Reader Request: Stylish Sleepwear

Reader Katie sent this request via e-mail:

Could you make a post about your sleepwear? For instance, I would love to know if you are just as fashion coordinated when you go to sleep as when you wake up in the morning? Or do you tend to wear t-shirts and boxers? Either way, I would be interested to know if this has a psychological effect on your fashion style. For example, do you wear t-shirts to bed because at the end of the day you are exhausted from being “matchy” all day long or do you wear pajama sets because they inspire you to be “matchy” because fashion doesn’t stop when the camera stops rolling and people are gone.

Such a fun question! I used to just do a pair of black yoga pants and an over-sized tee every night, and that worked for me for AGES. But at a certain point, a phrase a friend had used began ringing through my mind: “Another fashion opportunity.” We’d been talking about workout gear, and I claimed that I would never invest in fancy athletic duds only to sweat and stink in them. And she said, “I used to feel the same way. Then I realized that getting dressed for the gym was another fashion opportunity, and I changed my tune.” Now given, she’s a spin instructor, so looking cool and chic while working out is a slightly higher priority for her. But the underlying sentiment made sense to me: You certainly don’t have to dress up or look put-together all the time, but if you view any activity that involves clothing as a fashion opportunity, it creates motivation, interest, the chance to make a potentially mundane dressing task more fun.

So for a while I wore matched PJ sets and loved them. It felt great to look cute as I hopped in the sack each night. But unfortunately, the sets I bought had their quirks – too hot, got tangled in my sheets, uncomfortable in other ways – and I eventually phased them out. Now I have self-made sets of Husband Mike’s old boxers and my own graphic tees, with a few matched sets that have lingered for nights when it’s -50 degrees. And although they’re not sexy orย chic, I definitely prefer my quasi-matched PJs to the old yoga pants and enormous tee formula.

But I’d never say I feel pressure to remain stylish even as I slumber. I mean, who sees me? Husband Mike, who would love me in a potato sack. My cats, who would love me even MORE in a potato sack because oh my gosh how fun is a potato sack for sharpening cat claws? And maybe my parents when I go home to visit them, and they care even less about my sleepwear choices than HM and the cats. I made the change because I was curious to see if it would make me feel happier as I got ready for bed and when I awoke. And it did!

Still, I don’t think anyone should feel obliged to wear matched or stylish sleepwear unless they want to. I mean dang, if you’re going to sacrifice little bits of comfort during the day for the sake of style and figure flattery, you should be able to go for 100% comfort when you’re ASLEEP. And as someone who is awakened by itchy tags, protruding seams, buttons, tight cuffs, and all sorts of other seemingly minor design details on clothing, I firmly believe that comfy sleepwear is mandatory. In my case, my PJ sets are just as comfy as the yoga pant/tee combo I used to wear and make me feel better about myself. But I would never, ever in a kazillion years tell anyone that stylish sleepwear is important. Comfy, yes. Stylish, ffffno.

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69 Responses to “Reader Request: Stylish Sleepwear”

  1. Natalie

    I agree with the sentiment that comfort is the highest priority in bed, which is why I sleep naked. The only time I sleep with PJs is when I stay at other people’s houses on my own – I have a pair of bright pink and green cotton jersey things I wear then.

  2. Jen on the Edge

    I am all about comfy PJ’s when I sleep and would grab any old t-shirt and loose PJ bottoms, but I recently realized that there’s an important reason why they should also be pretty: my marriage. My husband of almost 20 years doesn’t care what I wear when I go to bed because he prefers me naked, but I decided that he at least deserves the courtesy of something pretty even when we’re sleeping. Plus, if I feel pretty and good about myself, the chances are even better that I’m going to suggest that we indulge in some, ahem, activities before we go to sleep.

