Sale Picks Suggestions?

Friends, I am running SUPER low on sale picks suggestions! What would you like to see featured? Anything you’re searching for and just can’t seem to find? Shoes? Tops? Jackets? Handbags? Jewelry? Jeans? Dresses? Trousers? Cardigans? I’d love to help you out in an upcoming post!

Please keep your suggestions as general as possible. (“Red plus size fit-and-flare dresses” works better than “red silk strapless fit-and-flare dresses for plus sized short-waisted figures that cost less than $50.” Think two to three criteria tops!)

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74 Responses to “Sale Picks Suggestions?”

  1. Luna

    I’m short-waisted and busty (32G/30H/thereabouts) with hips to match but narrow shoulders and waist, and my preferred aesthetic is tailored, solid colors (skewing cool and jewel tones), natural fibers. I would love to see any of: 1) some blazers or cardigans that will work with my chest, 2) non-stretch jeans for curvy women (especially dark wash and/or not distressed), or 3) inexpensive/costume bib-style necklaces in fun colors. While I’m here making requests, a rundown on high-quality leggings would be lovely too. <3!

  2. Variante Siete

    High-waist tartan trousers? (Or just tartan trousers if high-waist ones are hard to come by.)

    aaaand maybe some chunky cardigans?

  3. Sewing Faille

    Yes, please, actually. Office-appropriate black slacks, ones that will hold up for years and years. White tank tops that are thick enough that a bra won’t be visible through them if they’re worn alone.

  4. Hannah

    I’m looking for tall size coats as well as tall size higher rise skinny jeans. Too specific? Already been done?

  5. Cynthia Peterson

    I’d love to see petite tunics or tops/blouses to wear over leggings/skinnies.

  6. Manderley

    What about flat (non-ballet flat) leopard print shoes that are very comfortable? Leather blazers? I’m not a moto jacket person and that’s a lot of what I see. Black, curvy fit, boot cut jeans? Or, even better, black trouser cut jeans? Classic leather belts for jeans? A Kelly green handbag with silver hardware and feet? I really enjoy this feature and your blog. I hope you get many interesting responses!

  7. Lucille N.

    1) White button down shirts fitted for if one has a bit curvier shape (e.g. doesn’t pull across the chest, but does swim at the waist). 2) Winter coats that keep you warm (I am thinking MN-level cold and still look stylish) 3) Cute booties suitable for winter (e.g. rubber soles for the ice and made from a material that can survive salted sidewalks and snow)

  8. Erica Zaia

    Black pointed toe stacked heel booties, please! (this may be too much detail, though…)

  9. Phira

    I desperately want a red/burgundy leather jacket that comes in XL/plus sizes, and/or that’ll fit people with bulkier upper arms!

  10. Devon

    Second to the petite tunics, only I’d like to see winter weights. I understand why tall people want longer tunics, but what’s the problem if I buy a regular length tunic? Will it throw off my proportions too much? (I know I’ll roll up the sleeves, so that’s okay with me.)

  11. Michelle

    I’m having the hardest time finding jeans lately that don’t have holes in them! I work in a business casual office where jeans are fine, but holes are not. Specifically, I’m looking for some dark wash, black, grey, burgundy/oxblood, and/or olive jeans in either skinny or mild boot cut that can look professional. I’m a size 14ish, prefer a medium rise, and average to tall inseam.

    I also second the request for blazers to fit a large bust and smaller (relatively) waist. Knit or ponte blazers are fine and seem to be a good solution, but I’m having trouble finding one that doesn’t look cheap and/or too casual.

    Thanks and hope this helps to continue this awesome feature!!

    • AntiSlice

      I’ve had good luck in the past with levi’s having dark jeans without holes, although I don’t know their sizing range (I’m about a 10, which works).

  12. contrary kiwi

    High waisted bikinis? I realise you guys are edging towards winter, but bikini season is pretty much on me already and I have no togs!

  13. roxyrampage

    I would love to see a post on finding wide calf snow boots! Not pretty leather ones that look nice over skinny jeans, but functional for shovelling snow boots. Ok, ok, pretty would be good too! Also, truly anything in a petite plus bottom. Suiting, jeans, leggings, anything! I have such a short rise that even bottoms labeled mid rise go up past my belly button. Just a few ideas from the petite plus trenches!

  14. Thursday

    It’s seasonal and therefore completely out of step with your hemisphere, but low-heeled summer shoes suitable for the office are eluding me completely these days.

