Shopping in Your Own Closet

Weesha's outfit Forever 21 Plus Jumpsuit, Forever 21 Blazer, Zara shoes, River Island clutchWeesha's outfit Forever 21 Plus Jumpsuit, Forever 21 Blazer, Zara shoes, River Island clutch

Weesha's outfit Forever 21 Plus Jumpsuit, Forever 21 Blazer, Zara shoes, River Island clutch

Jumpsuit – Forever 21 Plus – similar style and similar colour

Blazer -Forever 21 Plus – similar

Shoes – Zara – similar

Clutch – River Island – similar

So I recently quit my job, and this means I can’t indulge in retail therapy as much as I would love to. It’s a little difficult because as a fashion blogger, I always feel like I need to have the latest trends and show something new on my blog. But realistically speaking, isn’t that a little extreme for most of us? It’s a lot more challenging to get creative with your current wardrobe  but it can also be super fun. I think the key is to be adventurous- mix pieces that you would never think of pairing together and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

I’ve worn all these pieces before in separate outfits and a little light bulb went off when I was planning today’s outfit. In my case, the bolder the better, so I absolutely love the result. Yes, it took me longer than usual to get ready today but I like seeing each individual piece in a new light with a potential  for it being a more versatile wardrobe staple than expected.

Whether it comes to the body shape you have or your current (or non-existent) shopping budget, in the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work!”

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12 Responses to “Shopping in Your Own Closet”

  1. une femme

    Those shoes really are fabulous! Great outfit. I’ll bet there’s a lot that jacket would work with too.

    • Weesha

      yes it does! I’m actually guilty of wearing this jacket more often than I should hehe

  2. Laurel H

    Weesha, that is stunning! What makes it work is the black in each print, and the black clutch. Brilliant! May I ask how you organize your closet so that you can find the items you need so you can “shop” your closet?

    • Weesha

      Thanks Laurel! I wish I had some good advice for you, but the truth is my closet is so disorganized! The only good thing is, I have a lot of “omg I forgot I had that” moments so it makes shopping in my closet fun haha! The only pieces that are organized are my blazers because they tend to be my go to staple and I often plan outfits around them.

  3. Gracey the Giant

    I love the mix of prints and the blue looks beautiful. I’m also exceptionally envious that you’re wearing a jumpsuit. I can’t ever find them for my giant self!

  4. Maureen

    That is a super-cute outfit! I love the nails! What polish is the manicure? 🙂

    • Weesha

      Thanks Maureen! I couldn’t find the perfect neon nail polish so I mixed a pale yellow and parrot green together 🙂