    • Eleanorjane

      Yup, me too (at least with the idea of having pretty pjs). I do like the idea, but I find in winter that I’m hibernating in my ugly old mismatched things… for some reason I find pretty pjs easier in summer. Comfort is a big consideration tho – I mainly like t shirt style tops rather than strappy singlets (too cold most of the time) or more shirt style tops with buttons and collars.

      But I think it is a bit about self respect and as a gift to my husband. Will try harder…

  3. Denise

    My comment refers to what I call ‘lounge wear,’ because I sleep as nekkid (talk about comfort!) as the day I was born. I really like having nice things to wear around the house, even though I am rarely seen by anyone other than my husband. I feel like I dress up for the people who see me every day (and whom I don’t even know): why wouldn’t I want to look nice for my honey? It’s just as easy and comfortable to wear pretty, feminine and sometimes sexy pajamas and robes as it is old castoffs, and even though of course my husband would love me any old way, I love to look a little glamorous even as I laze about, doing absolutely nothing.

  4. Anamarie

    I prefer short, spaghetti strap nightgowns. They are pretty, cool, and let me pile on the blankets so I can sleep cozy. I do have a pair of flannel pjs and a pair of Cat’s Pajamas sushi print pjs that I sometimes wear in the winter. I could not sleep in yoga pants or shorts and a tshirts, too restricting and ugly.

  5. Rosie

    I generally wear a combination of the large tshirts, sweatshirts, pj pants and sweat pants that I have amassed over the years for this purpose. They are never glamorous or pretty or sexy, but they are comfy and always weather appropriate and when I spill coffee on them in the morning or get ink splotches on them when studying, I don’t feel bad.

  6. cora

    I started out with matching sets, just for fun. Now, after a few years, some garments have perished and I’ve now to the stage where it’s mismatch all the way (top from this set, bottom from that set).
    Maybe I’ll treat myself on nice PJs for next winter.

  7. Stephanie

    Generally speaking I don’t worry all that much. I like to wear cute pj pants or shorts with these super soft cotton lycra tanks from Old Navy. I bought some a few years ago that were getting worn, couldn’t find more for way too long, and then thankfully found a table full of them last time I was there. I have a cute pattern as well but I haven’t gotten around to using it yet. My want to sew list is considerably longer then my actual finished projects list after all.

  8. Katharine

    I suppose I have a “style” in my sleepwear, but it’s not usually for actual sleepwear. It’s hard to find sleepwear that isn’t pastel, or, if not, ridiculously expensive. I have a couple of nightgowns, but mostly (when I’m not naked) I sleep in leggings and brightly coloured oversized t-shirts. That’s where my leggings go when they’re just a bit too worn to wear out.

  9. Cynthia

    I tend to wear knit pajama pants that I score for about $10 at Target, and t-shirts that have graduated to the “not for daywear” category. Sometimes I coordinate, but it’s not very deliberate. I simply can’t sleep naked, it bugs me, plus I get unpredictably cold.

    • Sonja

      Now I’m relieved that there are also people speaking up who feel uncomfortable sleeping naked, like me.

      • Eleanorjane

        Yup, me too! Just couldn’t do it – too cold and I’m too aware of being naked, if you know what I mean…

  10. Diana

    My favorite thing to wear to bed is a little cotton chemise. They are cute and comfy and no need to match anything! My apartment is generally overheated and I like to sleep with a pile of blankets so it is plenty warm even in the winter. I do have some pairs of PJ pants for lounging and stuff but honestly do not wear them to bed all that often.
    The sleepwear section is also a great hidden treasure for finding things like cute jersey dresses and tanks/tees – I have a few great dresses and tops that are actually sleepwear!

  11. Nan

    Those cotton knit tank dres type beach coverups make the greatest sleepwear! For more formal (ahem) occasions, I love a vintage full length slip with lots of lace in a deep, rich tone. Or my “natural pjs” with a sarong handy instead of a robe. For weekend at the cabin with the girlfriends – wild cotton print menswear pjs that I could stay in all day if the mood strikes.

