So Shoot Me

Since all of my old press-quality portraits show my old haircut, I begged Husband Mike to do a new shoot. And the man delivered. Here are a few images from the shoot, some of which would never work for press purposes, but are still fun … or funny! Some of these ended up weirdly washed out, but I actually like the effect.

OK … commence epic, giant photo dump:

Neon yellow Theory cardi, thrifted
Printed tunic, Mac & Jac via Ideeli
Leggings, Heartbreaker
Pink pumps, Nine West
Black sweater tank, Banana Republic
Flame orange skirt, Banana Republic
Black cardi, Banana Republic (eesh)
Flame orange scarf, stolen from my mom
Green chalk turquoise necklace, street vendor is SF
Black Tsubo Acreas

Pink sheath, thrifted
Red bolero, came with a different dress
Purple Melissa Vinils
Bangles, a local boutique (Fringe in Edina)
Cashmere cowl neck, Opitz Outlet
Gray mini, thrifted
Black opaque tights, no clue
Thigh-high leather boots, Pleaser via Amazon

The debut of my thigh-high boots! I love these bad boys, but am still figuring out how I want to wear them. This outfit was FAR cuter in person … of about 15 photos, this is really the only one I like. Sigh.I brought home this vintage dress from a thrifting trip, raving about how perfectly it fit me, but HM maintained that it was too big. It took a photo shoot for me to believe him. So we swished around the skirt a lot to distract … and now the frock is in the “take to the tailor” pile.
Green dress, thrifted
Black leather belt, thrifted
Necklace, Dana LeBlanc
Black Tsubo Acreas

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53 Responses to “So Shoot Me”

  1. Alexandra

    Wow, I love all of the shots! My favourites are the ones with the pink sheath and red bolero (I LOVE that combination :)). It's strange seeing you without a big smile, though.
    And I agree with your husband, that green dress, while totally lovely and everything, need to be taken in a bit.

  2. Sarah Von

    Ceee-ute! And those thigh-high boots? MEOW! I didn't know you had it in you, Sal McGraw!

  3. Make Do Style

    The green dress is fabulous and this photo shoot has great pulled together looks – I've not seen these items before or else you've made them look so different.

  4. H. Brown

    i think these are fabulous! i love the flame orange outfit and the funky tunic and leggings and that other one on the steps. . . fashion magazine, baby!

  5. Couture Cookie

    Nice posing! Your turquoise necklace immediately caught my eye… and of course it's from a street vendor across the country from where I live! Just my luck. 😀

  6. pretty face

    WOW at those boots! And that green dress! And every single one of those photos… I now know which job I want my husband to have…

    You look beautiful, Sal. xx

  7. Sheila

    You look fantastic – your waist is so tiny! I love the green dress, but yes, it needs some tailoring to really make it amazing. The thigh-high boots…girl!! Those are killer! Wonderful shots and a lovely lady. 🙂

  8. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-such fabulous pictures and your hairstyle is just so lovely for you! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  9. Winnie

    Oh woww, I love all of these photos and you're rocking all those different colours.

  10. Spandexpony

    These are terrific! I love the tight closeup of you in the pink dress, and also the second-to-last dress/bolero picture. Classic! Beautiful! It's awesome how well Mike can photograph you!

  11. Kate Coveny Hood

    I loved these! You look amazing and I'm soooo jealous of your fashion photographer (for you) husband. Mine can barely take a picture of me that includes the top of my head. But he can cook – so I guess I'll keep him That Dana LeBlanc necklace is gorgeous!

  12. Stacy

    I love your style and you look fabulous! The picture of you posed beneath the Thrift Store sign is really great.

  13. K.Line

    Could you look more gorgeous??!! THe shots of the green dress are awesome. As is the one of the fantastic new thigh-highs. I note with interest that we only ever see shots taken of (predominantly) one side of your face. Is that by accident or are you doing that better side movie star trick?

  14. text machine

    My favourites are the ones in the red skirt. I think that outfit is darling and the pictures are lovely.

    Suggestion for thigh high boots (one of those items that is just so much more easily rocked on a runway where you can be over the top hot) – You could try pairing them with an above the knee skirt that flares out (or even ruffles, if you feel like you could pull it off). That way, the thigh-high-ness of the boots is revealed as you walk/when you sit down and thus the look become a little more subtle while still retaining the inherent sex appeal. I think the problem with the short skirt/thigh highs pairing (in general) is that it can seem too risque, or obvious even, and so you have to figure out how to counteract that feeling with tights/layers and it's just problematic and frustrating.

    I hope you show us what you come up with as you play with them. They are one of those items that you want in your closet, impracticality be damned!

