Scooter Style

IMG_7338Shell: Eileen Fisher, no longer available (more Eileen Fisher shells)
Jeans:Level 99
Bag: Tumi Sumatra Crossbody
Shoes: Clarks Haley Stork

Behold, my new buddy: the Xootr Mg. For many months I’d been searching for a lightweight mode of transportation that can be ridden on the sidewalk rather than on San Francisco’s dangerous and pothole-ridden streets, that can be folded up and taken on the bus or train when needed, and that I don’t have to pack a complete change of outfit in order to ride. This little guy weighs under 10 pounds and is a breeze to ride; on it I can cover my 3-mile commute to work in about 20 minutes, versus 50 minutes walking or 40 minutes on the bus (yeah, I know; the SF bus system is an embarrassment). Best of all, it spares my sensitive feet and still gives me a good amount of exercise without arriving at work disheveled and sweaty. Not that it didn’t require a few adjustments to my style and wardrobe.

IMG_7347Clutch: Laura Vela via Gilt (more Laura Vela clutches here)
Flats: Earth Bellwether
Necklace: a gift from Sal
Cardigan: Jigsaw (UK)

The cross-body bag shown in the first photo is about as much as I’d want to carry on my body while I’m riding; a backpack just gets too hot and uncomfortable. In the cross-body bag I can fit the pair of flats, lightweight cardigan, necklace and clutch shown in the second photo. The result of riding to work is that my outfits have gotten simpler and decidedly more casual; I’ve also recently gotten this new pixie haircut, which withstands blowing around at cruising speeds far better than a longer style (admittedly, I was also greatly influenced by Sal’s fabulous pixie cut when she was out here to visit). Finally, I’ve recently gone with a lighter and more natural look for my makeup, which is less prone to smearing than fussier looks like cat eye liquid eyeliner.

For those of you that don’t drive to work, what are your favored modes of transportation, and how do you deal with the style challenges they present?

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5 Responses to “Scooter Style”

  1. Une femme

    Love the haircut! The scooter is such a great idea for urban commutes.

  2. Lisa

    The scooter + tats = all-time favorite. Only to be equaled by the color of your walls!

  3. MoABai

    I like your approach. I can’t commute to work by bike (or scooter) because two highways are involved, but I’ve toyed with biking around the campus where I work. I wondered how I could do that and arrive at meetings still looking professional. The “carry in your big girl accessories” method is cool.

  4. Danae Rem

    I used to bike to work – 13 miles one way – 4 days a week. Had to shower and change at work. Left a pair of shoes and 2-3 pairs of black pants as a base for my “uniform” and then just brought tops and accessories in my bike bag. (Had limited space, as I only used one pannier and it had to accommodate lunch also.) My wardrobe got very simple.

    Love seeing your conversion from hip scooter-user to hip professional with just a few minor changes/additions. Inspiring for future return to bike commuting. (freelancing and work searching right now!)