  12. Mel

    I sleep in plain cotton undies, because I’ve always had a weird paranoia about sleeping with no underwear on. Like my butt will fall off or something? I don’t know. I envy you gals who can sleep completely naked.

    “My cats, who would love me even MORE in a potato sack because oh my gosh how fun is a potato sack for sharpening cat claws?”

    That made me giggle, and first thing in the morning at that.

  13. Frankincensy

    I do prioritise comfort over style – I would never buy uncomfortable sleepwear no matter how gorgeous it looked – but I used to think “nobody else cares what my pyjamas look like, so buying nice sleepwear is just self-indulgent”… in other words, my own tastes and preferences didn’t matter. I’m getting out of this mindset and telling myself that there’s nothing wrong with looking for clothes I enjoy. I still put comfort first, but I’m just as comfortable in a nice sweatshirt and coordinating flannel trousers as in dreadfully mismatched and ill-fitting versions of same.

    On the subject of uncomfortable design details, ever since I was a young child I’ve preferred to sleep in long trousers and long sleeves. I can’t imagine going to bed in one of those shorts-and-camisole sets… it’s not a body image issue, it’s a tactile/sensory thing. Does anyone else feel this way? I count myself lucky to live in a cool climate, where I can sleep fully covered up for most of the year.

  14. Bridgette

    I feel that it is just as important to feel cute and sexy in the bedroom when getting ready for bed as it does for a bed meeting. Actually more so. But comfy has to be top priority. My husband, as do most I believe, loves a good lacy, short, tight nightie that comes out to just come off.=) And being honest so do I, just for that feeling in the mirror and the look in his eye. BUT I would not sleep in nor would he want me to sleep in that attire all the time. I love to sleep naked except for underwear. So have tons of the cute cotton undies, I love the cheeky cut ones from VS. I also love a good cotton, spaghetti strapped short nightgown. Or matching PJ sets like you said. Something fun and flirty with either tank top and short bottoms or long sleeved winter bottoms. When sleeping naked I throw a cute pj shirt, that is cut on the sides and is a fun flirty color or a robe on the chair next to bed. So can jump up and put it on ASAP if have to get to a kid or answer the door or something quickly. I do think we should show that our spouses matter to us as much as being fashionable for ourselves and work or fun etc.

    • Linda

      I know it’s an innocent typo, but I am cracking up at the concept of a “bed meeting.”

  15. Eliza

    When I went away to college, my father was out of work (so money was very tight) and no presenable sleepwear. My particular dorm situation (a triple, with a co-ed bathroom down the hall, in a building notorious for having very sensitive fire alarms) meant that many people would see me in my nightclothes. I lucked out with some beautiful vintage nightgowns and robes at my local thrift store. I prefer sleeveless, ankle-length cotton or jersey nightgowns in pastel colors, with a vintage satin robe over the top. My nightclothes are pretty but not sexy.

  16. Dorothy

    I’m glad you wrote about this to give us a reminder to consider everything we wear to ensure that we feel beautiful all the time. I’ve noticed that if I come home and immediately put on frumpy clothes, my productivity decreases, but if I put on a cute house dress (I have a ton which I buy on the clearance racks), not only do I feel better about myself and more like continuing to accomplish tasks, my fiance follows me with his eyes as I work around the house making me feel even more confident!

  17. Linda

    Glad I am not the first to say I usually sleep naked, even though I sleep in a COLD room in winter. I like to really feeeel the flannel sheets, LOL. I do have a couple of nightgowns, but it’s hard to meet the criteria of not too virginal, not too slutty, not shaped like a tent, and covering my thighs and knees (absolute worst physical features). A stretchy black full slip is often better for this than an actual nightgown.

    I wear PJ pants and T-shirts around the house sometimes and might wear them into bed if I’m cold, but I usually end up taking them off under the covers eventually.

