Recommended Reading: Dress with Courage

Elissa is a superstar.

She is, hands down, the most thoughtful, insightful, kind, curious, knowledgeable, generous ladyblogger I’ve come across to date. And that’s saying something, friends. She started her blog because she wanted to create a space to express her fabulous personal style, but also because she sensed that there weren’t quite enough women over 30 blogging, providing inspiration to their peers who were seeking out comfortable and functional yet stylish ensembles.

Her Thrifting 101 series is mindblowing in its depth and breadth, walking the reader through dating clothing finds, tracking down best buys, cleaning vintage items, and many more incredibly helpful topics. Her musings on body image are top notch. And she has truly fabulous style. Truly.

Run right over to Dress with Courage, won’t you? You’ll fall in love with it in seconds, I swear.

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15 Responses to “Recommended Reading: Dress with Courage”

  1. Break fast habits

    Hi Sally, once again, you’ve introduced me to yet another, new (for me), fab resource. Thank you, Elissa does look great and her blog seems really informative!

  2. cinnamonsticks

    Been following her for awhile now and I would totally agree with you. Elissa is positively amazing and she’s truly inspiring. Love her blog. đŸ™‚

  3. Kila Rohner

    Awesome, she does seem to have a lovely style and winning smile. Heading over to check out her blog. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. - Tessa

    My fav thing about Elissa is that she understands the HEAT here in Texas. I am sooooooooooooo jealous of your continued boot wearing, Sal.

  5. Courteney @ Not a "diet" blog

    I’m loving seeing the pool of women bloggers who are addressing fashion and body image especially in a world where anti-aging is becoming so common that its nice to see someone allowing themselves to be beautiful and fabulous just as they are!

  6. jentine

    Agreed. Elissa is a thrifty, stylish writer of wise words… It was a apleasure meeting her last March.

  7. Kristen

    Oh, what a lovely new resource to peruse and learn from. Thanks.

    Maybe it will help me get less mom-frumpy like you are doing (and a few other wonderful sites you’ve pointed out.).

  8. Tabitihia

    Sooo excited to read this I fell in love with her from the first fun photo you posted! Thanks Sal for recommending her. đŸ™‚ As far as there not being enough over 30 year olds blogging about this, I’m 21 and am in love with her fashion.

  9. Bella Q

    I’m already blogger crushed out on Elissa. Fab writing, great outfits and incredible writing.

  10. Louise

    ZOMG! Thanks for this recommendation! I spent most of Sunday evening reading Elissa’s archives. So wonderful!

  11. Kate

    I have loved Elissa and her blog for a very long time. She is actually one of the primary reasons I got into a have stuck with blogging. Absolutely adore everything about her. Her writing, her outfits, her personality. She is a rockstar.