  15. Leah

    Lovely photos… and I love your smile.

    Those thigh high boots are so cool.

  16. Jess

    These are some of the most flattering outfits I recall ever seeing you in. And the poses were lovely. The pictures are lovely. I love your hair too. Beautiful!

  17. Farrielle Design and Fashionista

    I love every picture, you look gorgeous, Mike did a great job. And your jewelry is amazing. LOVE it.

  18. Clare

    Woah, gorgeous! The Banana Republic one where you're leaning against the wall is outstanding. Also, I flipping LOVE the vintage shirt dress. Amazing. And I know it sounds weird, but it's nice to see the one where you're not smiling. I ADORE that you smile in so many of your pictures, but you're so stunning even when you don't smile. It was nice to see that side of you! Gorgeous, Sal!

  19. enc

    Gosh Sal, I really need to gush here, so get a towel.

    First, your hairstyle is really superb. Second, you are incredibly photogenic. I mean, REALLY. Third, your styling skills are really versatile, and right on time. You go from office casual to rock-girl toughy in one fell swoop, and very successfully at that. Fourth, Husband Mike's skills at capturing your champagne essence are really exact and done with a soft touch, yet very precisely. These images are so perfect, they could be stock photos. And launch your modeling career/H.M.'s fashion photography career.

    Now go towel off.

  20. Dina's Days

    You look so pretty, especially in the green dress and red skirt! By the way, I read the article featuring you and your husband in the US Airways magazine yesterday on my flight back from NYC. Great article!

  21. Kayleigh

    Oh my,I don't even know where to start — these pictures are totally AMAZING!!!!

    Love, love, love the hair, it is so unbelievably flattering…polished yet causual & very natural, it's probably THE perfect hairstyle for you. It captures your whole vibe inside and out.

    And the clothes….my goodness, each outfit is so stellar, I truly loved each and and every one. Your poses totally rock too, there really wasn't an off photo in entire the bunch.

    Just wow. Seriously.

  22. Trinity

    I love the dress swishing shots. And, it is so fun how the color of the dress coordinates with your tattoo.

    You look great and Mike has mad skills!

  23. kristophine

    That is some good-looking hair! I love the shirt dress; I hope the tailoring goes well.

  24. Kari

    Gorgeous shoot, Sally. You are SO lucky to live with such a great photographer. I love the way Mike lets the light touch your face in the close-up shots. My favorite outfits are the first one with the tunic and leggings and also the beautiful vintage green dress, which I totally want to steal from you.

  25. packing supplies

    you are looking simply gorgeous and damn attractive what a look!!Smile is so fascinating and beautiful.Dresses are much more funky and fabulous i live your dressing and designs.

  26. Magatha-May

    Those boots are AMAZING and I really love you in green, definitely worth getting tailored.

  27. Sarah Yvonne

    I love the black and red outfit. Inspiration for another outfit for me 🙂 Thanks!

  28. Laura.

    you look soooo amazing!!! love the outfits, love the photography. these are wonderful photos. i always wonder about those "bakery thrift stores". . . .

  29. futurelint

    So so pretty! The first ones are my faves… I like the bright colors with the chipped paint on brick background – so lovely! Big props to HM!

  30. a cat of impossible colour

    You look stunning in that green dress! It's a colour that wouldn't suit everyone, but it looks gorgeous on you.

  31. The Budget Babe

    You look beautiful. The thrift store series is my favorite on account of the colors and I love how you posed with your arms above your head in that one shot, reminds me of "Cat on a hot tin roof" for some unknown reason! And I hope to see more of those thigh-high boots, too 😉

  32. chic

    These pictures are amazing!! Not too difficult, with such a lovely model, but still…Husband Mike did an awesome job! I wish my husband were a photographer 🙂 I absolutely love these! S

  33. Kristin

    That green necklace is killer and I'm loving the red and pink together too!

  34. Michelle Cantrell

    I'm a little behind on reading this, but I just wanted to say how much I love your outfits! I am particularly partial to the BR stuff, as that is my FAVORITE store! (Of course, I can only afford their sale items typically, but they do have some good sales!) I love how much fun you have with color! And kudos to your hubby for being so participatory and encouraging of your endeavors!

  35. Christy

    That green dress on you is to die for. And the orange and black outfit is absolutely amazing too. You look stunning Sal!!

  36. Heta

    Sally, I have been lurking for quite a while on your blog. You have been a source of inspiration and really helped me learn to accept my own style and shape.

    And it is great to see a fashionable Minnesotan (says your frozen toed sister from 65 miles NW)!