Sale Picks Suggestions?

Friends, I am running SUPER low on sale picks suggestions! What would you like to see featured? Anything you’re searching for and just can’t seem to find? Shoes? Tops? Jackets? Handbags? Jewelry? Jeans? Dresses? Trousers? Cardigans? I’d love to help you out in an upcoming post!

Please keep your suggestions as general as possible. (“Red plus size fit-and-flare dresses” works better than “red silk strapless fit-and-flare dresses for plus sized short-waisted figures that cost less than $50.” Think two to three criteria tops!)

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41 Responses to “Sale Picks Suggestions?”

  1. Sewing Faille

    Black slacks. Something classic and well-made that will last forever.

  2. oohlookasquirrel

    A-line (or circle!), knee-length denim skirts, bonus points for pockets and inexpensive options.

  3. Sara Darling

    Super high-rise pants (ideally at least 13″ front rise) with a deep (front to back) crotch.

  4. Goldfish Obituary

    Solid or subtly-printed tunic tops appropriate for work! Also, interesting necklaces. Also, washable, soft-knit blazers!

  5. Anne

    Do people wear 3/4 sleeve shirts anymore? I have a black v neck one from the gap that is about 4 years old and wearing out and I can’t find a replacement. I keep trying without luck!

  6. Sarah Pugh

    Opaque white blouses for busty petites – bonus for Canadian sources 🙂

    • Laura Mariani

      I’m tall, non-busty, and American, but would also like to find opaque white blouses! Definitely need several to round out my work wardrobe.

  7. Beth

    leather combat boots
    long tunics for over leggings
    shades of blue cardigans
    patterned tights
    I love your blog! I use it to research when I want to buy something- like my first pair of leggings. I got the Yummie brand you recommended- perfect!

  8. Maz

    How about ponchos or capelets in natural fibers that are sized or otherwise could fit a petite person? Same for kimonos/kimono jackets.

  9. Jo Snyder

    Fun printed V-neck cardigans (like stripes, florals, etc.); workout tank tops without a shelf bra

  10. Barbara West

    And Lands’ End used to have a great line of soft cotton v-neck fine gauge sweaters but they have changed their fabric so it’s too thin now to wear without layering. So I second this!

  11. Barbara West

    Interesting denim jackets that are not motorcycle or short “jean jackets.”

  12. Stephanie

    petite colorful v-neck cardigans

    ethical/sustainable petite camis and t-shirts

    petite sweater dresses

    I don’t know if this one is too specific – tall boots (under the knee) with in-the-middle calf circumference? My calves are a bit too big for typical boots with a 15″ circumference, but swim in the 16″ wide-calf styles! I looked all last winter to no avail, and my old pair have finally worn out.

  13. crtfly

    Did you ever do 100% linen or part linen t-shirts? If you did, I missed it. Please provide a link.


  14. Tracy Byrnes

    Lightweight military-inspired jackets in colors other than olive green!

  15. ainomiaka

    Petite skinny pants with a mid to high waist. And not the “mid rise” that ends 2 inches abover the line of my pubic hair.

    Lab appropriate shoes (not cloth full coverage no heel ) for those with a femme aesthetic.

  16. Ruth Slavid

    Interesting black skirts. Not patterned but with some texture or interesting fabric, so it doesn’t look like a ‘waitress skirt’ or ‘office junior skirt’. And ideally, not pencil.

  17. charlbot

    Medium day bags in bright/fun colors or patterns! I’m thinking of a pretty specific size: larger than a clutch, smaller than a satchel, big enough to fit a full-size wallet or a trade paperback but not a two-sweaters-and-a-tupperware big.

  18. multimodaltime

    work appropriate dresses in purple (not lavendar, or lilac, but more like eggplant or fall/winter shades of purple)

  19. juliana

    I thought of something else – not necessarily a clothing item – more of a place to shop…where to shop for second hand plus sized clothing – I’d love to thrift more however I always strike out at the local goodwill (I may not be determined enough either however. I’d love to buy stuff second hand to wear to work (business casual and formal). It would be a bonus if they had a good return policy too!

  20. anniemichael

    Flowy blouses for short torsos! I want to wear pretty flowy tops but they all look like weird tent dresses on me…

  21. Zaeobi Itai

    How about pants that are a slightly higher rise in the back rather than just the front, so that bending over doesn’t mean you end up flashing everyone your plumber’s crack?

    Also, this one is maybe a little too specific, but I’ve been wanting to find cropped jackets that actually hit at the natural waist for a while now (I find other lengths aren’t as flattering on my pear shaped body). If they’re grey with 3/4 or full sleeves, that would be even better – but beggars can’t be choosers! 😉