Skinny Jeans & Cheetah Heels

Top – White House Black MarketSimilar
Jeans – 7 For All Mankind (Slim Cigarette)Similar
Shoes – Kelly and KatieSimilar
Choker – From my mom – Similar
Bangles – TorridSimilar 

This was a funny evening outfit for me.  We had a really full weekend with all sorts of things to get done, but I wanted to go out to dinner.  I spent the morning working furiously on all of my various jobs around the house and decided to get ready around two in the afternoon.  While getting ready I asked Jules, my wife, what she was thinking about wearing.  She surprisingly said she was thinking of wearing a dress, and asked me what I was wearing.  This is the funny part, normally it is me in a dress and Jules in jeans, but this time I told Jules that I wanted to wear jeans.  As it turned out she was only thinking of wearing a dress because she assumed I wanted to, and thus we both happily wore jeans.  I know, thrilling story huh?

I do really like these jeans.  They are super soft and well fit for my shape, which is that of non-existent hips.  I do think though that I spent way too much money on them.  I’ve had them for at least a couple of year so I’m getting my money’s worth, but still I paid $150 at an outlet mall.  They may very well be my most expensive jeans.  Totally worth it?  Hmmm…… I like them, but after all this time I am still not sure if I one hundred fifty dollars like them.

This outfit was worn when Jules and I went to Cattlemens.  While there, and stuffing ourselves silly with the endless salad and bread basket, in addition to our sumptuous steak and filling potatoes, I decided that they should change the name of the restaurant to “Stuff-yourselves.”  We eventually rolled ourselves out, went home and vegged out on the couch watching stupid TV for the rest of the night as we slowly digested our mega meal!

Love you!

Love yourself!


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Hi, I’m Nadine Spirit and I have been a lifelong gender non-conformer. I have always understood that I am a bit different than most but it was not until sometime in my thirties that I came to understand that I am transgender. While I spend most of my time presenting as a male I am always presenting in a gender non-conforming manner.

I started my blog, Unordinary Style, with the idea of being able to show a stylish side to those who identify as transgender. Since that time my blog has evolved into showing my personal style, discussing a wide variety of transgender topics, as well as posts about my personal life. My personal style continues to evolve as I attempt to continually push myself to pick stuff off of the racks, take it into the dressing room, and try on as much as I can. I am a firm believer in ignoring tag sizes, never paying retail prices, and due to a terrific allergy – that nickel should never be in any jewelry!

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