Reversals of Language


I make sheath dresses sizzle, and my legs are PERFECT for making three-inch heels look like candy-coated sex.

My hips can fill out a pencil skirt like nobody’s business, my shoulders were made to show off boat neck tops, and my slender wrists make every bracelet seem like a delicate work of art.

My alabaster skin makes reds look redder and blacks look blacker.

My collarbone is the perfect canvas for necklaces both big and small.

My face makes every hat look chic and stylish, my ankles bring out the best in every strap, snap, and buckle, and my butt can make a pair of fitted jeans sing, “Hallelujah.”

What awesome things does YOUR body to to clothes?

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Originally posted 2009-10-14 05:45:00.

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62 Responses to “Reversals of Language”

  1. Anonymous

    This was a good one. I never use to think negative about my body which I really like, but I always think in trems of making my legs longer, broaden my shulders etc.

  2. Meli22

    My hourglass shape, with a small waist and mostly flat stomach makes fitted tops look good. My shape is perfect for flowy, full bottoms like a pleated skirt or wide leg trousers.

    I tried! ;D Can't wait to see waht everone has to say!

  3. Farrielle Design and Fashionista

    My glowing skin makes my clothes radiant. My face carries my sunglasses and hats to a higher point. My bum makes my jeans even more special.
    Ok I am not as good as you are at this, but your post today made me smile in the midst of this grey and rainy day. Thanks

  4. poodletail

    Good one, Sal.
    I'm not sure I can do it but look forward to reading other answers for inspiration.

  5. Courtney

    My rocking autumnal coloring makes brown look richer than chocolate, and takes blaze orange from frightening to fabulous.

    My lush hourglass figure is what fishtail skirts were made to honor, and makes knee-high boots smoke.

    This is fun!

  6. Ellie Belen

    Your way is a way to garner better self esteem. I love the reversals. I'm using it when I teach my girls.

    My PR butt makes the designs on my back jean pockets stand out and gets them noticed.

    My skin color and brunette curly hair makes that red top look extra special.

  7. Laura.

    my freckles + pale skin + blue eyes + dark hair make dark strong colors pop! in the dreary gray winters.
    okay, so that felt bumbly, but just thinking of all the possibilities is great–now my brain keeps thinking of one thing after another!

  8. Meli22

    to the girls that don't know what to say- take anything you think looks good on you and turn it around! Have pretty nails? Have nice eyelashes? Pretty hair? nice fingers? small wrists/ankles? pretty colored eyes? there has to be something! I tried- I don't love my body 100% because it is not my ideal, but I can appriciate it for what it is and be glad I am strong and healthy.

  9. Sara

    This one is not easy! Ok, I've got it.
    My well-proportioned shape makes clothes look more feminine.

  10. Tibbar de Gniw

    My pale skin makes peacock blues and olive greens striking, and my tones legs make short skirts and pants look awesome.

  11. Clare

    LOVE this Sally. Here we gooooo…

    My small bust makes super-low-cut tops look sizzingly hot without being inappropriately revealing. My calves make heels look absolutely killer. My hair and skin tone bring out the richness in colors like brown, orange, green, etc.

    Thanks, lady!

  12. Casey

    I LOVE how you put things in these terms: it's us not the clothes that look fab! 😉

    My long torso can show off ultra wide belts like nobody's business.

    My hips were made for showing off a variety of skirt styles–the curves shape things beautifully! 🙂

    My wrists are perfect for doing wacky things like stacking millions of bangles or wrapping necklaces around them.

  13. Tina

    My voluptuous curves make wrap dresses zing!

    Thanks, Sal. This was a great post.

  14. Laura512

    My rack makes v-neck sweaters happy they were knitted.

    My wavy hair and little ears can rock the headscarf and hoop combo like nobody's business.

    My long hands set off huge cocktail rings like a jeweler's display.

    Oooooh…this is fun. Thanks!

  15. issa

    awwww great post.. let's see.. my petite stature make 4+ inch heels look totally chic.


    oh my God!
    You look fabulous! This dress is great on you and also your body! Love how feminine and great it is! Congratulations!!

    Many kisses,


  17. LPC

    Oh Sal, I love this concept. I can even come up with something. My broad shoulders make tailored jackets hang perfectly.


  18. CB

    Oh Sal, you are so wicked!!!
    I'm gonna try from (my) top to bottom
    My hair adds to my personality!
    My eyes make turquoise eyeliners pop!
    My lips make red lipsticks look delicious!
    My neckline and bustline make a great frame for funky chunky necklaces!
    My bum makes straight-legged jeans da bomb!
    My feet make peep-toed pumps an instant mood-lifter!

    Haha! Not poetic, or the even the cleverest of phrases, but what I really like is that it made me break away from the usual mode of thinking.

  19. preeti

    I love my body now that I am over 40. It took me sometime but I think I can rock any look with my long, sometimes lean legs, narrow waist, full hips, and a beautiful bosom. A full yay for loving yourself.

  20. AsianCajuns (Lauren)

    You're a genius, Sally! I never thought of it that way! Though I find I'm having a tough time coming up with one- not just thinking of something, but saying it out loud/in a comment. And that opens a whole other can of worms of how we are taught not to "boast" about our personal charms. But here it goes: my legs make my over-the-knee boots look fierce without a touch of lady-of-the-night 😉 hahaha! I'm working on it!

  21. rb

    My long legs look great in skirts and my lip shape is perfect for red lipstick.

    (That was hard!)

  22. bekster

    Wow, ROCK IT!

    My luscious lips keep my lipsticks longing to be reapplied.

    My succulent skin sets off my spectacles spectacularly.

    My bountiful bosom brings my blouse to blush over my bra.

