Recommended Reading: Smart, Pretty and Awkward

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Smart, Pretty, and Awkward is a MARVELOUS blog. Positive, clever, insightful, and fun. Its author, the truly lovely Molly Ford, has a real gift for dispensing nuggets of advice without seeming preachy or overbearing. Check it out:

Feeling better is a snowball. Sometimes, when the day is going badly it helps to just say, “What can I do in five minutes that will make me feel the tiniest bit better?” After you spend five minutes working to feel better, springboard off that good feeling, and spend the next five minutes again working to feel just a tinge better. Building on incremental levels of happiness helps big positive changes come.


Please check out Smart, Pretty, and Awkward

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4 Responses to “Recommended Reading: Smart, Pretty and Awkward”

  1. Katie

    I actually found Already Pretty through SP&A! Both wonderful blogs that brighten my day!