Reader Request: Comfortable Belts

comfortable belts

Reader Brenna had this request:

I love the look of a belt adding a waist to a shapeless outfit, but I hate the feeling of a belt squeezing me. I can’t stand the feeling of spanx or pantyhose either! What kind of belts would you suggest?

Totally understand, Brenna. Nothing like a squeezy belt to cramp your style. No pun intended. (I think that was a pun. And if it was, I definitely didn’t intend it.)

Squeezing can come in many forms, but if part of the issue is that your belts are thick or stiff, try out a few wrap belts. Wide, obi-style wrap belts like the one above can work, but do take up quite a bit of torso real-estate. So if you’re worried about shortening your torso, you’re better served to find narrower wraps. Look for something made from soft, supple leather or faux leather.

For an even softer option, consider sashes. You can use long scarves as belts, but there are also pre-made cloth sashes to be found. or made. Or if you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can make one yourself.

My guess is this is not the direction Brenna would like to head, but since my own squeezy discomfort is most noticeable when I’m sitting and my midsection expands somewhat, elastic belts could be another solution. They will be snug at all times, of course, but they move with you and flex when you flex. You can look for woven elastics like this one, flat elastics, or styles with elastic panels like these guys.

Finally, if you want waist definition without a belt, here are some other ways to achieve it!

Image courtesy Elizabeth Kelly London.

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Originally posted 2015-09-22 06:31:06.

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2 Responses to “Reader Request: Comfortable Belts”

  1. Ginger

    I have difficulties keeping a belt in place without buckling it so tight it squeezes. It always wants to wiggle up over the roll of tummy that appears when I sit down. If the belt is fabric I am liberal with safety pins at the side seams to remind the belt where I want it to stay, and then it doesn’t have to be tied so tight.

  2. Thursday

    I’m extremely curvy on my bottom half and find a skinny belt is the most comfortable and likely to stay in place between sitting and standing.