that statement pieces really do work for you


  6. K.Line

    Sal – You look so beautiful!!! My fave is the yellow outfit. Incredibly chic. But the dress is awesome (see how all those measurements pay off – it's like a miracle!) and looks terrific with the shoes.

  7. Erin

    Love the custom dress, love the pink shoes, love the Kenneth Coles. And you know what? That sassy, leaning-on-the-wall-with-ankles-crossed pose? That's my new favorite.

  8. futurelint

    Great outfits! i love the colors in the first one, obviously am so excited to see you in my blazer, and that ruffle dress is a dream! Loving every single look!

  9. Sheila

    You look absolutely gorgeous in all of these outfits, Sal! Loving the coloured blazers – oh yeah!

    Pink shoes and that dress! Just fab.

  10. Kyla

    Crap, I wish I would have taken notes! So much good stuff here…so much I want to say!

    LOVE the ruffle dress – the whole package is gorgeous! Butt contour? Two thumbs up! And those gray sky-highs? I DIE! That last outfit is a killer look on you. Hot mama!

  11. Claire

    Ummm can I just say how fabulous that Mad Men outfit is?? And with the pink shoes? AMAZING. Very very classic, but with unexpected twists. The ruffles are great.

    And you look good in all of your photos!! I always have "face issues" (not the most photogenic of people…) and have to take a million photos to get a vaguely decent one, but you, you get it right!!!!

  12. Kendra

    You look amazing in ALLLL, but I gotta say I am in love with the first outfit. That color combo is to die for!! And so are the magenta pumps… *drool*

  13. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-a lovely selection of outfits, my fave is the Liza Reitz dress, its custom made fabulous!!

  14. April

    sal! you look absolutely amazingggg in all of these outfits! I ADORE the ruffley dress with the pink pumps, you rock it well :]

  15. Deja Pseu

    You look fabulous in those white pants, rock 'em!

    But what really knocks my socks off is that yellow houndstooth blazer. So cute!

    Hey, could you do a posing-for-pictures tutorial sometime? (Or have you already and I've missed it?)

  16. elena-lu

    those pink shoes are awesome awesome awesome! and the navy dress is gorgeous on you yes indeed!

  17. Alison

    All of the outfits are great. Love the new ruffle dress. So nice to have a custom made dress that accentuates all right things! I never was a pink girl until just recently. Seeing you in magenta's and such changed my mind. I even have a magenta dress that I just love! But the pink shoes, who doesn't like a pair of pink shoes! Spectacular!

  18. β™₯Jozee

    omg i loveee the houndstooth blazer! it is SO cute!

  19. lisa

    I love the pairing of magenta and green in your first outfit. Actually, the colours in this round-up of outfits make me pretty happy overall. Great job. πŸ™‚


    Love the ruffle detailing… Still waiting for the calendar from you darling!

  21. Allison

    Sweet fancy Sal! I LOVE the outfit roundups and this one is particularly juicy!

    First of all, the ruffle dress is a work of art and you look stunning in it! SO happy that you got it. It's great to know what style absolutely works for you! WTG!

    Second, the Kenneth Cole shoes make your legs look AWESOME!!!! When you first posted that you got them, I thought for certain they could make ones legs look short but quite the opposite! Nice nice nice! That's hot.

    I do have to talk about the silk Garnet Hill skirt. I have a VERY similar one and I'm trying to look for a reason to keep it. It hits mid-calf and has lovely embroidery and I always get compliments on it. I'm torn…it's not something I wear too often. Your outfit is cute and it's making me reconsider a bit. I just keep thinking, "is it still my style?" But as you've shown, it's quite possible to have multiple facets to individual style.

    Well played once again!

  22. Diana

    Love them all, but that custom dress and the patent magenta heels is by far my favorite. I think you've convinced me that I must own a custom made dress. As soon as possible πŸ™‚

  23. Miss Elle

    You are required to wear that navy dress CONSTANTLY. It fits you like a dream!

  24. Make Do Style

    The navy dress with magenta shoes is a winner. Love the Kenneth Cole shoes too very fierce!

  25. Allie

    That little sheath is awesome on you! As well as that houndstooth blazer. uh-mazing!

