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fashion tips for petite women

Reader AJM dropped this one in the suggestion box:

How about styling tips for those of us who are β€œheight challenged!” For instance there were recent posts about how everyone loves wearing scarves. I, however, feel overwhelmed by scarves because I am petite. I keep trying to look good in a scarf, but have not yet succeeded. What am I doing wrong? HELP!

First off, I MUST point you to what I consider to be the web’s best resource for fashion-minded petites: Alterations Needed. Here’s how Kelly, the mastermind behind this marvelous site, describes her mission:

“Alterations Needed is petite-sized adventures dressing well in a standard-sized world. Starting as a blog, and evolving into a community with the introduction of the Alterations Needed Forum, AN serves as a resource for petite women looking to build a wardrobe, discover the meaning of good fit, or just find style inspiration. Alterations Needed proves that petite women can dress just as well as the big girls.”

Kelly is 4’11”, a consummate shopper, and one of the most stylish women I know. OK, e-know, but still. Her site opens up topics, explores styling options, and recommends products specific to petite women. It’s a marvelous resource.

In terms of my OWN views on dressing for petites, I’m going to take a tactic that might not be what AJM was envisioning, but that I hope will still prove helpful.

DON’T feel obliged to wear heels

I adore heels. They make me feel taller and walk prouder while showcasing my lovely gams. They’re marvelous. But worn constantly, they can wear away at your bone, joint, muscle, and back health. They are not suited to all daily tasks. And, above all, they should never be considered mandatory. Especially by women who have been made to feel somehow inferior because they aren’t tall. Wear heels and wedges and platforms to your heart’s delight, my petite friends, but never feel like they are an obligation.

DON’T shy away from maxis, capris, or boots

The list of forbidden items for petite women is long and daunting. And, in my opinion, should be written down, studied for approximately 10 seconds, and then set on fire. Yes, maxi skirts and capris may make a short woman appear shorter. Yes, boots are tough to fit on a very petite frame and can make the wearer look disproportionate. My question: So the hell what? There are many ways to make yourself look taller, proportionate, and balanced and you can and should employ them when they make you feel confident, lovely, and like your best self. But you should also wear clothing that may be considered “unflattering” if it makes you feel confident, lovely, and like your best self.

DON’T discount everything from non-petite sections

Clothing cut for petite women isn’t just shorter in the hem, it’s designed with smaller frames in mind. Petite clothing generally fits petite women better. But some lines don’t make petites. Some styles don’t get manufactured in petite. And that’s frustrating and limiting. It won’t always bear fruit, but I encourage my petite clients to roam the non-petite sections, too. Many garments can be tailored to fit, others can be styled to work on a smaller frame, and still more may be cut small enough to fit right off the rack. You’ll never know until you try.

DO look for alternatives

AJM mentioned that scarves swamp her figure. I can imagine long, thick, or fluffy scarves overwhelming just about any petite frame. But similarly chic results can be achieved using long but thin silk scarves, or experimenting with different ties. Many knee-high boots look like over-the-knee boots on petite women, especially petites with shorter legs. But online shoe retailers generally list shaft measurements so a little digging could lead to a pair that may hit mid-calf on a woman who is 5’9″, but hit much higher on a woman who is 5’1″. I know this is incredibly vague, but the underlying sentiment is an important one: If you love the look, you can find a way.

DO learn about your own proportions

Although clothing designed for petite women generally fits petite women, not all petite figures are the same. You may be petite and hourglassy, petite with a short torso, petite with a big bust, or any number of other “petite ands” that will influence your style and clothing choices. When/if you’re hoping to create a tall, slim silhouette – which, as I’ve said, needn’t be every day – you may need to utilize a mash-up of figure flattery tips for petites and figure flattery tips for any of your other defining physical traits. (Check out Kelly’s thoughts on petite proportion here.)

