Random Outfit Roundup: September, Part I

Neon yellow Theory cardi, thrifted at ARC’s Value Village
Zebra print strapless dress, eBay
Black Tsubo Acreas
Bracelet, thrifted
Chain drop earrings, self-made

I don’t usually tout the brand names I’ve thrifted, but I can’t help it with this sweater. Theory, people. And might even be current season. $8. Love.

This dress arrived from the eBay vendor with the security tag still attached, and there followed several annoyed e-mails. Eventually, the nice people at Marshall’s removed the tag for me … but I reported the vendor just in case. And sincerely hope I don’t get arrested for wearing a stolen zebra-print dress.

Purple tee, some mall store in Melbourne 4 years ago
Silk obi, thrifted
Floor-length skirt, thrifted in SF
Bracelet, a gift from Cal
Studded gladiator heels, Madden Girl Lusterus

FINALLY, this gorgeous French Connection skirt that I nabbed at the Goodwill in SF gets some use. I wore this to a rehearsal dinner for a wedding that was taking place the next day, and yeah, I was a little overdressed. But I felt fab and didn’t much care!

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45 Responses to “Random Outfit Roundup: September, Part I”

  1. Leia

    So many lovely things in this post! I love the tonal pinks, and do that sort of thing often. I also really like the zebra dress – but how odd that the security tag was still attached! Pretty, pretty outfits; I'm glad we'll be seeing more of them soon πŸ™‚

  2. ShopKim

    A lot of great outfits in this one! I'm glad you were able to get those security tags removed – that's crappy you got it that way!

  3. Samantha

    Sal, hot pink and black is my favorite color combo on you, hands down. Love the tunic & leggings!

  4. MP

    Great outfits Sal! I think those wedges made me drool a little on my keyboard….hot!

  5. Becky

    Um, yes please to that zebra print dress, even if it may be contraband (perhaps not exactly the correct use of the word, but it seems fitting). Safari Guide Stripper…now I don't think that's a career Barbie would try out, but what a great idea for a Halloween costume (if we're going by the college girl anything slutty rule). Lookin' good lady!

  6. lisa

    Hehe "safari stripper" sounds like it should be my next tarty Halloween clubbing costume. πŸ˜‰

    Great round-up of outfits! I love the hot pink.

  7. ambika

    Ooo, love the tonal outfit! I've been mixing blues (probably the color most prevalent in my closet) together and loving the result.

    Love the khaki tunic and the zebra dress as well. I've given up on ebay recently but this post is making me think I should give them another try.

  8. Make Do Style

    Gosh you do have a lot of clothes and shoes – I could do with a few!!
    The hot pink looks fab.

  9. futurelint

    Loving the pink on pink in the first outfit… too funny about the zebra dress! I'm always scared they will leave one of thoes on! Those Volatile Lydia wedges – I WANT! That long thrifted skirt is GORGEOUS on you, I'm glad you found an occasion to wear it!

  10. K.Line

    My love of that zebra dress is EXTREME! With the Theory sweater it is through the statosphere adorable. I want that outfit!

  11. Diana

    Love them all, but that zebra print dress takes the cake. It sucks that there was so much e-bay drama surrounding it.

  12. dapper kid

    I really like the tonal variation there with the magenta and pink. I must admit it is not something I have tried before, but totally going to now πŸ™‚

    Yikes, security tag still on the outfit?! I remember getting home from H&M one day and pulled out a sweater from the bag with the tag still attached. I got quite annoyed, but too lazy to go back, so I popped it off by myself. Thankfully no damage was done! And I love the khaki tunic outfit! Your shoes in that outfit look amazing too.

    Hope you're having a wonderful day πŸ™‚

  13. rb

    I liked that tonal variation article in Lucky and have been trying it out myself.

  14. Skye

    It seems to be quite the trend with the ebay selling youths at the moment to list things as dresses which are quite patently tops or shirts. I've never come across the dodgy security tag though, although I do think I have bought shoplifted merchandise inadvertently before.

  15. pretty face

    Overload!!! Nah, I'm joking, I love it all as per usual. You also look especially glowing πŸ™‚ xx

  16. Kate Coveny Hood

    I always love seeing the virtual fashion shows. I have considered doing this a few times, but then remembered that I don't have a fashion blog!

  17. Clare

    What I BADLY want: those wedges

    What I SORELY want but could NEVER pull off because I'm nowhere NEAR as stylish as you: that floor-length skirt

    Gorgeous, Sal!

  18. LynnieBee

    I wish that you lived close enough to me that you could take me shopping, I have serious clothing envy!!!

  19. Rosie Unknown

    OMFG When I'm an adult, I want to be you! The wedges are amazing, your outfits are brilliant, and could be a model if you wanted to!

  20. Gillian

    But Saalllllllllll, I like to play safari guide stripper! My friends and I are actually dressing up as various incarnations of Harrison Ford this Halloween. I'm dressing up as Han Solo.

  21. ML

    I am de-lurk-ifying my months long lurk habit here at already pretty because the pic of you eating your wedges made me snort aloud.
    and i don't often snort aloud. πŸ˜‰
    if i had them, i would eat them too! they are great.

  22. Sheila

    The first two outfits are my faves, and I certainly admire your chutzpah on the last one! I think I am too old for that, ha!

    I am totally stealing the tonal thing. How did this not occur to us?

    Man, you look amazing in hot pink. It's your colour.

  23. Sal

    ML: So glad you de-lurked! And even gladder to hear I provoked a snort. I'm honored. The more yuks the betta.

  24. AsianCajuns (Lauren)

    Hot pink looks so awesome on you, Sally! I can't wait to see more of your outfits on a regular basis- I don't know what it is about outfit posts that we love so much- but we love seeing them and we get the same request on our blog.
    ps- that steal-of-a-skirt is GORGEOUS! You look tres chic and beautiful!

  25. Nadine

    Well, I for one will be sorry to see the end of the overwhelming outfit dumps. Lady, you surely know how to rock a maxi skirt. (And an illegal zebra print.)

  26. FashionAddict

    Cute outfits! I am in the market for lace up ankle boots right now, but I haven't find the right ones at the right price in my size. Those JC ones are fantstic! I loveth the zebra dress, too.

  27. Meli22

    love the zebra dress and yellow cardi! also- you look grat in skinny jeans, and that photo of you eating your shoe made me laugh out loud at my desk! very cute booties at the end!

    Thank you for the more frequent posts! πŸ™‚

  28. Anonymous

    These are my favorite outfits that I've seen you post! I love love love…ok ADORE the zebra print dress, even if it is "hot" (aka stolen) haha

  29. Hanako66

    I love your long outfit posts!!!

    the zebra number has to be my fav! πŸ™‚

    have a great weekend!

  30. enc

    Sal, I love how you drape yourself over your surroundings!

    I also love how you look with your hair pulled back. Very sophisticated!

  31. Jenava

    I do love seeing your outfits! I esp. love the pic. of you in the full length skirt. Adorable! And purple suits you really well.

  32. The Seeker

    Such great and inspirational outfits, dear!!!
    Oh I love your zebra dress with the yellow cardi!!!!


  33. HΓ€nni

    Great outfits in general, but those oh-so-painful wedges? They are TO DIE FOR.

  34. Winnie

    The shot of you and the shoes is brilliant, it really made me smile! My black oxfords which I adore are filled with varios Scholl insoles to make them fit…luckily they are super comfortable with them in!