  15. Kirsty

    Summer hats for people with big heads that ships worldwide. I’d ideally love a big floppy straw one…

  16. Sarah

    Petite office-appropriate pants with pockets. Preferably horizontal pockets so they don’t gap due to the presence of hips.

  17. Karen

    Full-length wool coats (calf-length, not knee length)! Bonus points if they are fit and flare (not straight/boxy). Super extra bonus points for tall sizes.

  18. Sonja

    I’ve been searching for some time now for a (shortish) rainjacket for an hourglass figure (something like a fit-and-flare style).
    And if I could add those criteria that you advise against [;-)] : I’m hoping for a kind of retro-style, I’m petite, and I live in Spain, so brands that are also sold in Europe would be ideal.

  19. QuahogHedgehog

    Cropped cardigans or cardigans for short people. Last year I could find them, but this year I struggle

  20. Barbara Shade

    Plus size business casual tops for winter- preferably low hip length. I can wear jeans every day but what to wear on top that’s warm enough and not fleece?

    • Jennifer

      Seconded. I generally default to long-sleeve tees with a cardigan or a big sweater, but would love more options.

  21. j_fer

    I cannot seem to find a good moto jacket that is not leather and not black… Would love ideas!

  22. JB

    I’d love to see something on fitted blazers for winter wear (preferably wool or a wool blend) with skirts or dresses. The key here is fitted – so many winter styles seem to be boxy, which makes sense if you want room for layering, but fitted styles work much better for me. I’m primarily looking for black, but honestly if I found a style I liked I would probably buy one in every color! Thanks so much.

  23. Loren Slaymaker

    Plus size dresses with pockets. Comfortable stylish work flats.

  24. Not quite anonymous

    I am always looking for more button-front silk shirts. The challenge is that I need them to be somewhat tailored/shaped, but so many out there are too boxy.

  25. Erika

    Adding my voice to the “high quality leggings” request, and I’m specifically looking for ones that come in colors other than black or grey.

    I’d also love to see a post on princess-seam ponte dresses (any color, sleeveless or sleeved). Also, tunic tops to wear over leggings that are of a substantial fabric (nothing gauzy or thin jersey) and are actually long (ie; don’t stop mid-hip).

  26. Stephanie Hull

    Pendant necklaces, but at a grad student/young professional price range.

  27. Elizabeth

    Black oxfords that aren’t too masculine but will still be comfortable enough to wear for a full day with plenty of walking.

  28. Jean Thilmany

    Chunky or lug heeled oxford shoes (with a little heel) and lug-heeled gladiator sandals (like the ones I had from Payless in the 1980s!). But I really really really want super wide leg black trousers like the ones you’ve thrifted and posted in the past. Keeping in mind I have big hips and a small waist and for some reason this style doesn’t fit me well usually. And vertically striped full skirts, long or short. Can only find horizontal. Also like the one I bought from fashion gal in the 1980s …(heh). Long and full but you could tuck it in to make a bubble skirt! That part isn’t necessary, of course. AND SECOND THE THICK WHITE OR BLACK TANK TOP.

  29. Dust. Wind. Bun.

    OOOOH non-underwire sports bras and/or built-in-soft-bra tanks with high necklines (for both). I’m a ridiculously close-set 34H with a short upper torso, and I like to wear soft sports bras and tanks on the weekends, but any ‘regular’ cut will give mega visible cleavage, since there’s just not enough fabric to contain everything. I’m not really looking for ones actually sized for my size range, as they’re more expensive than I want to go for “stomping around in sweats doing chores” or “reading with cats sitting on me” (and I’ve already got sports bras for actual sports) – just ones with some extra fabric up top, and I can sort out the sizing from there. Though if you find a good deal specialty ones, I’m all ears… couldn’t hurt to have a few of those around too I guess!

    Though I think you’ve probably got your hands full with suggestions now 🙂

    • juliana

      I would love good plus sized sports bras! I’m a 42 DDD and my last supportive sports bra was so scratchy it was miserable to wear. A good one might open up exercising more for me. I’d also love to see lounge bras like Dust. Wind. Burn is looking for.

  30. Jean Thilmany

    Now I’m on a roll. High quality leggings fourth. More high quality black tights, sweater type (not that sheerish shiny nylon kind) and small fishnet tights appropriate for everyday wear. And why not scent? Something woodsy and not in any way floral…with patchouli and cloves. Black track pants like your Eileen Fisher ones. Comfortable bras for a small-chested woman (34A) that are padded but not super molded padded that end up not being, um, filled. Quality workout leggings that aren’t see through and that will hold up. Thank you. I’m sure I’ll be back.