For shopping tips and more traditional figure flattery advice, check out these related posts:

Image courtesy Boden

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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37 Responses to “Reader Request: Petite Style”

  1. unmitigated me

    “…one of the most stylish women I know. OK, e-know, but still.”

    I think the time has come when we can stop qualifying friendships and acquaintances because we haven’t met in person. I feel like I know you and that we are friends, regardless of the fact that we’ve not met in person! I think you and I both put ourselves out there on line more than we tend to do locally!

    Totally off-topic, but it struck a chord.

  2. Lili @ Relatable Style

    Great tips! I’m a strange inbetween size, not really petite but still pretty short and 5’4″-5’5″. So petite pants make me look like I have high water, and normal pants often need hemming or high heels πŸ˜‰
    By the way, “e-know”? HA! Genius!!

    Relatable Style

  3. hellotampon

    I’m petite (almost 5’3″) but I don’t have the tiny frame to go with it. I’m pretty much medium-build, I guess. And I’ve tried in vain to figure out what my “vertical body type is.” I’m either balanced or long-legged, depending on if you’re supposed to measure from the hip or crotch. Why is it so hard to figure out what your own self looks like?

    One of the things you hear all the time about petites is that belted and high-waisted styles are flattering, but I have a short waist and a big bust to contend with, so that stuff looks weird. At the same time, I can’t wear anything loose and flowy without having said garment hang off my chest and swallow the rest of my body. But I frequently wear scarves and boots and I look just fine in them. And I look good in shorter skirts.

    One thing I have learned is not to bother shopping at Target. All their clothes are WAY too long. And as douchey as Forever 21 is, a lot of their clothes are petite-friendly.

  4. em

    I’m tall and gangly so this doesn’t apply to me, but I just want to say how fabulous Kelly looks in her photos! I never ever would have guessed her to be as petite, so wonderfully in proportion is everything about her appearance. My mother was 5′ and I think generally managed to do the same. Love it!

  5. ParisGrrl

    Scarves for petites? Absolutely! I’m just a breath over 5’3″ and scarves are a huge part of my wardrobe. Some tips for the overwhelmed: start with a small square silk scarf, around 16-20 inches square, tied close at the neckline. Make the scarf the focus accessory, and keep everything else fairly calm on the outfit, especially if the scarf has a pattern. When you’re comfortable with that look, try a longer or larger scarf, and play with styles to find what looks best for you. ( has lots of examples and tutorials.) If you want to rock a really big scarf, go for something with pizzazz, and drape it around a monotoned outfit. While some people claim petites need to keep accessories dainty, a larger accessory (be it scarf, jewelry, or whatever) can be a statement on anyone. And the more you wear statement pieces, the more comfortable you’ll feel in them.

  6. vampfan30

    Thanks for re-posting her site, I had lost her bookmark ages ago when my compy died & I totally forgot the blog name. * derp *

    As one that’s 4’11” as well, I have a very hard time finding clothes…outside of the juniors’ department; at 35 I feel awkward at times in juniors styles. Oh, I don’t look my age, don’t sound my age, & on occasion, don’t act my age, but it does get old wearing the same things my 12 year old does…literally, since we are the same size right now.:)

    There are times when I would just like to walk into a store, find an awesome pair of jeans, a nice top, & buy them without fuss or costing an arm & a leg. Petite sizing doesn’t always do it since a lot of the styles that I find are less than appealing. Hopefully, this will nudge me in the right direction & out of the blasted clothing funk that I have been in for ages.

  7. Miss T

    I am short (5’1″) and I wear the same sorts of clothing and styles as women who are 5’6″ wear. I’ve never been able to successfully wear petite clothing. It’s cut too small: for example, the rise is too short on pants and no matter what the size, it’s too tight across the bust and armscye. I may have mentioned in another post that, as someone who sews and occasionally buys vintage, the old-style “half-size” patterns and garments fit me perfectly. These were proportioned to fit a woman with “standard” proportions, but who is shorter than 5′ 3″. That would be me. The point is, I think, that there are actually 2 size ranges of concern to short women: “petite” women who are proportionately very small everywhere, not just in height; and “short” women who have roughly the same proportions as women in the 5′ 6″ range, but are 5’3 or shorter. The women in the latter group (where I am) normally have only to shorten pants, skirts, and sleeves to get a garment to look right; truly “petite” women would find that no amount of alteration would make a regular-sized garment fit properly — the internal seams (torso, waistline, shoulder width, etc.) would always be wrong proportionally.

