Recommended Reading: People Style Watch


If you just plain hate magazines that list loads of do’s and don’ts, poke fun at celebrity style on occasion, and parrot the tall, slim, hourglass paradigm for all women, forget it. This is, in fact, a fairly traditional style rag and if looking at that stuff infuriates you – or, worse, erodes your self-esteem and body image – by all means, just skip it.

But for those of you who can see that stuff for what it is, dismiss it, and find nuggets of goodness regardless, here are some reasons why this magazine might be worth checking out:

  • Most celebrity style photos are of celebs who have been styled for the red carpet. They’re in gowns. They are EXTREMELY FANCY. And, if you’re anything like me, you get to do fancy gown stuff approximately … never. People StyleWatch has a smattering of gowns, but much of it examines famous people in casual, everyday wear. Personally, I find that far more interesting and applicable.
  • Lots of readers and fashion bloggers of various sizes and styles are featured on the regular.
  • They don’t always hit the mark, but the editors make a real effort to cover the gamut of body sizes and shapes in their tutorials.
  • As Real Simple and InStyle gradually begin to recommend more and more $1,000 sundresses and $800 platform pumps, I find myself absolutely glossing over them. People Style Watch is extremely budget-friendly. Sure, they throw in splurge items, but I’d estimate 75% of what they highlight is $80 or less.

Again, it’s a fashion mag so it’s going to have insulting crap in it. (Sadly.) But of the available periodicals, I’ve found this one to be remarkably earthy, inspiring, and accessible.

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23 Responses to “Recommended Reading: People Style Watch”

  1. K-Line

    I haven’t read Lucky in so long but I love that magazine. When you started this post, that’s immediately what came to mind as a great style resource – all nicely laid out. And Marie-Claire used to do a really good style section too (but that was years ago, not sure if they still have it). I’m not so into looking at celebrities as style icons. In general, I don’t buy it. But I do love glossy magazines with beautiful photos and layout that allows me to imagine myself in that new item x.

  2. Lili @ Relatable Style

    I applaud any effort to include budget-friendly stuff into magazine fashion spreads. It’s one other reason why I stopped reading lady mags – 300€ bikinis are not a “steal” by any (ok, most) means. If they’d show me stuff I can a) afford and b) get my hands on, I might be inclined to give them a second chance even!

  3. RhondaBeth

    This is my favorite fashion magazine by far! I love that it features affordable, accessible clothing without all the “how to catch a man” stuff that a lot of the other magazines tend to push. The Look for Less layouts are a fun read (I always find something that I NEED in those)–and Tim Gunn is always a plus! 😀

  4. Kristen

    I love it! I don’t really like reading the articles in fashion magazines — I’m just in it for the pretty clothes, preferably ones I could in theory afford, so People StyleWatch is rather perfect for me.

  5. lesliele

    I just started a subscription to this magazine a few weeks ago, and I love it! It really is “every day” clothing and advice, not far reaching glamour-puss stuff. It’s refreshing and they feature some really cute, attainable finds!

  6. noa

    Me. I am a regular reader of the magazine. I just wish they expand their budget recommendation items beyond Target and JCPenny …There is a world of websites with reasonably priced fashion.

  7. Elissa

    This is my favorite magazine by far! I especially love how they always include a feature on dressing for different body types. As a petite, curvy woman, I hate how traditional fashion magazines ignore the needs of women with body types other than tall and slender. Way to go, People Style Watch!

  8. Sarah

    I like this mag too…it’s much more helpful than the regular People mag. I also agree wholeheartedly that some magazines have ridiculous price points. Vogue has a monthly feature where they photograph a young skinny beautiful actress in “inexpensive” versions of high style. “Inexpensive” meaning in the $400-$600 range. That’s almost a month of rent for me! Once in a while I fantasize about buying a really expensive jacket or $500 shoes, but I would be so scared to ruin something I spent that much money on, I would never leave my apartment in it!!

  9. The Cheap Chick

    I am soooooo over Lucky Magazine. They used to be budget-friendly and a usable fashion guide. Now it’s like they’re trying to be the next Vogue. However, I do still love People Style. I hope they stay true to form and keep their look-for-less articles and frugal-n-fabulous suggestions!

  10. Denise

    You made an excellent case for People Style Watch. I’ve never checked it out but now I’m going to buy a copy. I think the tabloid looking cover turned me off, but it sounds like the inside is more than a gossip sheet.