  23. daddylikeyblog

    Oooh I really, really like this post! My shapely legs make short skirts look freakin' fantastic!

  24. ranksubjugation

    Um, hmm… I always feel that my bod looks worse in clothes, so maybe it's extra important that I try this!

    My curvy shape keeps boyish and structured looks feminine.

    My Filipina booty helps show off the cut of my jeans.

    My delicate collarbones help my lower-cut tops feel elegant.

  25. gwen

    A great way to boost our self esteem! Here goes – my very large boobs give wrap tops the chance to thrill. My flat bottom gives ornate jeans pockets the opportunity to flatter, and my round tum gives the right cut dresses the fortune to be admired on the thoughtfull wearer!

  26. lisa

    My small wrists rock 3/4 sleeve tops. My long fingers make cocktail rings glamorous. My toned legs make short skirts and strappy heels look hot.

    I like this! It's a fun, thought-provoking exercise.

  27. Sal

    I LOOOOOVE these! You are all so poetic when describing your gorgeous bodies!

  28. Virginia Gal

    Hmm lets see – My broad shoulders can carry off structured jackets to perfection. Any color under the rainbow suits me because of my light skin color, brown eyes and brown hair.

    Wow.. that was a lovely post! Thanks Sal, for making my day! 🙂

  29. Hanako66

    you are seriously the best sal

    My legs were made for skirts and dresses:)

    Fit and flare pieces fit my waist like a dream!

    My small chest looks nice but not too revealing in low cut tops.

    My petite height allows me to wear skirts that are just a little too short and shoes that are a little too high and pull it off!

    this is fun!

  30. Nadine

    This is so clever!

    My golden hair makes colours sing.
    My slender hips make skirts look sleek.
    My tiny bust makes tunics happy.

  31. Kate Coveny Hood

    The natural red highlights in my hair makes green one of my best colors. Also – my long thin arms and slender shoulders are shown to best effect in strapless tops.

  32. Cecilia

    Oh, this is fun!

    My decollete makes any low-cut shirt rock! My luscious shape was made to fill out dresses!

  33. Rosie Unknown

    My hair was made to have dangling, sparkling earrings twinkling from within!

  34. The Budget Babe

    once again you've turned my thinking upside down and in a very good way! my black knee high riding boots make me look tall, lean and mean 😉

  35. Kristen

    I love this post, I've never thought about it like that before. But thinking about it, my chicken legs, which I used to hate, do make leggings look fierce (yes, I totally used the word fierce). Also, I used to hate my narrow shoulders but now they make the huge shoulder trend actually look ok!

  36. Gillian

    I know I may open a can of worms, but my gut reaction to this was discomfort. I've loved reading everyone's answers, though. I can't wait until I'm at the point where I can actually say things like that and mean it.

  37. Laura512

    Gillian – I totally get you. I spent the rest of the day wondering if everybody else commenting would read my comment and think "hmph, somebody's awfully full of herself!" And then I realized I was being silly, because that was kind of the point of the post.

    BTW – I sneaked a quick peek at your site and you have gorgeous eyes. Start there.

  38. Gillian

    My eyes make my glasses look fantastic, and hands make rings look like works of art, and my body makes bikinis look like there fun to shop for. SO THERE.

  39. Sal

    Gillian: DAMN STRAIGHT, doll!

    Laura512: You rule. Give me a call if you ever need someone to remind you of that.

  40. Stephanie L

    My perfectly arched and thoroughly awesome eyebrows make even the cheapest pair of sunglasses look expensive and mysterious!:)

    Wow…I said something NICE about myself…hey, feels pretty good! Gonna have to try that again

  41. Erica

    I love this!

    My waist makes swing-skirts look dainty and flowery. If not careful, my ass has been known to stop traffic.

  42. Gillian

    OMG. Horrible typos. I'm able to differentiate between "they're" and there, by the way.

  43. Aim and Ang

    This is my favorite thing today!!!! Maybe even all month!! Love it! Ang

  44. Suzanne

    A standing round of applause for this post…it is the embodiment of what Already Pretty stands for!

    Loved yours….and several other commenters said something pretty great about my features already. Hm mm, how about…

    My eyes crinkle and nearly close when I laugh to reveal that I'm truly delighted.

    My small, high waist brings feminine beauty to even the most basic t-shirt.

  45. FashionAddict

    Yes, I love the switcheroo. Great dress/heels, BTW 🙂 YOU make that dress look fantastic!

  46. Verena

    Oooh, excellent — let me try:

    My delicate build makes one carat look like twenty. Pencil skirts only wish I'd wear them more often. Italian shoe designers should use my feet for their molds.

    …annnnd I'm all verklempt because my team just won a big championship, but yeah. This is a great exercise, one I will take to heart and to my blog.

  47. CrankyOtter

    I really should check back here more often. This message is so simple in premise but so powerful and positive that I had to signal boost it to most every woman on my email list. Can we get it to be an internet meme? Everyone posts 2 things about how their body rocks is some way? Not that the comments aren't a great start. Some are even alliterative!

    My neck is made to show off choker length necklaces

    My rack makes the crossed-v neckline want to stay in style for years to come.

    Thanks once again for the body-positive messaging. It's getting easier and easier to speak well of my imperfect bod with more and more tools, many of which you're supplying.

  48. Anonymous

    First off, you look absolutely amazing in that pink dress. Just thought I'd share.

    My fantastic shoulders make any shirt look great.

  49. firefly

    hmmm…late to the party, but whatever.

    My dark hair but also proportionally tanned skin makes me look awesome in sleek black, and not like a mourner.
    My naturally pigmented lips make lip stick unnecessary, and add color to any outfit.
    My small frame makes clothing look elegant, not bumpy.