Recommended Reading: Wardrobe Oxygen

This is Allie. I love her with my whole heart and can’t quite believe I haven’t given her a RR shout-out until now. I’ve been reading her blog, Wardrobe Oxygen, for nearly as long as I’ve been writing my own and always find her posts to be refreshingly honest, down-to-earth, and insightful. Like me, she posts outfits but also digs into style advice, self-image, grooming, and other meaty topics. And she tackles them all with grace and wit.

You’re probably all reading her blog already, but just in case you’re not, pop Wardrobe Oxygen into your reader this very second!

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13 Responses to “Recommended Reading: Wardrobe Oxygen”

  1. Allie

    Aww Sal, you totally made me tear up by seeing this! I admire you and your blog so much, it is a true honor to be featured by you!

  2. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    I have been reading Allie’s blog since before I knew what blogs were. Before there was an Emerson! She is fabulous, so real and approachable, and such a great writer too.

  3. Hayley

    I love Allie’s blog! I saw you feature it the other day on your Lovely Links and it made me really happy.

  4. Bobbie

    Through reading Alison’s blog I found your blog via a guest post you did on Wardrobe Oxygen.

  5. Danielle Marie

    I had never heard of Allie’s blog before, but I clicked over to see what it was about. I love how genuine, confident, and relate-able she is! She is clearly a beautiful woman inside and out and is a breath of fresh-air in an otherwise often shallow materialistic blog society (aside from your blog of course!).

  6. Anne

    Thanks for sharing, Sal! I hadn’t seen Allie’s blog before, but now that you’ve shared, I love it!

  7. Angela

    Ha, I have been lurking around both your blogs for about a year, love them both, you are a lot alike


  8. Kirsty

    Allie’s was the first style blog I ever read, and the first person to ever make me think that it might just be okay to be intelligent, and a feminist, yet still dress well and think about what I wore. I still have a long way to go, but I’m indebted to her for pushing me off on that journey!

  9. Bubu

    just discovering this- love it! reading piles of old posts like i did when i first found your blog!

  10. Heidi/The Closet Coach

    Yay for Allie! I was so happy to meet her at a local fashion blogger event; she’s a great blogger, and a super sweet person, too–and I was so flattered when she agreed to let me feature her on my blog in August.

  11. lisa walter

    Add me to the list of Allie/Wardrobe Oxygen fans……hers was the first blog I ever read. She’s on the daily “to read list” along with you.