Style and Body Image for Teen Girls

Thanks for your interest in this project! Although I can’t talk nitty-gritty details at this point, here’s a short overview:

I am working on a project about style and body image for teen girls, and I want to do some interviewing to make sure I can include a variety of perspectives. I will have no problem finding teens here in my home state of Minnesota, but want to make sure to speak with girls all over the United States.

I’ll be asking questions about about fashion and style, peer pressure issues, social media influence on dressing choices, and a bit about sexuality as it relates to dressing. I’m especially hoping to get some diverse perspectives in terms of ethnicity, economic background, immigrants or children of immigrant parents, gender identity, etc.

I’m happy to do interviews over email or via Skype and parents are welcome to screen the questions. Parents will need to sign a release form for children under 18 so quotes can be used in the finished project. Here are a few sample questions:

  • Which TV shows are your favorites? Why?
  • Which movies are your favorites? Why?
  • When you watch television or movies, how do you see women portrayed?
  • How do TV and movie stars make you feel about your own body? Your own dressing style?
  • Do you post selfies? Where?
  • Do your friends post photos of themselves? Do they post and tag you?
  • What are the comments like when photos of you and your friends go up?
  • Are there certain photos you won’t post to social media? Why?
  • Is dressing an important part of your social life? How about shopping? Why do you think this is?
  • Do you feel like you know which styles of clothes flatter your figure? How did you figure this out?
  • When you shop and get dressed, what do you want your clothes to do for you? Why?

You can learn more about my background and credentials right here.

If you’d like to participate or know a young woman who might, please e-mail me at Thanks so much!