  18. LinB

    Sleepwear? Why bother? Central heating in wintertime means no need for extra warmth. Summer is too hot to wear clothes ever, but I do in the daytime for modesty’s sake. If visiting, I take a cotton knit gown or a muumuu. Probably should sew up a basic robe, as well.

  19. Sarah N.

    I have problems with sleeping unclothed (my anxiety actually freaks me out and wakes me up, go figure), but my husband is also a FURNACE. The man produces more body heat than a pack of cuddling Saint Bernard puppies. So my uniform for sleep is underwear and a comfy tee shirt. For a long time it was just old ratty cotton tees, but I recently splurged and got a couple super-soft tee shirts from Victoria’s Secret, and I love having something NICE and SOFT and COMFY that is just for sleep. Feels special.

    For lounging, I have yoga pants, sweatpants, sweatshirts, etc. But I’ve found that instead of improvising with my “real” closet, I feel so much better if I have specified “lounge” wear. I don’t get worried about mussing up something nice, but I also feel more put together hanging out around the house (and don’t feel gross in case someone drops by).

    Fashion for day to day is about image and how you present yourself; fashion at home is for YOURSELF. Finding cozy and comfy and semi-polished loungewear is about making ME feel nice, not anyone else. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Halo

    I favor sleeping nude most of the time at home, but I travel a lot for work, and about half the time room with colleagues. I have a bunch of matched sets of pyjamas that are pretty and modest, mostly tanks and pants or knee-length nighties. They’re comfortable, but I feel put together enough to have a conversation about the next day’s presentation.

  21. Steph

    I mostly go with pj pants and a tee shirt. The only one who sees me are my cats….though I do mean to get some cuter stuff in case there is every anyone else to see me.

    And I have grabbed a couple of cute pj sets for vacations — I have a group of friends and we do several local trips a year, which means we wind up bunking together in hotel rooms and having PJ breakfasts. So I like to look a little cuter! ๐Ÿ™‚

    What I really want, though, just because I love them, are some cute nightgowns. If you’re a Doctor Who fan, think the one Amy Pond was wearing as an adult when the Doctor came back…that. I need to figure out how to make that happen! I just love it, it’s so romantic to me and would make me really happy.

  22. Amber

    I don’t *match* at all (I live alone…the dog does not mind), but I have recently learned that I’m more comfortable in clothing specifically designed as ladies sleepwear.
    I used to wear oversized men’s t-shirts and boxer shorts, and then one day I realized that I was not at all that comfortable in that ensemble when I was trying to sleep. The long t-shirts would bunch up everywhere. The crew neck would ride up and choke me. In the summer time, the material was just a little too thick. The band of the boxer shorts sat at an uncomfortable spot on my tummy. Why was I doing this to myself?
    So I went to Target, bought a few sleepwear t-shirts in my size and a pair of soft sleep capris on clearance, not knowing the level of comfort I was about to experience the first time I wore them.
    The shirts are fitted just enough to where they do not bunch up anywhere, yet they aren’t too tight. The scoop neck means I’m not being choked in the middle of the night by my own shirt. The thin material is great for a long summer. And, gosh darn it, the patterns are a lot cuter than my old man’s T-shirt from the late 1990’s that had the Taco Bell dog on it. And the sleep capris have this wide, very comfy band. Aaaah…
    So I ditched a lot of the old stuff I had, and I feel a lot cuter at night. Cuter for nobody but me and the dog, I guess.

  23. T.

    Granted, this was 25 years ago, but when I went to college, I took my typical cute nightgowns with matching robes, and I was the ONLY girl in my dorm who did so. Everyone else had sweats and tees. I felt sort of silly, but nightgowns or sleep tees were always my preference. When I had babies I switched to pjs with top/bottom, just because I had to get up so much in the night and I got cold in my nighties (plus, couldn’t breastfeed in a nightie).

    Now I have a ridiculous collection of pajamas which range from matching top/bottom sets to mix-and-match separates to nightgowns. I wear different kinds of pajamas depending on the situation (winter, summer, hotel with kids, visiting my parents, night alone with hubby, that time of the month, etc). It’s a bit nutty!!

