Dressed for: Retro Fandom

Already Pretty outfit featuring Star Wars t shirt, joggers, brown ankle boots, leather messenger bag

Jacket – thrifted – similarsustainable
Tee – defunct Etsy store – similar/sustainable
Pants – Gap (mine from months ago, somehow still available) – sustainable
Boots – Clarks (no longer available) – similarsustainable
Bag – Leather in Motion
Earrings – Sunny Skies Studio

Although I will NOT be seeing it this weekend and WILL be doing my best to avoid any spoilers, I am more excited than words can express about the new Star Wars film. I’ve had this minimalist, graphic “Empire Strikes Back” tee for ages, but it seemed apropos to get it into an outfit this week.

Anyone else stoked? I know the answer to that question – just wanna give us all a chance to do some fandom-driven gushing.


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5 Responses to “Dressed for: Retro Fandom”

  1. Alecia Ramsay

    Since you’re local, I highly recommend getting tix for the ICON theater in St Louis Park West End. Assigned seats you pick in advance! And they are the most comfy around. We went Sunday at 12:30 & it was so reasonable. The theater (and parking) was MUCH busier at 3 when we left, but if you go even on a weekend morning it’s fab.

  2. BartSkipner

    I dunno about the sweatpants with leg zippers.Seems a bit too somethingsomething.

  3. contrary kiwi

    It was so great! I was trying to put off going but spoilers were getting too hard to avoid. I was really pleased with it! And then one of my friends got me a Millenium Falcon necklace for Christmas.

    I like this outfit! It looks comfy but badass. And of course, cool tee.