Recommended Reading: Yoko’s List

Husband Mike has been a longtime Yoko Ono fan, ever since seeing a really gorgeous installation piece at the Walker years ago. I’m not too familiar with her work as a visual artist, but I was really moved by this. Check out her amazing body list:

I have rather short legs to match my short height. I love that. The fact that they’re short makes them easier to go around with. Can you imagine if I had long legs? They might go in different directions from each other, or something. Then what would I do? Short legs work very well for me.

All my life my mother told me that I had strong jaws like a guy. It was not womanly. Well, I got them from my father, I think. So yes, I won’t say I am particularly feminine. So what? I used to hide my jaws with my long hair. John used to say “Show me your face!” and took my hair out of my face. “Look, you’re beautiful. I don’t know why you are hiding with your hair.” I kept myself hidden.

I like to wiggle my toes when I’m waiting for something – like in the waiting room of my dentist. It makes me less nervous.

She’s got 25 of these gems right here. They get less body-focused later on, but are still totally charming.

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3 Responses to “Recommended Reading: Yoko’s List”

  1. Deborah

    I totally saw that exhibit at The Walker. I had forgotten about that! It was brilliant. I love Yoko.

  2. lisa

    Aww thank you for the Sunday smiles! This was such fun reading. From the sounds of these musings, Yoko has a sharp wry mind, doesn't she?