    • Dionne

      Thanks for posting that explanation, now my own body makes so much more sense to me! I’m 5’2″, but I’ve always had success shopping regular retail – most of the time, I just need to hem my pants a bit. I’ve got a friend who’s my height, but she’s so tiny compared to me (not just weight, but things like her wrist circumference). I’ve often had people comment when they stand beside me that I’m a lot shorter than I look.

    • Nethwen

      I’m in this category. I’m 4’11”, but my horizontal proportions are closer to standard sizes. I also have hips that are at least 10″ larger than my waist and a short torso, so I have to buy from whichever department I can find something that mostly fits. When I can afford it, a good tailor is my friend. Hemming pant and sleeve lengths is as necessary as washing my hair.

      Eddie Bauer’s “Blakely” trousers are the best fit I’ve found. When I can find the petite sizes, I don’t need to hem them when I wear 1.5″ heels. Their “Blakely” jeans don’t fit quite as well, but they are better than the jeans I would find at Target or Wal-Mart.

      In general, I find magazine tips for dressing petite bodies to be worthless. Whatever they say for petites, the opposite is true for those with well-endowed hips/thighs. In consequence, I experiment and wear what helps me to feel confident and comfortable in my own skin.

      As for scarves, I wear them, but I had to experiment to find ties that work for me. For me, tying close to my neck makes me look as if I have no neck. I tie my scarves so that they make a long “v-neck.” The way I discovered this was by spending half an hour in front of a mirror and playing with my scarf collection.

      My constant advice to anyone who thinks they look “weird” in a certain style is to experiment. Often, there is a way to wear what you want. You may have to get used to seeing yourself in this new item and you may not be able to wear it exactly like “everyone else,” but you probably can find a comfortable way to wear what you like.

  8. danielle

    i’ve found that the only item, for me, that absolutely must be cut “petite” is a suit jacket – it just wouldn’t be worth it to tailor a regular sized one. other than that, pretty much everything else from regular sized sections can always be altered easily, especially if you just need a shorter hem or sleeve length. i’m 5’0 with short legs and arms, too – often times i still need to get the “short” length at a store hemmed anyway, so i might as well browse the regular length sections that always, always have a better selection. and as far as suits goes, i’ve been having great luck with banana republic’s petite suiting this season.

    also – don’t limit your options when it comes to what department you shop in. i’ve been known to have luck with gap kids, the girls’ section at target, and buy girls’ flats/sandals every so often. gap kids especially carries a lot of precociously styled clothing that is pretty similar to their adult offerings – but smaller and cheaper.

    oh, and in regards to “do i bother to make myself appear taller” – like i said, i’m 5’0, so even in towering heels i’m still “short,” especially compared to my male colleagues. i just own the fact that i’m short, and wear heels when it matches my outfit or i feel so inclined – the need to wear them to appear taller never really occurs to me.

  9. ambika

    Agreed on the capris and boots. If anything, I like to see capris as the magical pants I don’t have to hem!

  10. Aziraphale

    A post that’s right up my alley! At 5’1″, I’m right smack in the middle of petite territory. I wholeheartedly agree with the last thing you said especially — the bit about how proportions matter a lot. I think my legs must be proportionally long, because I have no trouble finding knee boots that hit at the right place, but my torso is kind of short, so jackets and waistcoats are a giant pain in the backside. It doesn’t help that I always find awesome stuff that doesn’t come in petite sizes! My main solution is to rely heavily on a good alterationist, and accept that I will be paying extra on any structured item to have it tailored to fit me perfectly.