  11. Laura

    You had me at “Stacy London.” 😀

    Good to know about Lucky – I used to get it occasionally but I’ll be steering clear if they’re recommending expensive stuff.

  12. CC

    Love it! I’ve had a subscription for two years and they are more budget friendly. (I’m sorry, in my world even $75 for a pair of shoes is so far out of the budget as to be ridiculous.)

  13. Dianne

    I discovered People Style Watch a couple of years ago, and it really is my favourite, as it seems more ‘down to earth’, not so much ‘glamour’, things I would really wear and be able. and willing, to buy. I especially like their fall issue because they usually do an article on boots, and I am a ‘Boot’ girl.

  14. Carol

    I love People Style Watch! Although, I’ve been on a bit of a magazine ban lately, that mag always calls to me from the checkout line. I might have to break down and get a subscription.

  15. Mrs.M in MI

    My husband’s and my favorite part is the “In” and “Out” column. It’s always extremely ridiculous, proclaiming things like doggie yoga “in” and hydrangeas “out”. It’s always a great laugh.

    Otherwise, I enjoy this one in a fairly serious manner. It can be rather repetitive from issue to issue, but it is rare to find a magazine that recommends things I can afford.

  16. elizabethe

    Thank you for this recommendation. I have been so dissatisfied with Lucky lately, they used to have pretty things, and good ideas for how to wear them, and now it all seems so defiantly “girl on the street.” And I noticed that whenever I looked at pictures of their fashion editors, they were all dressed basically the same, every item made sort of blah by the agressively slouchy layering and limp long hair. Not how I wanted to dress, not at all figure flattering. I used to cut 3 or 4 things out for the inspiration board every month. But now. Nothing. Nothing is pretty anymore. I will definitely check out People Style watch.

  17. Kris10

    LOVE People Style Watch! I love it precisely because of its budget-friendly focus and approachable picks. I don’t want to look high-fashion, I just want to look cute and fun and approachable and ME.

    Oh no, I’ve been putting off buying this issue, but I may have to now in preparation for a trip to Chicago that includes shopping. Aaaaah!

  18. Frenchie

    This magazine is one of my must-haves. I love Tim Gunn’s column. Because of the visuals, it’s a lot like “people-watching”. I don’t like Vogue or Vanity Fair because of the lack of photos, ie, too much text. Fashion magazines like Style watch are inspiring for outfit or colour combinations. I tear out pages for my wall. On mornings when I can’t decide what to wear, I have a ready reference.

  19. Eboni

    StyleWatch is by far my favorite, with InStyle coming in at a close 2nd, and Lucky/Glamour tied for 3rd. I do subscribe to Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, W, and a bunch of other magazines, but I find that StyleWatch is very applicable to how I actually dress and things I can actually afford (as you pointed out!).

  20. Christine

    I’m really falling out of love with Lucky Magazine. The direction it has been going since December 2010, as you pointed out, has been towards very expensive items that the average reader can’t afford. I used to love the Under $100 issue, it was so fun to see what they’d come up with. Now with the new editor, the magazine has taken a turn for the worst. From what I heard, the magazine was not able to pick up premium sponsors because the editor in chief refused to put only model-types in the magazine. Also, the clothes featured are just strange and too Vogue-like. The only thing that I like in the new format is the “Ask Lucky” section. That is actually useful.

  21. Val C-MN

    People Style Watch is my favorite, too, because it gives all those affordable alternatives, has great color pictures, covers a lot of celebrity style I like, and shows a star’s favorite thing that she wears contstantly (a fave purse or necklace, etc.). As far as other fasthion mags I like: Oprah (Adam Glassman does a great job at showcasing good fashion editorials) and InStyle Magazine. I also like Essence magazine and they feature very colorful fashion editorials and they have had a column with on-the-street syle each month.

    There is one column in Elle that I like reviewing in which they highlight a fashionable person and that person tells you about their favorite lines/accessories. It is insteresting to see that person’s style perspective. I still check out Lucky but only buy when I have a fave celeb on the cover. (I do have the 2 Lucky hardcover style guides and the InStyle hardcover style and beauty guides as well. Those are very good resources.)

  22. Amy

    This is my favorite magazine! I got so sick of looking at other magazines showcasing super high-end items. This one offers a range but most items are affordable and I also like that they show items for multiple body types.