Space Saving Wardrobe Organization Tricks

space saving wardrobe tricks

My house is small and its closets minuscule, so my clothes also occupy dressers and armoires. Still, space is at a premium and I’ve learned a few tricks to make the most of my storage space:

Alternate sweaters when stacking

My sweaters are in a hanging dealy-bob like this one, but this will work in drawers, too. I fold them all the same way (second technique shown here), but stack them so that one has the collar facing out, the next has the fold, then collar, then fold. The folded area is bulkier than the collar area, so alternating them prevents a sweater pileup.

Turn shoes heel out, heel in

If your shoes are stored on shelves of any kind, you can save space by turning one shoe of each pair backwards. Like so. Again, it’s about volume: Most shoes are bigger toward the toebox, so alternating roomy toeboxes with narrower heels is a better use of space.

Stack tees vertically

Instead of folding tee shirts flat and stacking them within a drawer, fold them smaller and stack them vertically like this. This saves space AND makes them easier to see. This works with tanks and other knit tops, too, but isn’t a great idea for sweaters as it can cause some serious wrinkling.

Ditch bulky hangers

I’m yet to invest in the fancy fuzzy kind, but still stick to thin hangers. Thick plastic ones and padded lingerie hangers take up way more space than you’d think. (You may need them for special or delicate items, but they’re not necessary for durable, everyday clothes.)

Multiple skirts to a clip hanger

I use pant hangers for my skirts, and have found that I can typically fit two or even three skirt waistbands in those little clips. Doesn’t work as well for pants, but you can employ a stacked hanger for those.

Store off-season clothing elsewhere

This is a luxury that isn’t available to all, but it’s a great practice if you can manage it. Your closet will feel less crowded and your clothes will stay in better shape if you stash off-season items elsewhere.

What other space-saving tips and tricks can you share?

Image courtesy Frédérique Voisin-Demery

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2 Responses to “Space Saving Wardrobe Organization Tricks”

  1. Eve

    You always have the best advice. Let me add that you can hang multiple pairs of trousers on a skirt hanger by hanging them by their hems.

  2. Heidi/FranticButFab

    I independently discovered the heel-to-toe shoe trick. I wish you’d told me sooner! 😉 I also achieve a similar result as the t-shirt filing method by rolling mine and lining them up. I’ve invested in the Huggable Hangers (buying 5 at a time whenever I’m at Target) and it really does make a difference in how much I can fit into my 1948-era closet. Unlike the plastic ones they replaced, I don’t get shoulder bumps.