  24. Mary

    Like Cynthia, I tend to wear a lot of t-shirts that are no longer “safe for wear outside the home” (though they are cute and I still love them), paired with cute pj or yoga bottoms from Target, etc. In summer, it’s nice to have something one-piece and light – spaghetti-strap nighties, holla! Occasionally I will find something lacy and/or silky for my boyfriend and I to enjoy before it all ends up on the floor.
    I do love having on clothes I really like 24 hours a day – I discovered this new “avenue” of fashion a few years ago and am so much happier than I was with giant t-shirts and tight-around-the-ankle sweatpants …

  25. Anonymous

    Gotta have PJs, now that I have a kiddo. No telling when I might have to get out of bed, and nighties don’t blend well with carrying around a small person. Mostly, I end up with Nick & Nora jammies from Target. I’d like to wear prettier things, but cannot stomach the prices, especially for the natural fibers I prefer.

  26. Fab

    Matchy matchy all the way for me!! I got a couple of silky satin pjs, but they didn’t work in the Indian heat ๐Ÿ™‚ So, nice, comfy, elasticised cotton pajamas are perfect for me, and I prefer them to be a combination of cute and funky.Its not for anyone else, just makes me feel good at the end of a tiring day!!

  27. Rebekah

    I’ve been thrifting silk pajamas. They’re comfortable for me, nice to touch for my honey, and pretty to boot. Trifecta.

  28. diane

    The second I get home from work I change into my pjs and slippers. I make a point to have pajamas that are in nice shape and don’t look too frumpy – I ditch anything once it gets stained or holey beyond repair. My pjs aren’t fancy or frilly, but it makes me feel prettier when they look nice. It’s important to me especially since I spend a lot of time in them, and it’s mostly what my hubby sees me in all evening. I avoid bright crazy prints in favor of neutral separates or slips. They’re kind of an extension of what I like to wear during the day. Oh, and they must be comfy!

  29. Shannon

    I’ll wear anything to bed- an old t-shirt, a ratty tank top, a cute nightgown, anything.
    Anything, that is, except pants. I just can’t sleep when my legs are encased in little cloth prisons that get all twisted around and ride up to my thighs.
    Pants are a huge no for me.
    Other than that, anything goes.

  30. Barb in Minn.

    I like shorts and a tshirt in the softest cotton I can find. I often buy pajama sets, and then cut pantlegs and sleeves to the lengths I want them at. Since jersey doesn’t fray, no hemming necessary.

    Re workout wear, wise words of advice I learned somewhere:
    If you have a workout outfit that makes you feel good, you will feel better about yourself and exercise will be more enjoyable.

  31. D

    My sleepwear almost never matches. I generally just wear a t-shirt and undies, or pants if my room is cold. I do have a couple of night gowns that I like.

  32. JennyDC

    I like nightshirts/short nightgowns, but they must have sleeves. It is impossible to find short sleeve nightshirts/gowns that aren’t incredibly dowdy. I found a couple at Kohl’s, the Vera Wang line. I can’t do spaghetti straps, for some reason my shoulders always get uncomfortably cold. I like nightclothes that are made out of that fabric that’s woven from bamboo, can’t think of what it’s called.

    I like weight on me when I sleep, so prefer a cold room, lightweight sleepwear, and a heavy-ish blanket.

  33. anne

    Well, I also sleep nude, but I have a wide assortment of pj’s for visiting my parents/visiting/hotel sleep. I have flannel for winter, shorts and tees sets for summers, and a woven cotton bermuda and button down. That’s the best, as it’s so breathable , warm and unlike knits doesn’t cling. I have a cute set with long pants ( skinny stretchy flannel-y) and 2 matching polka dot tops , one sleeveless and one long sleeved. Why I don’t use them at home? Nothing beats sleeping nude and bundled in sheets.

