Recommended Reading: Fashion for Giants

Of her own blog, the truly lovely Gracey says, “I’m not a real giant, but I am very, very tall (six foot in my stocking feet) and plus-sized to boot. All bodies have their challenges when it comes to style – this blog is about my style challenges as a giant.”

Fashion for Giants has long been one of my favorite daily reads. Gracey’s wit, kindness, creativity, and spark come through in every post, and her outfits are always fun and inspiring. She has a great knack for pairing colors, knows exactly how to play with proportions, and isn’t afraid to wear heels despite her height. She’s amazing, and I adore her.

Please check out Fashion for Giants, won’t you?

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15 Responses to “Recommended Reading: Fashion for Giants”

  1. Jess

    Awesome recommendation, Sal! I’m 5’10 and plus sized-ish so I’ll definitely be checking out Gracey’s blog!

  2. Celia

    Awww she’s not what I would think “plus sized” at all. Her weight seems very proportional to her height. Beautiful lady!

  3. Mia

    Gracey is so funny and awesome–I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t like her, or her blog.

  4. pope suburban

    I love her fearlessness. I’m something of a rule-breaker myself, and while I can’t take a lot of tips (5’4″ here, can’t reach high shelves for anything) I love seeing other people do the same thing. Her blog just makes me happy.

  5. Karina

    She is gorgeous! Being of similar proportions, she is inspiring me to try new things. Thanks for telling us about her!

  6. Sonia

    Thanks for this, Sally! I am 5’9′ and have huge shoulders, so I think I qualify as near-giantess and often feel it. I’m looking forward to adding her to my “daily read” list!

  7. sarah

    5’11” here and I love it when I get to keep up with other tall gals. It’s a different world, I tell you – ye gods are we ever a clumsy lot. Just last night I broke my toe folding laundry!! Sigh. At least I have Gracie’s blog to entertain me while I sit here on the couch, icing it and feeling sorry for myself đŸ˜‰

  8. Amy

    She is the best best best! She showcases how difficult it can be to dress a tall figure with grace and style. I love her mix of thrifted pieces and awesome basics, and her eye for color is unparalleled. Totally wearable and totally wonderful!