    I’m of the opinion that petites can wear just about anything that average and tall gals can, as long as it fits very well. If something looks too big for you, it’ll make you look shorter and stumpier.

    On the topic of heels: I haven’t been wearing them for all that long, because I was always acutely aware that they can make a short woman look like she is trying really, really hard to look taller. In my 20s, none of my peers were wearing heels, so I’d have stood out if I did. Now that I’m at the age where we are all wearing more ‘grown-up’ footwear, I don’t stick out like a sore thumb when I wear them. But I have to admit that I mainly wear them not because they make me physically several inches taller, but because they make my legs look fantastic. πŸ™‚

  11. Hetty

    Being short, 5’1, and fat and overly endowed I find the petite sections to be worthless. My trick? I’m not terribly fashionable and I wear what I want. Just go into a store and not have to try things on? That’s a fantasy no one will ever get. Unless you are already a professional model, and I bet they still have to try a few things on before purchasing. Anything covering the arms and legs will be too long. I’ve gotten used to having my arms covered down to the knuckles. On the plus side, I’ve never bought a skirt that was too short!

  12. Anne

    I am 5’6″ and oddly enough, I shop the petite department sometimes too. I have a very small frame so buying petites can keep the alteration costs down petite jeans have been a godsend as they are usually long enough to accommodate a petite woman in heels… or me with out them. There are a few clothing lines out there that just run big. I usually have better luck with their petite lines than the missey. Because I’m just not as leggy as I would have hoped, often the same little fashions tweaks for petites work for me.

  13. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    I’m not petite but my little sister is – at 5′ even, she has a hard time shopping in the Misses’ department. She does rock her petite-ness, though, with shorter skirts, boots and gorgeous, medium-sized jewelry. Like the beautiful model above, she also has long, thick, curly hair (I got the skinny-hair gene).

  14. Kat

    Just a touch under 5’2″ here and I wear scarves a LOT. The best advice: Wear the scarf, don’t let it wear you. And that’s not about the tie or the size or the fabric — it’s about confidence. If you fidget with your scarves a lot or feel uncomfortable in them, you’ll look overwhelmed. It you wear them with flair and confidence you’ll get compliments. Back in my grad school days I was wearing my winter uniform (black, slim cut turtleneck sweater, a colorful silk scarf and jeans) and a stunning, model-esque classmate stopped me in the hall. She told me that she was always so jealous of my scarves because she could never figure out how to wear them, but I made it look easy. I didn’t know how to wear them either — I just did it anyway! That’s my take on fashion in general: Wear what you like. Being happy will make you look better than any fashion “trick.”

    The only clothing I prefer to have sized as petites are bottoms (skirts, pants, some dresses). I can wear most tops in non-petite sizes since I have long arms. Darted busts do give me some trouble — both in their placement (too low) and their size (cut too generously), so I avoid them. But jackets, sweaters and non-darted tops I prefer in regular sizes. Petites tend to have arms which are too short for me.

    I don’t wear heels and haven’t since 2000. I value the health of my feet too much. And who cares if I look short? I mean, am I really fooling anyone with 4″ heels? NO! Boots are an issue though. The height of the shaft is usually fine on me, but I have chicken legs. They are always too wide around my calf. I really wish domestic mid-priced boot manufacturers would offer calf sizing like Duo does in the UK. (I never order shoes or bras online. They NEED to be tried on before purchasing.)

    And speaking of bras, I think this is probably the most serious problem I face as a petite woman. I need small band sizes and bigger cup sizes. No stores carry them. And even bras in the same size from the same manufacturer fit differently. Ordering online and dealing with returns is a nightmare. Why can’t my darn Macy’s just carry my size?