  34. Ravina

    I’ve always done some version of sleep separates. In the winter I wear cozy flannel pants (usually with some zany print) and a t-shirt, and in the summer I wear cotton pants or shorts and a v-neck t-shirt. Target has great $8 tees that are perfect to sleep in! No guy I’ve ever dated has commented on my sleepwear except that it was in the way, LOL!

    • Velma

      Yes, I wear the Merona Ultimate tees for sleeping, too! They are so soft and come in nice colors. I just bought three new ones, which I do about once a year.

  35. Trystan (the CorpGoth)

    I tend to wear PJs to work from home (not a great habit in it’s own right), so I’ve collected quite a few fun, quirky novelty-but-comfortable & not-ill-fitting PJ pants. My criteria is a print that makes me happy (preferably something goth), a fabric that feels comfortable, & a cut that is not sloppy. This combo is not entirely easy to find, since PJ pants tend to be big, baggy, flannel pastel things! But when I find ones that meet all of those criteria, I nab them. I pair that with a knit camisole or baby-T — hopefully not just a baggy, ratty T-shirt — for wearing around the house.

    For actual sleeping, I have several knit sleep dresses / long camisoles that I love. They range from practical-looking to kind of romantic, & all of them are black.

  36. Christy

    I hope this doesn’t creep you out too much, but last night I dreamt that you and I went shopping at MOA and literally held hands and skipped. I guess, in my mind, you seem like the fun sort of lady who would do that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. JavaChick

    LOL at the potato sack and cats comment. We buy basmati rice in big burlap bags and we save the empty bags for our cats – they love them.

    I like cute sleepwear but it has to be comfy – that’s the number one priority.

  38. Annalie

    I used to wear huge tees and workout pants as lounge/sleepwear in college – who didn’t? I still wore them for awhile after getting married, but realized about 6 months ago that I was just doing it out of LAZINESS and had cuter (similar) clothes I could be wearing. So I shelved the XL tees and 2XL fuzzy pants (I’m not 2XL… they had a drawstring…) and got out some worn-in tees my size and some really stretchy, slimmer-fitting yoga pants. (Hubby calls them “feely”. He’s a fan.) Every once in a great while I’ll sleep in what I would call “lingerie” but I really don’t find it very comfortable. Plus I’m a little paranoid…

    My sister in law once told me of an apartment fire she drove by where, unfortunately, one female resident was apparently sleeping nude and could find only a shirt on her way out of her room.
    I hope you ladies who prefer sleeping nude keep a robe by the door! =)

    Another reason I do not sleep/lounge nude or in “lingerie” or little tanks and shorts is because I am a parochial school teacher in the town where I live, and LOTS of kids bike down my street. I have a LOT of windows in the front of my house… I’m afraid if I wore any less I would forget to pull the drapes or something.

    • Trystan (the CorpGoth)

      My grad-school dorm frequently had the fire alarms go off (never an actual fire), & everyone had to evacuate the building & wait around outside for a half-hour or so. There were times that I grabbed my winter coat & threw that & whatever shoes where near the door on over, um, not much & ran down the 8 flights of stairs. So what? It’s an emergency! I wasn’t the only one, either. I’d rather do that than live life paranoid acting “just in case” ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Anat

    Usually just a teeshirt and undies, or just undies. I can’t stand to have lots of material on me when I sleep. The teehsirt is usually a really old, really broken down one. My BF really couldn’t care less, he doesn’t appreciate all kinds of lacy stuff, and I am fine with that…. so no fashion opps for me in nightwear!

    Sports clothes, ah, now that is another thing altogether! I invest a lot in my gym wear, and I completely enjoy taking off elgeant skirts and heels, taking removing my “work-lady” personna, and turning into a cute, funky gymrat! For example, color blocking which I have not really had success with in my daily clothes is really big in my gymwear – bright yellow and purple, vivid pink and white… I love color-coordinating the the shoes to the outfit, and I recently got a really cool and sexy skort…. I even have my signature “thing”, which is a headband I wrap around my left wrist, which I match to the color theme of my clothes.

