Reader Request: Androgynous Style Inspiration

Great blogs to read for androgynous style inspiration!

Reader Tracy emailed me with this request:

I’m going through a style change and need some guidance. I used to wear a lot of dresses but not so much anymore. I am leaning towards changing my personal style similar to Ellen DeGeneres’ look. I love the blazers, slim pants and oxfords. Do you know of any other sites/bloggers that I can view to get more ideas for this style and hopefully make my own? What are your thoughts?

I was so excited to send along a few of my faves, which I’ll list below. And I hope you’ll all chime in with more sources of androgynous style inspiration, too!

Masculine of Center – A varied and marvelously diverse Tumblr that showcases community images and a handful of celebrity images. Not as many full outfits as some of the personal style blogs, but great for hair and accessorization inspiration.

Alterations Needed – Kelly’s blog is mainly about petite style, but her style skews fairly tomboy. She does mix in some very femme pieces and looks – girl can work a pair of stilettos – but she’s a layering ninja and does a great job of showing how menswear-influenced looks work on a small frame.

Allison Graham – Allison’s style is a delightful mix of classic menswear (suiting, brogues, caps, ties) and quirky/edgy accents (the occasional brooch or floral velvet blazer).

She’s a Gent – Danielle is a genius. Seriously. And she showcases a great mix of truly dapper suits and cool casual looks.

Esther Quek – I know very little about Esther except that every time one of her photos makes its way into my Pinterest feed, my jaw drops. She does lots of suiting, but typically with tiny subversive details like puffed shoulders or paired with massive statement necklaces and towering heels. But she also does some more traditionally androgynous looks. (Linking to Pinterest here because her Instagram feed shows her veering away from suits and androgyny. Still a style star, but her older looks will serve you better if you’re hoping for androgynous inspiration.)

La Garçonnière – Cris does suits and oxfords almost exclusively, though she’ll mix in a shorts suit on occasion! She tends to do more makeup and long hair than most androgynous bloggers, so check her out if you’re drawn to typically masculine clothes but not grooming/accessorization.

Dapper Q is also a great resource for all things androgyny, though it includes stories about emerging brands and relevant news from the queer community. The site’s description reads, “DapperQ is the premier style and empowerment website for masculine presenting women, gender queers, and trans-identified individuals.”

Over to you! Which blogs/style stars would you add to this list?

Top images courtesy She’s a Gent (left) and Alterations Needed (right)

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