    • elisabeth

      I was just fitted at Nordstroms in a 32F that I had to have the straps altered in (yes it pains me to pay MORE for alterations on an $80 cra, but I like to have “the girls” where they belong….at age 43 that takes some engineering πŸ˜‰ (noteI am only 4’11” tall)

  15. M.

    I’m 5-feet-nothing and wear a scarf every single day of my life and find them super easy. Although earrings are actually my favourite accessory, I’m most often identified by scarves because of my collection and dedication, which stems from the fact that I am almost always cold. However, I did just blog today about the difficulty of finding a proper fitting blazer in the shoulders, especially because of the size of my bust. 12p in the chest does not mean proportional shoulders; my shoulders are about a 6p.

  16. D

    Oh Sally, I LOVE this. I am pretty short (almost 5’1) but I have never loved fashion rules for short women, so I generally disregard them. “Tall” or even “normal” height is not a priority for me. If I don’t want to wear heels, I don’t effin’ wear heels! Same with the other rules, I adore wearing boots, and I am most comfortable in maxi skirts. I think it is all in your attitude.

    As for recommendations, I can’t make many since I don’t really think my body fits into the “petite” mold- I have way too much junk in the trunk, and I have long legs in proportion to the rest of my body. I shop in all sections, and try my best to make it work. I do like old navy pants though, they tend to fit me well.

  17. Maytheweed

    I’m petite at 5 foot tall and as I clump about in work boots all week I’m never used to heels so they’re only ever party wear for me and I love long skirts and high boots. My problem with off the peg ismost often the bust-waist length. I also love drapy scarves (long ones are great for distracting from self consciousness over clothing that might be a smidge snug around the middle!) and can add a bit of extra volume ‘up top’. Overly big and bulky scarves would be a bad idea though I guess. But how about cowls and neckwarmers?

    In finding what suits me I think my general shape (not very curvy and not significantly top or bottom heavy) has been more important than my height. I find balancing to be the important thing so you might need something to visually balance the impact of the scarf like contrasting boots or a flared skirt hem. Some things I wear look great with one thing but bloody awful with another. Stuff that fits is important and beyond that I think experimentation is best! I do tend to avoid shapeless and baggy things because I can look like a little boy in someone else’s clothes.

  18. Danielle Marie

    Great post!

    My biggest petite challenge is being 5’0”, a size zero in pants, and a D cup bra size. I don’t know anyone else with my exact body type, so it’s hard to look for examples on others of what works and what doesn’t. Shirts and dresses for larger busts can overwhelm the rest of my frame. An XL dress that fits my bust is hugely baggy and unflattering on the rest of me.

    My solution has been waist cinching and stilettos. Waist belts highlight the curves without making my stomach look larger than it is. I actually love stilettos and own 10 pairs of 5 inch or higher heels. They improve my posture and highlight what legs I do have!

  19. Sonja

    My advice for petites: Move into another country! πŸ˜‰
    Well, it might not be the solution for everybody, but I went from a country where at 5’1β€³ I was always the shortes grown-up person everywhere (Germany), where I didn’t reach things in the supermarket and was always teased because of my (lack of) height, to a country where I’m absolute average (Spain), where I’m often meeting even men shorter than myself.
    The curious thing is that in both countries shops do not usually sell “petit sizes”, but I have never had any problems in finding clothes. Yes, I shorten all my pants, but apart from that, most difficulties have to do more with my hourglass figure (I easily look too bulky when I’m not showing of my waist) than with my height.

  20. CC

    I am petite (not quite 5’3″) and way curvy. πŸ™‚ I have found that petite clothing is rarely on clearance and I just can’t afford it otherwise so I have learned how to make normal sized clothing work for me. I do a lot of hemming. I remember how thrilled I was was when low waisted pants came in because they fit around my natural waist! I love flowy and drapey fabrics. A silky shirt can be a bit large and still look great. I love scarves and large necklaces. And have found that slouchy boots are perfect as they can be knee height or lower depending on how you wear them. πŸ˜‰ It is just like dressing for any height, you have to try everything on and be a little creative. You can find great options at any price point and any size if you look.

