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Sally is available for personal shopping and style consultation services – both in person for clients living in the Twin Cities, and via e-mail for clients worldwide. These processes generally involve assessing your current wardrobe, selecting figure-flattery priorities, creating outfits, and generating a shopping list, although customizations can always be made. In-person consults and shopping sessions are typically three hours, though online services are done on your own timeline. Please click here for details or drop an e-mail for details and rates

She also books speaking and teaching engagements and travels frequently. Please reach out for availability and rates.

NOTE: Already Pretty does NOT accept unsolicited guest posts or sponsored posts. If you contact me about either, I will not feel obliged to reply.

Got a question or reader request that hasn’t been covered here? Read on!

Reader Requests

I’m so flattered that you’re thinking of writing to me for advice! I love answering reader mail, and would be delighted to correspond with you. But before you hit send, please take a quick peek at these guidelines.

1. Use a salutation: Use Sally, Sal, Dear Sally, Mrs. McGraw, whatever you like! Just please address your e-mail to me. E-mails sent without a salutation make me feel like I am being mass-mailed. If you don’t have time to address the e-mail you’re sending me TO ME, I’m afraid I don’t have time to answer your question.

2. Be polite: If you don’t like my personal style, believe I own too many shoes, or think my support of bodily diversity in the media is ridiculous, that’s completely fine. Already Pretty is a place of dialogue, and I welcome opinions contrary to my own. However, if you’re writing to me to request free, personalized advice, don’t tell me all the things you’d change about me or my blog. Be polite, be gracious, and I’ll respond in kind.

3. Be patient: In addition to writing Already Pretty, working at Corset, doing my weekly TV spot, and writing for the StarTribune and Huffington Post, I also have style consultation clients, press demands, speaking engagements, and … well, a life. I promise I’ll get to your question just as quickly as I can!

4. Understand that I have limits: If you are feeling lost stylistically and want me to help you find your way, I can totally do that. For a fee, that is. Please be aware that single-issue questions, or questions that I might be able to turn into a blog post, are always welcome. But I do online makeovers, and if your query is extremely broad or deeply personal and requires more than an e-mail or two to resolve, I need to charge you. But don’t fret! I’ll tell you upfront if your question is one that falls under online style consultations. I’d never try to put one over on yas.

5. Thank me: I have sent hundreds of meticulously crafted, personalized e-mails to my readers … only to hear nary a peep from them ever again. Remember that you’re getting free advice from a style professional. Rack up some good karma and send me a quick “thanks” after I’ve responded to your query.

Got it? Great! Now send that e-mail to me at