  31. walls

    Interview-appropriate outerwear for when it’s 5 degrees outside, please! Bonus if it’s more edgy/androgynous/masculine.

  32. Jennifer

    I’m looking for ankle boots that come in wide and half sizes and a plaid skirt (plus) that will work with Christmas shirts.

  33. Anna Miller

    Purse (medium to large) with a shoulder strap and interior side pockets big enough to fit my phone and wallet. Those pockets are always too small.

  34. Karen K.

    Thanks for asking! I’m on the hunt for an oxblood purse (gravitate towards totes, satchels), tall boots for 18 inch calves, plaid scarves, navy dress boots (low to mid shaft).

  35. hmbalison

    You’ve talked about comfy sweatpants/harem pants/soft pants that are wearable for work. I would love to see sources for these types of pants.

    • Sam

      Seconded! Bonus points if they’re harem pants that don’t have a “diaper” effect when worn.

  36. crtfly

    Stylish Mother of the Bride dress that doesn’t make the wearer look like a women’s prison guard from a 50s B movie.


  37. amal joury

    Looking for a rick owens inspired black leather jacket…that isn’t at rick owens inspired prices…

  38. katie terry

    Tunic-length shirts that are nursing-compatible (rather than breastfeeding-intended-and-therefore-possessing-random-slits-for-boob-access). Button-up, deep cowl, surplice all have been good.

    Fall/winter skirts that don’t require dry cleaning — LOVE me some tweedy wool, but ack.

    Wristwatches that work as dress watches but are on trend for everyday casual wear, too.

    And seconding (thirding?) requests for high-quality leggings, and for ponte dresses/ponte anything.

  39. Shaina D

    Any of the following for plus sizes:

    – casual/stretchy/jersey blazers
    – high-quality leggings
    – high-quality very opaque tights
    – tunics or dresses that can be worn over leggings/tights

  40. Roselyne

    Lined pencil skirts that are available in plus-size (ideally in a professional material – not jersey, basically).

    Plaid sweaters or shirts. Or tank tops. Ideally red plaid, but I’m flexible. 🙂

    Also, not a sales post request, but a post on how to style different types of hats would be GREAT. I love the big floppy-brimmed hats but have no idea what to wear those with.

  41. Deb

    Navy pants/trousers with a slim leg. Chicago winters means that cropped or ankle length are on hold until spring.

  42. Heina Dadabhoy

    – Under-$150 shoes where the size picked for you (not necessarily made to order) is based on measurements. You posted these shoes recently: and I was intrigued by the idea, since my wide feet are fussy.
    – Durable, opaque cold-weather tights in true plus-size. A lot of them say “plus size” but don’t actually fit a plus-sized waist. I’m a Californian with a trip to the East Coast coming up soon, so I don’t know where to start.

  43. Susan

    Cardigans in solid, bright colors
    Corduroy skirts
    Ponte pants for petites

  44. juliana

    I like the cardigan suggestion – I need a new black one that is plus sized and could be used as a fake blazer for semi-formal work situations.

  45. Rose Korman

    Affordable faux fur vests
    Leggings for short women (5′-5’4″ range)…I can only find leggings that end up bunching up a lot of extra fabric at my ankles!
    Waterproof boots that are not rain boots (hello, latex allergy!)

  46. olivia

    I just caught up on all my basic needs and so I’ve been looking for more accessories lately, including…
    -interesting patterned scarves
    -acid green accessories
    -T-strap flats

    -edgy or interesting vests

  47. Rebecca

    I’d love to see a post about grey suede shoes (flats or loafers). And I’d second the request for cute oxblood leather bags. Thanks!

  48. Rachel

    I would love some suggestions for cusp-size/plus-size work trousers that aren’t black/grey/navy. I want colour! (And by trousers I mean something in that sort of wide-legged, vaguely 40s style, not cropped or skinny.)

  49. Amy

    I would love ideas on where to find a simple black warm (thick) cable-knit sweater. I have one from Ann Taylor that fits great bit it’s a nylon/wool blend and its horribly pilled after only a year or so. Can I spend more and get something that will wear better? Or do all knits just inevitably pill? What are the high quality brands that make sweaters that last longer? (Free returns are also important in case it doesn’t fit!) Thanks!!!

  50. Sam

    – Maxi dresses for fancy occasions that you can wear with a bra. 😀
    – High-waist bikini bottom separates
    – Ear jackets under $20
    – High-waist jeggings/stretchy pants