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Now, OBVIOUSLY, I hope that you all feel free to run your questions and conundrums past me at any time. E-mail me, pop a question into a comment, or send it via Facebook. I completely love hearing from you, am so inspired by your suggestions, and do my utmost to answer them all honestly and thoroughly … if not speedily!

But occasionally one of you lovelies poses a question that completely stumps me. I am definitely not un-stump-able. And when you stump me, I typically enlist help from some of my fellow bloggers. While I certainly hope you won’t bypass me next time you’ve got a niggling style question, I thought I’d share the blogs whose expertise I often seek myself.

You Look Fab
I openly worship Angie and I’m fairly sure that she IS un-stump-able. Her writing is engaging, her advice sound, and her personal style utterly impeccable. She covers aspects of style and figure flattery that are as fun and fascinating as they are important. If you want to know how to look great at any age, Angie’s got you covered. She’s the complete package, kittens.

The Budget Babe

No one can recreate celeb looks for less like BB, and her knowledge of the clothing, shoe, and accessory marketplace is unparalleled. If you want to know where to buy something, she’s the ultimate source.

Inside Out Style
Imogen has style down to a science, and many of her posts are so thorough and detailed that they READ like scientific papers. But seriously, in the best way. If you want to know the “why” of it all, she’ll fill you in. Inside Out Style is full of “ah ha!” moments.

Wardrobe Oxygen

Alison has been blogging since 2005, and she knows her stuff. She’s a mom, a straight-shooter, and a woman who often sits on the cusp of regular and plus sizes. Her advice is practical and affordable, her outfits are inspirational, and having met her in person I can say that she’s just as awesome as she appears, if not more so.

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17 Responses to “Style Resources: Advice Blogs”

  1. Alli

    sal – for some reason i couldn't comment on your post on t-rex so i'll post my ill-placed comment here: i love t-rex! i discovered them while watching billy elliot, and my life has never been the same since. b.e is also the most enchanting film ever:)

  2. Make Do Style

    The links are lovely but now I know I'm going to be controversial but… I worry when someone tries to link style with science. Science is the old paternalistic logical view of the world and fashion is a feminine space and offers a challenge to such traditional imposed views. It worries me when someone links science and fashion. Each to their own but give me downright frivolity, creative indulgence any time – when it comes to style and fashion be inspired, take risks and avoid logic!

  3. Courtney

    Academichic! Their color and silhouette series completely changed the way I look at my clothes.

  4. Sal

    Make Do Style: A fascinating and thought-provoking point! I feel a whole new post coming on …

  5. Imogen Lamport

    Make do Style – fashion and style are not the same – fashion is about trends and fads and the latest thing, style is about working out what suits you and makes you happy. Sure there are lots of rules and ways to break them, I like to discover the 'how' and 'why' rather than just talk about the fashion.

  6. Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

    I like The Space Between My Peers.

    Though lately not much has been happening, scroll through the archives for amazing advice on things like proportions, the golden mean, colour lab…

  7. smaro

    thanks for those, most take some time to snoop around all of them! Hope the weekend was a good one!

  8. The Seeker

    Thank you for all these links, some I knew, some don't.
    Well, I think they have their space and that's great their existence.
    As an instinctive I LOVE "Make Do Style" point of view…..
    Controversial, yes, but sometimes that's what we need….
    Are we becoming conservative, doing all by the book????
    Food for thought 😉



  9. Laura

    Love Budget Babe,
    Cafe Fashionista ( Dina's Days is fairly new but awesome. I love the variety of her blog( and Think Thru Fashion. TTF has a great way of putting 4 or 5 outfits with one item.

  10. cindy lou

    don't forget kimberly at fab finds under $50 and cute on the cheap!

  11. smilla

    I don`t know any of those blogs…but its very interesting and I definitly will check them out..
    Did you read about the 2 women who give fashion advice on the streets , I think of New York? Thats a fun idea, I think…