    And who says we should look tall and thin all the time anyway. I am not tall and thin. Why should I try to be something I am not. Two hundred years ago I would have been the perfect body type – petite, curvy, and slightly overweight. I would far rather wear clothing in textures and colors I love than worry about trying to achieve some manufactured aesthetic that just isn’t me. So, there is my rant for today. πŸ˜‰

  21. Kookoo

    I prefer minature. I wear my clothes most of the time, but am occasionally surprised by a mirror image that has me remove a layer or two, thatis wering me. Unless I’m in flats or casual wear most people don’t even notice my height, but genuinely when they do its because I’m dwarfed by my surroundings. When I dress I’m as big as the next guy, which is probably why I dress so often.

  22. Alterations Needed

    Oh my goodness! What a wonderful surprise to find in my RSS reader! Thank you so incredibly much for the kind words Sal! I’m speechless!

    You’re right on with your tips. Petite is all about proportions, and I’ve seen petite women look fabulous in every style a taller woman can rock (except midi length skirts/dresses. I’ve seen petites make it work, but I’ve yet to see it look fabulous). It’s mostly about knowing how to dress your body type, and then scaling down the styles appropriately to your height. As for scarves, thinner fabrics are the way to go. Wispy silks and light weave wools work best for me.

  23. Silvija

    My biggest problem is living in a country where petite clothing doesn’t exist. Even brands like Next or Marks and Spencer do not carry petites’ here. I’m 154 cm (5 feet and 1/2 inch) and I’m far not as slim and slender as Kelly, so I have trouble finding all non-knit items. I’d wear stuff I like even if it didn’t make me look taller, but I just can’t find it : ( Shirts, blouses, coats and (my favourite clothing item) jackets… Just not for me!

  24. Victoria

    At 5′ 1/2″, and nearly an hourglass (34-26-36), but a TINY ribcage (26 inch bra band), I find it impossible to find clothes, even “petites” that do not need to be altered. These days even my size 4 jeans (Old Navy – price-wise when they’re on sale they work) need a good 3-4 inches taken off them.

    High heels? Do 2-inch Clarks lace-ups count? πŸ™‚

    I’ve just about given up trying to buy clothing; I simply can’t afford to pay full retail for new clothing, and then have to pay for alterations on top of it. Perhaps if I had a desk job it would be worth it, but I’m a cheesemonger and work in a chef coat. Mens’ jeans in a 28-28 (when I can find them) do the job on the job, but when I get home?

    Tough to look cute. Modcloth is better for us smaller folks, but their prices and quality aren’t there. I’ve taken to wearing the same thing outside work as at work – jeans and a shirt.woot t-shirt. Highly displeasing.

    And don’t even get me started on retailers not being helpful. I wanted a button-down shirt last month. Plain, white, button-down shirt. King of Prussia mall (huge, if you’re not familiar) had NOTHING in petites. Checked 8 or 9 stores. And when I found the perfect shirt on Ann Taylor’s website (in petites, no less) – not available in the stores. Unless I was willing to drive 90 miles north or south. The response to my email was canned and mentioned their petites line was in “selected stores”. That’s for sure.

    Anyhoo – rant over. I wear long skirts because I like them better; I’m 5′ tall – I may be proportioned, but it can’t make me look any shorter πŸ˜‰ Biggest thing is making sure any prints I wear are small enough.

  25. Nancy

    I’m fascinated to read all these tips and experiences, though have no idea how I’ll apply them! I’m 5’3″, in the middle of weight loss (have gone done about 50 lbs, with about 30 to go), and thus am not too sure what my body will end up looking like. Or at least I’m hoping that things will get better…because the weight loss up to now hasn’t made things much easier in terms of shopping, because of my specifically weird proportions. I’m an apple with a big, protruding belly. I have very slim hips and legs. My chest, unfortunately, is enormous in proportion to the rest of me. Whenever I see some clothing advice from a source like What Not to Wear, they talk about what to do if you’re this…or that…but I have NEVER seen advice given to anyone with multiple challenges like me. Short, huge-chested, short-torsoed and short-limbed, disproportionately large belly. I’ve resigned myself to wearing sleeves that almost cover my hands (if the cuffs are nice, or they’re sweaters, you can’t hem them). I probably need a style consultant….but I’d only hire her if she looked like me!

