Scarf Tying Resources

Thank you so much for attending the Already Pretty scarf tying workshop! Many of the ties we learned can be practiced using online videos and tutorials. Here are links to some of the more complex ones so you can hone your skills at home. There are also notes for intermediate level ties and a list of all ties you learned with links to some reminder images.

Rectangular scarves

Jodi: Create a fake infinity, place around neck with knot toward your navel, twist the loop, slide the remaining opening over your head, push the twist out away from your neck.

Front Braid: Do the Euro loop, twist the loop, feed both ends back through the loop

You also learned: European Loop, Slip Knot (see below), Multiple Knot Necklace, Half-shawl

Square scarves

Slip Knot: Create a snake, place around neck with ends hanging front, tie a loose knot on one side, slip the other side through the knot opening, pull

Scarf and Necklace: Create a snake, place around neck with ends hanging front, place a necklace around your neck with clasp in front, twist necklace around snake, fasten in front, tie over clasp

Half Euro: Create a snake, loop as if about to execute the European Loop, feed one tail through the loop, then tie both ends on the other side of the loop.

You also learned: Cowboy with Front Knot, Shawl, Stewardess, Turtleneck, Fluffed-out Bow

Infinity scarves

You also learned: Double Loop, Triple Loop, Jodi (see above)

If you have additional questions or need additional resources, please drop me a note. Thanks again for attending!