Random Outfit Roundup: June, Part II

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Dress Margaret Mousley via Lizze
Dansko Nylas
Straw bag thrifted
Sunnies, Miu Miu
Chain bracelet, made by me

On location in scenic Hudson, Wisconsin, in a dress I’d bought the day before and couldn’t WAIT to wear. Apparently Lizze has been in business for three years, but I’d never even seen this tiny, St. Paul boutique before. This dress is handmade from Marimekko cloth and set me back a whopping $29. Such love!

Blazer, J.Crew
Grey dress, thrifted
Red belt, thrifted
Chunky chain, thrifted at Abigail Page Antique Mall (the day the floral dress got worn, in fact!)
Red shoes, a gift from K.Line

As promised, I finally worked these wonderful shoes that K.Line generously bestowed upon me LAST FALL into an outfit! They’re just as comfy as they are cute, and I was well pleased with how this outfit turned out. Even if the belt is a little matchy-matchy, how could I resist pairing two items that feature both red patent and silver hardware?

This blazer was a J.Crew sale bargain and is a color called “spicy olive.” This makes me realize how impressionable I am when it comes to color names. My brain wants to believe this is an exotic greeny-olive, but ya know what? This blazer is YELLOW. “Spicy olive,” my left butt cheek.

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38 Responses to “Random Outfit Roundup: June, Part II”

  1. lopi

    We love summery Sal! You may say winter is your dominant season, but summer suits you lady!

  2. The Raisin Girl

    I love the white dress and the "spicy olive" blazer.

    But phew! It must not be as hot where you live as it is here in Georgia, because if I tried to wear a blazer anytime between middle-March and late November I would suffocate.

    Any tips for creating cute looks in the deep south where it's hot enough to justify wearing NOTHING but a bathing suit all summer long (and almost too humid and sticky for even that)?

  3. Sal

    The Raisin Girl: Hahaha. Well, it didn't get up into the 90s or super humid until just last week … but it does get nasty up here. I'll think on your question. My solution to hot, humid weather is usually to stay inside!

  4. tanya

    I LOVE that yellow blazer and the outfit with the olive cropped pants . . . you look great in all of these looks!

  5. GreatCanadianBeagle

    The white dress, denim jacket, red shoes? Perfect!

  6. Nadine

    I really like the first one :)… what a great dress.

    You're wrong: I'm wearing skin colored tights ;).

  7. Diana

    Love them all, but especially that gorgeous floral number!

    And now I've decided that I must find a way to work the phrase "my left butt cheek" into everyday conversation ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Stacy

    love the vest in the second picture! you look great, as always

  9. Christy

    I love the white dress with the belt, and the blue and white dress at the top. Both are so pretty and I would love to wear them!

  10. Becky

    Your red shoes make me want to put them on my NEED list…(ok, it's a want list, but I want some things so badly they become NEEDS in my brain). I love the 2 white dress looks!

  11. Tina (SoontobePhD)

    Love the white dress, jacket, and red shoes. Your hair looks great pulled back like that.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Casey

    You're looking so sharp in all these outfits! I love the layering, accessories, varied color combinations… so inspiring! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. miss cavendish

    The Marimekko fabric is so summery and fun. BTW, the internet has been booting me off your blog for the last couple of weeks, hence my lack of commentz . . .

  14. La Belette Rouge

    I worked on the street that the MExican shop is on. I went in at least once a week. Waaaaah!!! I so miss it!!They have the best buys on accessories. Did you visit the thrift shop across the street?

  15. Brittney

    Um so that drapey vest looks FANTASTIC on you! It's one of those things I always look at on the rack and think, "Uh, no," but I love the way you put that outfit together. I'll have to give one a shot sometime!

  16. Spandexpony

    Looks like last week was a successful style week! I love the last look especially… few have the gams to rock a fitted dress with flats!

  17. lisa

    These are all such fantastic looks and, best of all, they're all so different. You're an inspiring lady for those of us who fall into a style rut, Sal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Clare

    Gorgeous all!! I love the spicy yellow blazer look. Oh, and I am SO going to make a trip to Evanston to check out the Mexican Shop!

  19. elena-lu

    i love love love lvoe love the white dress outfit on you! you look like perfection!

  20. WendyB

    All great looks, but I especially love that first dress because it makes me think "vacation"!

  21. oh jolie laide

    Love it all, especially the drapey vest and the floral dress. And your shoes are always great.

  22. Pretty Little Pictures

    I love your red mary janes – red shoes just make any outfit amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. NewYorkChique

    Great looks! I especially love the bag in the first picture and the yellow jacket in the last, but everything is very fresh looking for summer!

  24. Kari

    I love your Tsubos. I was half tempted to try the silver pair currently on sale on Amazon until I saw how high the heels are. ๐Ÿ™ They look so cute on you!

  25. K.Line

    OMG – could you look cuter in those red lady shoes. They show off your tattoo so nicely. And you look lovely in yellow. Why don't you wear it every day?? PS Excellent hair lately. I'm loving that bob.

  26. Libby

    You look so comfortable and pretty in everything!I especially love the drapey vest and those gladiators! Pure awesomeness going on there.

  27. Missa

    I'm such a sucker for a good white dress/jean jacket pairing, yours is gorgeous!

  28. KATLIN

    Love that wicker bag you got! I have a tiny clasp like one that has a glaze over it so the wickers don't fray. Even though its casual, I always use when I go out at night because its the perfect size and has a long chain. And I loved your comment about the stalags! Stalactites are fascinating me now! It's so hard to find nice, clear pictures of them online!

  29. Mervat

    Love the blue dress, love the white dress, in fact I love all of these looks on you. You have some super-duper pieces which you wear so well. And I especially love the yellow blazer and the matchy-mathcy red belt and shoes!

  30. futurelint

    great outfits Sal, the last one with the "olive" blazer is my favorite!

  31. The Seeker

    Love them all, different styles, all looking great on you!!
    That first dress is so pretty.
    Looking beautiful as always, dear


  32. Hanako66

    I love every one of these looks!!! You really know how to accessorize!