  26. sandra

    I am 5’1″ but proportionate. Back in the 80’s, when styles were baggier and boxier, it was a nightmare to find clothes that fit, and I usually shopped in the petite section. Thankfully these days, the styles have become more fitted so I am able to shop regular sized clothes off the rack. I never shop the petite sections anymore, as I don’t find the clothes fashionable or very modern looking. I always need my pants hemmed, and usually need skirts and dresses hemmed. I don’t like anything to hit me around the calves or a bit lower, the length looks awkward.

    My favorite “petite” pants are by Theory. They even have a size “00” if you can believe that. For a lady that still needs something smaller than a “00”, alterations can be made without losing the garment’s integrity/form. I think Theory would probably best fit body types that are not very curvy, as their stuff is cut on the straight-ish side. Not much roomy hip action in their cuts, which works for me. It is an expensive brand, but perhaps worth a few investment pieces. I never pay full price and shop Nordstrom Rack and Marshall’s (discount stores that carry Theory). I also like J Crew petites, but still need those hemmed. They used to come in an inseam length of 29″ some years ago which totally worked for me, but now they are made a bit longer which really annoys me πŸ™‚

    My favorite boots are from Cydwoq. Expensive, but I always buy them on sale. I have thin calves, but these tend to fit great and I never swim in them. They are hand made in the USA. Fluevog also offers styles with smaller calves. Usually comfy, but the quality is less than Cydwoq.

    Also, I’m not that concerned with my shorter height. I rarely wear heels…only for a special event. I like to be comfortable and have no tolerance for the discomfort of most heels.

    Lastly, it’s just a fact of (my) life that I will always need alterations, especially with pants. I accepted that a long time ago, and it has helped me overcome my frustrations with the shopping experience. I have also discovered what brands work and don’t work through a lot of trial and error.

  27. Annabelle

    Hi! I just discovered your blog and found a lot of helpful insight. I’m 5’2″, with a curvy, hourglass frame and I’ve tried to hard to adapt to the fashion “rules” for petites. I feel a sense of relief that so many other women have chosen to disregard those rules, think for themselves and enjoy the freedom of wearing what they choose. Sounds simple but it’s amazing how brainwashed women can become after years of heeding fashion advice! Thank you for showing me the light. And can you please, pretty please divulge the brand of that fabulous gray jacket on the woman in the photo? I simply have to find something similar!! Love the whole look!!

    • Sal

      I wish I could, Annabelle, but I’m not sure – you could give Kelly at Alterations Needed a yell. She’s the gal in the photo!

  28. Ane

    I don’t mind being short (I’m 152 cm – I’m not sure what it is in foot) and don’t mind looking short/petite.
    But I hate looking un-balanced. I’m round in my bodyshape; with a fine waist and hips, but still round. From the front I look smaller than I am, which is fine, but a problem in finding clothes, as the stomack stands out but the waist is small. And I have a short body. So highwaisted pants/shirts makes me unbalanced, pregnant and as if I’m wearing to small a size.
    Then of course my legs are thin and my upperarms are ‘fat’. So what to do? I feel like I look the best when I’m naked and no garments desturbs the balance; but I can’t really walk around naked (even though Denmark is an openminded

  29. Ane

    (i touched the ‘publish’ by mistake!)
    Denmark is an openminded country)
    So what to do? Any tips to look balanced in petite? πŸ™‚

  30. Wendy Hanebrink

    I am 5’0 and about 97 lbs. I have been self conscious of my height my whole life. I want to know if people think it is acceptable to wear 1″ flip flops or will I look like a midget?