  40. Stephanie

    I like the idea of having nice sleepwear, but the stuff I use to wash my face at night can stain my clothes. Benzoyl peroxide is a pretty common anti-acne ingredient, but if some of the water used from rinsing it gets on my clothes it tends to turn lilac and light greens into pink, along with at least one other weird color change I can’t think of. To avoid the awkward color stains I pretty much just wear old T-shirts I don’t really care about. However, if I got PJs in a non-pastel color, maybe nothing would happen. I’ve never had any trouble with white or grey shirts getting stained….

    • Anonymous

      Peroxide has a bleaching effect on organic substances, in this case the dye in your clothes. White or light grey clothes probably don’t have any dye, so no bleach problems.

  41. Lauren

    Just a t-shirt and sweatpants for me! Sometimes, if it gets really hot in my room (it often does, my room has a seperate climate from the rest of the house, and I believe it is the climate of a tropical rainforest) I’ll even take off the pants, and put them on again in the morning. ๐Ÿ™‚


    I wear the same thing to bed as I do to the gym: baggy sweatpants & an oversized t-shirt. I won’t wear the same outfit to bed right after working out, though — that’s gross! Ha, but I do love that phrase: ‘another fashion opportunity.’ Perhaps I’ll have to invest in new work-out clothes & PJs!

  43. Josie

    The most comfortable thing for me is naked. I sleep nude pretty much all the time, with the exception of when I stay at someone else’s house. then it’s undies and a tank top. I absolutely cannot sleep in pants, long nightgowns or long sleeves. I think it’s because I move around a lot and hate to feel restricted.
    Plus sharing a bed with my husband is like sleeping with a furnace, so anything even remotely warm is out of the question.

  44. Janice

    A few years back I remember reading an article about sleeping nude being one of the nicest things you can do for yourself. I gave it a try, and will never go back!

  45. Sonja

    So, actually I’ve put a lot of thought into that, because I know exactly what I like and want, but not so much how to get it! My favourite nightwear is actually quite similar to my favourite daywear: widelegged pants + a clingy t-shirt with a low neckline (flatters my face!).
    The problems come with the material (sorry for the gross factor):
    If I wear pajama bottoms made of a clingy material like jersey, I have to wash them after only one or two wears, because they get stinky at the crotch, even though I wear undies. So no matchy jersey-sets. I love those widelegged pj-pants made of thin but slighty stiff cotton with an elastic waist that I have sometimes found at H & M, they often sell them even separately.
    The same as Sally, I don’t like any bottons or other closures for my nightwear, so matching sets made of this stiffer material aren’t an option either if I want my tops to be figure-hugging and soft. I still haven’t found any sets that have stiffer cotton for the bottom and jersey for the top, so I usually give away the top or buy just the pants and combine them with my usual t-shirts, but I would actually love to have matching sets. I’m starting to sew now, so I’ll try to make some bottoms in colours that are easy to find and match them with t-shirts in the same shade.

  46. Mindy K

    When I come home from work, I change into PJ pants, an old t-shirt, and a hoodie. I am always cold! When I sleep, it’s usually the pants and t-shirt minus the hoodie. However, if I’m cold, hoodie stays on. Sleeping naked is awkward to me if the hubby is still wearing pjs, lol! I’ve yet to find “nice” sleepwear that is comfy and warm enough for me.

  47. Mimi

    I am totally a matchy-matchy sleepwear person! When I can, I’ll buy sets (I like Hue, though I only buy them on sale); other times, I’ll buy cute bottoms and match them with older t-shirts. I live alone, so the only being that regularly sees me in my pjs is my cat; I’m just happier when I’ve got something cute on than when I’m wearing something dingy.

