Dressed for: Extended Summer

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Already Pretty outfit featuring navy blue Land's End dress, cognac wrap sandals, blue goldstone necklace

Dress – Land’s End
Sandals – Lucky Brand (no longer available) – similar
Necklace – courtesy Max & Chloe (no longer available) – similar features
Earrings – Port Season
Bracelets – Bibelot (no longer available) – similar look

Summer came late, and it is staying late! Everyone may be daydreaming of cozy sweaters and boots, but we had another oppressively hot one today and it’s gonna stay warm for a while, I’m told. I’ve got loads of layers that I’m eager to wear, but they’ll have to wait. For now, sleek, simple dresses and fun jewelry are the order of the day. (I’m following my own advice about transitional seasons by wearing a dark color in a summery shape, though!) read more

Dressed for: Diagonals

Already Pretty outfit featuring Gr.dano asymmetric top, black and white striped skirt, black pumps, black stretch bracelet, onyx earrings

Top – gr.dano (use code ALREADYPRETTY20 for 20% off!)
Skirt – clothing swap – similar
Pumps – Clarks Wessex Wyvern
Bracelets – thrifted – similar
Earrings – Lulidesigns – similar

I can’t quite believe that these two pieces ended up in my closet independently. The top was purchased in San Francisco a couple of years ago, and the skirt is a recent clothing swap acquisition. Both with diagonal stripes! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES??!? They don’t line up perfectly, but they come pretty darned close. read more

Dressed for: That Rule

Already Pretty outfit featuring mint tank, turquoise bubble necklace, white ankle pants, snakeskin pumps, Foley + Corinna Jet Set

Tank – thrifted – similar – budget
Necklace – Gem Pearls
Pants – Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Pumps – Clarks Wessex Wyvern (no longer available in this color) – similar
Bag – Foley + Corinna Jet Set via eBay
Earrings – courtesy Silver Speck
Bracelets – courtesy Gawdy Bobbles

I feel like most discussions of the “no white pants/shoes after Labor Day” style rule are pretty tongue-in-cheek. At this point, folks seem pretty comfortable with the idea that this guideline is flouted as often – or perhaps even more often – than it is followed. And yet I cannot resist telling you that although I am posting this outfit today, I actually wore it last week. Before Labor Day. Because I’m a goody-two-shoes like that. read more