Some Thoughts on Confidence

This video is a collaboration with my good friend Sarah Von of Yes and Yes fame. All explanations can be found within the vid itself, so enjoy!

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7 Responses to “Some Thoughts on Confidence”

  1. Avlor

    Thank you for posting and sharing this! Confidence is such an important topic for everyone – but especially for us as women!!!

  2. Sonja

    Great topic, great tips!
    I think that being a little bit uncomfortable in the beginning actually makes it easier to talk about this, because the other person will not take you for arrogant, but this only works if this feeling doesn’t prevent you from talking.
    When it comes to compliments, which have been difficult for me during a long time – I really recommend just saying “thank you” in this moment and giving the compliment back later. I needed a lot of practise, but now I really like getting compliments, they make me glow and create such a positive moment.
    And on the subject of airport stories – how about going to the wrong airport? Yes, these things really happen …

  3. Terri

    Quoting Lisa at Privilege here: A simple thank you will suffice.

    I try not to self-denigrate and by a similar principle, try not to self-promote either. I keep believing that one’s work ‘speaks’ for itself…and though it may be the slow way to get to a point where one is recognized, it is also the surest way.

    • Megan Mae

      Totally agree with Terri. It’s especially hard because I’ve been pretty much self-employed this summer. I want to get my work out there, but I don’t want to overwhelm others or under-promote. I feel like I’ve been riding a fine line trying to find the sweet spot of getting myself out there.

      I’ve rarely considered myself proficient at anything and learning my own worth has been a new endeavor, especially when it comes to pricing new jobs. I’m having to learn to stand by my work and continue learning as I create.

  4. Mags

    Well said! I personally love how confidence in myself allows me to see beyond my own nose and to really engage in conversation with another, delighted to share in what’s important to them at that moment.

  5. Danielle

    Two of my favourite bloggy ladies in one place talking about owning your achievements? AWESOME!