  26. Fell4fashion

    That navy dress is GORGEOUS!! and love it with the pink πŸ™‚

  27. Stacy

    i love the dress with ruffles, gray platforms (wow im in love) and the AA pants! you look amazing

  28. dapper kid

    Yay, lots of amazing outfits πŸ™‚ Your green blazer looks so fabulous, and I love the colour combination with the magenta! And that yellow houndstooth blazer is fantastic too πŸ™‚ Oh my, and that ruffle dress is absolutely beautiful. Even more amazing because it was custom made – wow. And I am loving the patent pumps!

    Haha, and I am still not brave enough to don white trousers, I am too scared of getting them dirty.

  29. Francesca

    Sal, you look fabulous in pencil skirts and hems that end at just above the knee! Love the outfits and pops of color, especially on the shoes. You color combos are inspirational.

    Also like the white ankle length pants (love the shoes you paired with them) but (and pls don't shoot me) I think it *may* look more leg-lengthening with fewer layers showing. Perhaps a boyfriend blazer belted over it?

  30. Hammie

    Looking very Dressed with a capital D there Sal. I love it!

    As for short skirts, only wear them to places with big table napkins. Hides a multitude as we say over here.

  31. Rosie Unknown

    Love it! All of it! You really rock the blazers, I realize how many more I want reading this post. My awesome black one just won't suffice anymore! In the second outfit, the outfit and lighting make you look like Joyce Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And that is a huge complement since she had awesome style, in my opinion.

  32. Tea Lady

    The dress is unbelievable. I think i'm going to save up and order one. you look amazing in it!!

    "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" – anne of green gables


  33. Winnie

    Love the colour! The pink and green is such a great contrast. Gorgeous as always.

  34. Casey

    You look so stunning!!!! You are the Queen of Outfits, girlie. πŸ™‚ I'm so inspired by all the colors and mixing you've done… I definitely need to go raid my wardrobe with new eyes. πŸ˜‰

    Btw: The Liza Rietz dress is gorgeous–you look so happy! πŸ™‚

  35. Audi

    I'm so glad you finally got your Lisa Reitz dress! And I see you also found that navy pencil skirt you were looking for — excellent! Those pink shoes are awesome — I'm seeing so many cute styles from Nine West lately, but sadly, their shoes and my feet do not get along. πŸ™

  36. hollarback

    The Liza Reitz ruffle dress is stunning. I am so sad that it would look terrible on me (I am busty and have no neck to speak of, so chest ruffles and jewel necks are both no-nos)

    It looks like it was made just for you. That was a expensive but wise purchase. Hang onto it forever! The bright heels are perfect with it.

  37. oh jolie laide

    I LOVE the custom dress. And thank you for the posing tutorials- they are fabulous.

  38. a cat of impossible colour

    I love that ruffle dress! It looks amazing on you.

  39. Charlie

    Wow those pleats on that dress hot! And I love those magenta pumps!

  40. Pretty Little Pictures

    Love the jacket with the 'bum-shapage'!! And you look gorgeous in that little black number, love the detailing.

  41. ShopKim

    Wow, that blue dress is gorgeous and I love that you paired it with the pink shoes.

  42. Marie Lemondrop

    The Liza Reitz dress is awesome, thanks for the close ups of the detail- smashing. And…love the green on the leg tat- my favorite color and it looks good on your skintone!

  43. BarkingDogShoes

    If you were my neighbor (or my size), I'd be stealing your clothing while you were away buying shoes.

  44. lopi

    the ruffle dress was well-worth the investment. it looks AMAZING! and paired with those hot pink pumps… perfection!

    love, love, LOVE your hair, BTW

  45. Emm

    I totally plagiarized the gray/yellow/white outfit today although I had a yellow top and gray sweater. I feel so summery. Thanks for the inspiration. Love all the outfits, but that blue dress–well, it's just perfect and because it's so simple and elegant, it really puts the focus on how great YOU look rather than grabbing all the attention for itself.

  46. budget chic

    Lovin the navy dress with the pleat detail….very nice. I also see that you're wearing more heels, kudos to you!