  48. Bridget

    I need to figure out something better for my pajamas. My favorites right now do actually match, but it isn’t by design – a friend in high school (so apparently I’ve had these for 15 years) gave me the flannel boxes with a cartoon character on them, and I got the T-shirt from a bag of hand-me-downs from my sister-in-law. My backup sets of pajamas are even rattier.

    On the other side, I have a new pair of cute pajama shorts, but I haven’t treated myself to a matching shirt. I have a tank top I wear with them sometimes, but the shorts are short and the top is tight and the whole thing ends up being a little too sexy for your average lazy night at home.

    I need a happy medium.

  49. hellotampon

    I sleep naked, unless you count the rolled-up tee shirt I put between my boobs sometimes.

    Sleeping with clothes on drives me crazy. I toss and turn a LOT and I can’t stand things getting all twisted, bunched, riding up my crotch, etc.

  50. Sharon

    I don’t wear PJs to bed; I use them to lounge around. During the summer, it’s H.O.T. here in Texas so I wear a lot of cotton nightgowns. During the other months, I wear lounge tops and bottoms with a hoodie to keep me warm when it gets chilly. I hit TJ Maxx and Marshall’s for my loungewear and score great deals on DKNY and Calvin Klein. My last purchase was a lounge set from Lucky Brand and I really dig that one.

    P.s. Love the new site design!

  51. Amanda

    While my husband would obviously love me no matter what I wore, I know he thinks sweatpants and baggy shirts are depressing and unattractive so I try to show him that I care by sleeping in yoga pants/stretchy tank tops, cute matching capri pajama sets, pretty nighgowns, or (if I’m feeling especially sassy) lingerie. Living in an earthquake prone area, I don’t normally sleep naked since I’d hate for a 6.0 to occur while I’m sans clothes and groggy. I like the idea of sleepwear as being another fashion opportunity. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Cel

    I have a major problem with sleepwear. My bosom is less-than-perky, and a LOT of pj tops either cover me too little, or offer zero support, and I still like to look at least moderately good in what I sleep in. Right now I stick to form fitting and comfortable tanks that somehow manage to hold the girls up, and random old pj shorts. I could probably do better, but I spent so long sleeping in my ex-boyfriend’s t-shirts, I really don’t know what else to wear hah.

  53. Sarah R

    Late to the party again, but a busy week at work this week. I am a huge fan of pj pants (cotton, must be stretchy waist) with a shelf bra tank top. Shelf bra because I am a 42D and I have teenagers. I don’t tend to like the tops that come with pjs…I cannot stand anything close to my throat when I’m sleeping. I’m kind of surprised at all the naked sleepers…do your kids not barge in on you at night? (for those who are parents, of course.) My kids don’t any more since they’re older. But I do have a recollection of my daughter, maybe 3 or 4 years old, walking in my room around 3am to tell me something and demanding, “MAMA! WHY ARE YOU NAKEY WITH DADDY?” at the top of her toddler lungs. After that, I had clothes on every night! I hope she doesn’t remember that night. *shudder* lol

  54. Tina

    I prefer not to wear anything when I to to bed, BUT I do not have kids. Once I do I will probably change that up a bit when they become toddlers. I am a crazy sleeper and I find that anything I wear, besides being uncomfortable, just gets all twisted and wrapped around me and I flip and turn all night. Another thing, I hate being warm at night but I love to be snuggled in a big comforter so eliminating that clothing layer is a must.

  55. Rachael

    I used to wear oversized t-shirts until I realized that I actually sleep better if I feel comfy AND cute. And I actually feel comfier in something cute. I think it makes me more content. I am obsessed Target’s Gilligan & O’Malley line. It’s simple, insanely comfortable, and very flattering. :o)

  56. Nadine

    Sal, I just love you – for so many reasons. And ONE of them is that I can tell you want to swear (which I totally understand), but you DON’T (which I really appreciate). “ffffno” – hahahaha! ๐Ÿ˜€