Reader Request: Wonderfully Walkable Shoes

Gorgeous reader Rebekah asked for some recommendations for flat/low-heeled shoes. And although she had to TWIST MY ARM to get me to post anything about shoes, I finally submitted. But I only enjoyed it a little.

Now, obviously, I’m going to err on the side of “low heeled” instead of “flat” since I just don’t wear or gravitate towards flats … but I promise to throw a pair or two in there. Also, since the request was for shoes, specifically, I didn’t include any boots. But holler at me if you’d like a roundup of those, too. I MIGHT be convinced to pull one together …

Dolce Vita Skye
$49.95 at Solestruck

I own this shoe in teal, and just love it. The sassy little heel adds a touch of height, but is very walkable, and you know I’m all about the rounded toe.

Frye Ada peeptoe
$159 at Zappos

Frye shoes often sport towering heels, but they also do several darling mid-heel styles. This peeptoe comes in sky blue, brown, and black and would work equally in fall and spring.


Camper Helena Bajo Mary Jane
$142.45 at Endless

Gorgeous patent in olive, red, or black and a comfy heel in hard rubber? Could these shoes BE more ideal?

FSNY Sloop
$100 at Zappos

Would I ever pay $100 for a pair of flats? Not on your life. But if someone else was buying, this would be the very pair. They are gorgeous in their simplistic perfection, aren’t they?


Jeffrey Campbell Maude
$49.95 at Solestruck

That’s a 1.5″ covered wedge hidden in there. Suede can be tricky once the weather gets wet and cold, but that lovely neutral gray will make these so versatile.

Yes, another Helena from Camper … but geez, get a load of that sassy patent toe detail!

Nicole Open Up
$99 at Piperlime

I realize at 2.5″ this may be pushing the “low” limit, but I couldn’t resist these fabulous heeled oxfords. Perfect for tights and a pleated skirt.

Zebra Print Flat
$12.99 at GoJane

The superbargain of the group for sure, but bear in mind that they’re made of what appears to be faux suede. I do love me some zebra, though.

$70 at Aldo

Love that rich raspberry red and the knot detailing on the toe. Not to mention that fab stacked heel.

Seychelles Silver Spoon
$44.99 at Overstock
Another supremely walkable wedge, also available in a lush forest green.

Not too shabby, eh? Especially for a lover of towering heels and gargantuan platforms. Hope some of these pairs tickle your fancy!

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23 Responses to “Reader Request: Wonderfully Walkable Shoes”

  1. Leia

    I love towering heels, too, but they're just not practical for me when I'm out and about in London (so much walking on not-very-even sidewalks!) and running to class, so during term-time, I am usually always in flats. My favorite kind would have to be French Soles (do they sell those in the U.S.?) – they are about £75 for a pair and are really comfortable; not to mention come in millions of different styles. I like ballet shoes that have a bit of a heel – absolutely flat shoes aren't really as comfortable as they should be!

    Would love to see a boot roundup (including one or two vegan/vegetarian pairs, pretty please?) I'm really not very good when it comes to boots so it would be great to see your picks!

  2. Diana

    Oh Sal, you're so good at giving me more shoes to crave. I'm especially in love with those Frye Ada peep-toes and the Aldo Ambrosios.

  3. Darling Petunia

    Yes, those Campers could be more perfect…they could come in my size. I'm always frustrated that Campers don't go up to size 42.

  4. rachel

    I have a pair of zebra print flats that look similar to that pair. I got them at Target a few years ago and probably wear them three times a week. Goes to show that sometimes the clothing you fall in love with the most is the least expensive.

  5. Erin

    I agree, I think a heel is always a little more flattering than just a flat shoe, (especially for my size 9 feet)
    I love those Aldo shoes, the color is delicious!

  6. Leah

    Those are all gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

    One thing you might want to mention — the mechanics on *why* those heels are all comfortable. It's obvious to me from the ones you showed: the support for the heel is under your leg. When heels go straight down, they're supporting the wrong part of your foot and leg, which makes them uncomfortable. Knowing this really helps when choosing a heel!

  7. K.Line

    The Frye one is fantastic! Actually, I like all of these (you know my fondness for zebra). Why have you found so many great shoes for me at great prices and they never seem to be in the stores when I'm looking for them??

  8. The Seeker

    I'm a heels lady, but some of that shoes are totaly great (the ones with a bit of a heel) and comfortable. So wearable!!


  9. Kacie

    Any broad suggestions for what makes a shoe "comfy" vs. not? Besides just trying it on and wearing it for awhile?

    I'm tall and I tend to shy away from heels, but maybe I should just do lower heels instead of flats. Flats don't seem to offer that much support and aren't that comfy anyway.

    My most comfortable shoes (aside from my running shoes) are probably standard ol' foam flip-flops and my winter boots.

    Surely there are some comfortable, stylish shoes out there for me yet!

  10. FashionAddict

    Love them! I always walk in my flats and then change into heels once I get to my destination. I like the "Me Too" brand b/c the leather is buttery soft and the arch support is excellent.

  11. Oranges And Apples

    I agree that some heel is generally more flattering than flats. I just tend to choose comfort over prettines. Although, my most worn shoes are actually that mid-heel height you're showing, so maybe I shouldn't paint myself in such an anti-heelist light!

    anyway, those grey wedges are divine!

  12. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    Being fairly tall and a massive fan of all things comfort, ballet flats are my shopping drug of choice. Love them!

  13. Casey

    What a timely post! Even though I love my 4" and 5" heels and wedges, they just don't always cut it for everyday (especially with the heat/humidity down here. What is it about high heels that makes them terribly uncomfortable when it's hot?!). So I've been on the hunt for some stylish, lower heeled pieces to add into the mix. Thanks for the great starting points!

  14. Hammie

    Would love the lace up oxfords and 2.5 is NUTTIN! I could do a half marathon in them.

  15. Melissa

    It's only been recently that I've been interested in shoes – and I'm a 27yr old woman! I have a really hard foot to fit – ladies 11 wide – and the only company that makes affordable shoes is Payless! So the shoes can be cute, but they don't often last 🙁 Thanks for this post, though. I do have some pairs that resemble what you've posted!

  16. enc

    There are a lot of viable contenders in this list. I love the gray (hidden) wedge!