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I get the occasional question about an “Already Pretty for men” or equivalent, and I’m afraid I’m yet to find an online style and body image haven for guys. My own knowledge of manfashion is woefully limited – although I have called upon my stylish husband for the occasional informative guest post – and I don’t anticipate delving into men’s style anytime soon. It’s taken me years to accumulate the knowledge I have about women’s fashion, style, and shopping and although men have considerably fewer options when it comes to dressing, it is a world unto itself. And I’d rather leave it to the experts.

But a few recent nudges encouraged me to explore the available men’s style resources, so here are some of the men’s style blogs that are in my own reader:

Fashion for the Average Man

Jeremy is a smart cookie and, in addition to offering advice on shopping and styling, he explores topics related to fit and dressing. Lots of men’s style blogs feature guys who tend to dress just this side of flashy, and this blog is a great resource for men who are tiptoeing into the world of style.


Karl Edwin Guerre is flat-out brilliant. This blog is the flip side of Fashion for the Average Man, focusing on high fashion, immaculate tailoring, and dressing details. But don’t be spooked! Guerrisms is an amazing resource for color pairing, pattern mixing, accessorization, and shoe porn. Remember, inspiration is everywhere! Even if you (or the man you’ll be sending this post to) would never dress like this, looking at these images might spark some ideas for more accessible, low-key outfits.

Stay Classic

Tim’s style is definitely classic, but with a generous pinch of hipster thrown in. (The cuffed jeans are the giveaway.) He does a great mix of outfit shots, and lovely collages of items like the one you see above. His photos are stellar – what with being a pro photographer himself and all – but he still manages to seem like a fairly normal guy. And he shops at Target, J.Crew, and the like so men can click through and buy similar items if they dig the ensembles shown.

The Midwestyle

These fellas are updating fairly sporadically at this point, but the archive is rich with content. Picks tend to be on the high-end and rugged side, which will be perfect for many men looking to up their style game without getting too flashy.

Acute Style

The site’s own description says it all: “A math teacher documents his attempt to acquire an acute sense of style with items that cost less than $90…without looking obtuse.” Outfits and details, heavy on the prep, extremely stylish.

Valet Magazine’s Style section

Focus is mainly on stuff, here, but that can be a good thing. Many men love to shop, but many more loathe the activity so a reputable source for product recommendations can be a goldmine. The section can be a little tough to navigate, but scroll down to the grid for info on office style, buying better underwear, and more.

Effortless Gent

This site would really like you to buy a few eBooks about men’s style, and with resources on mastering a small, classic wardrobe and transitioning from college gear to grown-up-manclothes, they might be worth the investment. But the free posts are fantastic, too, addressing style questions about everything from affordable but quality men’s shoes to making wise formalwear choices.


Another advice-y blog, Dappered aims to help men be and feel stylish without urging them toward Tom Ford suits and Grenson brogues. I learn from this site. I can honestly say that I had no idea there were 10 styles of men’s dress shirts that are all considered classic. And with post categories encompassing accessories, clothing, grooming, shoes, and even things that are “too expensive,” this site is a fantastic resource.

Broke and Bespoke

Lots of blazer-based ensembles and fun details, with a few product reviews and recommendations thrown in. This guy wears spendy shoes and clothes mixed in with thrifted items. A man after my own heart.

Which blogs would you add to this list? Any favorites for men’s style, shopping, and fashion?

Image courtesy Stay Classic.

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3 Responses to “Stellar Men’s Style Blogs”

  1. Misha

    Queer men participate more actively in the fashion/body image conversation, but the focus tends to be a trans* or non-straight body/lifestyle instead of male body image in general (, Thank you for these links, all but one are new to me. Since transitioning myself I have to seek clothing advice elsewhere (I often miss the comfort and ease of a good jersey wrap dress) but I still find a great deal of wisdom and inspiration on this site. Plus I can surprise my women friends with on-point advice!

  2. Osprey

    Thanks so much for these links! My style skews more masculine by the day and although I’ve delved into queer blogs they can be a bit too quirky. Somehow it’s never occurred to me to take a look at simple men’s fashion advice.